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Commonwealth Team


Nabendu Nair


Nabendu is a Bollywood movie star in India, primarily known for his role as "Chandra; Protector of India", a heroic male empowered by the moon to help the people of India, that he played on Indian TV shows and in movies.  A highly popular, handsome young man, Nabendu, although a practitioner of Hinduism, is also quite the lady's man, usually seen with a new woman (or two) each week in the tabloids.

In 2010, Nabendu was filming for "Chandra III: The Protector Rises", where, during a night-time scene, he was to save a mortally wounded woman from a villainous creature called the "Mogo".  With a full moon lighting the set, doing his own stunts, Nabendu fought through mobs of movie extras that made up Mogo's followers until he arrives at the beautiful damsel in distress.  As the scene was cut, the damsel/actress turned into a a demonic woman wanting to kill Nabendu for, according to her, "killing her sister centuries ago".  Nabendu, unsure of what was happening, thought it was simply a prank being played by the stage hands or the director, and instead, played along, threatening her with his powerful moon scepter (which was a large flashlight-type plastic weapon prop he used in the movie).  The demonic-looking woman attempted to claw at him with her long, sharp fingernails, rending the set's staging.  Nabendu took the flashlight and at first acted as if he hit her over the head with it, allowing the demonic woman to slice at him across his back. 

At this point Nabendu, feeling the pain of the attack and seeing the shocked reactions of the film crew knew that there was something more to this than a was real.

As the creature lunged at him again, this time, for real, he smacked her with the flashlight prop in the head.  The flashlight began to flicker as a result of the damage, however, Nabendu, using humor as his weapon, tripped the woman after blinding her with the pulsing flashlight's brightness.  The woman fell below onto film equipment, one being a boom mike extension, that impaled the fallen demon woman.  She...or it....died moments later. The creatures body shriveled up into a dry husk not even resembling a humanoid form.

After the police showed up and took everyone's statements, Nabendu went back to his movie-star trailer.  When he turned the lights on, a woman with four arms stood before him.  Bewildered, he asked who she was and what she wanted.  She said she was a messenger of Vishnu, and that, for felling the demon, as well as his inspirational role of one of their own to the people of India, that he had earned the Staff of Chandra.  She presented him an ornate glowing staff and told him to use it for its true purpose - to protect the people from the evils of this world. She disappeared right in front of him. Exhausted and unsure what was happening to him, he dropped the staff and simply passed out on the floor still in costume.

Nabendu awoke to the sounds of screams and destruction.  People were running by his trailer screaming, when he looked outside, he saw several demonic looking male creatures hefting cars at the the escaping masses of people.  Nabendu, started out the trailer's door, but stopped, grabbed the staff and attempted to do something with it to stop the creatures.

A large white energy blast emanated from the staff, plowing three of the creatures into the pavement.  Utter surprised and shocked, he first dropped the staff, but then quickly picked it up again. Still in his movie costume from the night before, he then exited the trailer and advanced on the creatures.  When one threw a car at him, as Nabendu tried to dodge, he instead went airborne, as if flying, and moved out and away from the car.  Using the staff again, he blasted the creatures with repetitive blasts, dropping each one to the point that they were unconscious.  These creatures, not dead, did not shrivel up, like the the demon woman, instead, they were still creatures.  Nabendu quickly grabbed lengths of camera power cords and wrapped the creatures up, completely immobilizing them.  Unknown to Nabendu, two other cameramen had been filming everything that transpired and was shown on all of India's TV news stations for the next two days. Hours after the battle, the creatures were carted off to the zoo, where scientists, paleontologists and zoologists gathered to determine what the creatures were and where they came from.

As the video went viral of Nabendu's battle with demons on the movie set, people believed it all to be a publicity stunt...that is, until downtown Karachi was invaded by hundreds of similar creatures days later.

On the day of the next demon attack in Karachi, Nabendu put on his Chandra movie costume, grabbed his new staff and jumped into one of the movie company's SUVs and drove at breakneck speed to the battle zone where the demons were reported to be. The police weapons were of no use on the creatures, however, "Chandra's" staff, seemingly magical in nature, did affect them. Nabendu dove into the battle just as he did in his role as the TV and movie actor.  He felt as if he'd been training for this moment his whole life, and now, with the Staff of Chandra, he could be a true protector of India.

After three hours of battling, two broken ribs, cuts, bruises and a collapsed lung, Nabendu defeated the last creature.  The crowd's cheers roared across the city, chanting his heroic name "Chandra! Chandra! Chandra!"  From that day forth, Nabendu was known not only as a famous TV and film actor from Bollywood, but a true super-powered hero.

News got out of Nabendu/Chandra's battle and super-heroic deeds, thus garnering the attention of Britannia, the leader of the newly formed "The Commonwealth" super-group.  Within days, Chandra was recruited into The Commonwealth and began his new life as a superhero.  To this day, Nabendu continues to make movies about Chandra and still gives away autographs, dates beautiful young women, and parties until the morning light.

Chandra's power are completely based on the incredible magical weapon, the Staff of Chandra.  No one else can use the staff other than Nabendu (staff's powers won't work with anyone else).  It has the capabilities of remarkably powerful white energy blasts, as well as equally powerful dark energy blasts at a range of up to 50 yards.  So long as he is holding the staff, he can fly with it up to 100 mph.  The staff also provides good protection from any physical, energy or temperate attacks, however, it provides amazing protection from any form of magical attacks or forms of control.  He has now learned that by tapping the staff on the ground four times (each phase of the moon), he can adorn himself in his super-heroic 'Chandra" costume, or return to his street clothes.  One unique power in when there is a full moon, all of his powers get amped up one whole level, so long as he fights in the moonlight at night (cloud cover and daylight prevent this). 



 Commander Canada

Terry Brown


Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) Commander Terry Brown was a true, dynamic hero known throughout Canada.  His exploits in shutting down major crime groups, drug smuggling operations, white collar crimes and the occasional ice hockey riot were legendary.  Most everyone in Canada knew his name from the media...and for some more villainous characters...his home address.

One night while taking his girfriend out for dinner in Ontario, Terry encountered a band of kidnappers that drugged him and his girlfriend.  They were abducted and taken to a vacant warehouse outside of Ontario.  There, Terry was beaten within an inch of his life by the North American Region's CANIS faction.  With four broken ribs, both eye-sockets shattered, a concussion, a shattered right arm and both of his legs mauled by large vicious dogs, Terry was found barely alive by his fellow RCMPers, alone in the warehouse hours later.  A note was left with Terry saying that if he or the RCMP were ever to cross CANIS again, they'd kill his girlfriend, who said they might even sell her into slavery on the black market.

After months of hospitalization and time in a coma ward, Terry awoke to find himself blind, both legs amputated, his right arm amputated and the right side of his body in a machine's housing, running his heart to stay alive.  The doctors gave him another month or so to live.  During that time, the RCMP was not able to find Terry's girlfriend.  The RCMP was also overwhelmed with major crime organization attacks, as well as a dangerous militant faction known as the "United Canadian Empire" (UCE) that was threatening to take over all of North America.  Terry was in no condition to do anything but die...that is, until he was visited by the Canadian Secret Intelligence Service (CSIS).  They made a proposition to Terry that his body was the perfect match for utilization of a hybrid cyborg/bionic process that the Canadian government was willing to use and perform on him, so long as his new role would be to help CSIS shutdown CANIS in Canada and fight against the UCE when needed (as well as become a  CSIS agent).  Terry agreed, so long as he was allowed to also divert some of his efforts towards finding his abducted girlfriend. 

With that, Terry went into a week-long surgical process that gave him a new right arm, two new legs (from the hip down), and two new bionic eyes, as well as a high-functioning artificial heart.  Within weeks of awakening from the surgery, Terry was able to master his new body's powerful abilities.  He was then given a modified version of Britannia's (Commonwealth super-group leader) power-suit, Terry was redubbed with the new codename, "Commander Canada".

Weeks later, Terry had shutdown seven CANIS operations in Canada, several other sub-criminal groups, and stopped the UCE from taking over Vancouver in one of its 'take over' schemes.  During that time, he also had a team working leads on his girlfriend's whereabouts.  The team found her in Greenland, where Terry, against orders, flew there to save her.  When he got there, Canada's North American CANIS leader, Legate Erickson, fought against Terry with over 100 CANIS armed troops.  In the end, Terry wiped the floor with CANIS, however, Legate Erickson took Terry's girlfriend hostage and threatened to kill her unless Terry let him go.  Terry instead blew off Legate Erickson's head in a tight-beamed energy blast while saving his girlfriend from sure death.  Due to his ignoring his orders to return to Canada, he was arrested with a potential prison term of five years for his 'murderous and vigilante-like' actions in Greenland (which is still considered to be foreign (Danish) soil). Although the CSIS went to bat for him during the trial, he was still found guilty and imprisoned in Ottawa, Canada's super-villain ultra-security prison, "The Bighouse".

In 2010, Terry was visited in his Canadian prison by the Commonwealth super-group's leader, Britannia.  She offered him a 'get out of jail' deal if he instead decided to join her Commonwealth team.  Despising the politics, but knowing he was being useless in jail, he agreed and has since fought aside the Commonwealth super-group as "Commander Canada".  As for his girlfriend, well, they're still in the 'courting' stage of their relationship; with any luck, he might be able to get her to accept a proposal within the next few years... 

Commander Canada's powers are all based on his hybrid cyborg/bionic attachments and implants, as well as a modified first generation  "Britannia" power-suit customized for Terry.  With cyborg/bionic implants, Terry can lift over 1000 lbs with his right arm, can run up to 80mph, and with his bionic eye implants, can see in the macro and microscopic realm to the degree of 1000X, as well as see in the infrared, ultraviolet, normal light, and x-ray frequencies. When interfaced with his power-suit, he can also see a tactical display from all power-suit sensors of targets, environmental conditions and equipment/implant status.  The power-suit allows for Terry to fire remarkable energy bolts and enhances his normal body's capabilities to operate at an accelerated rate.  His power-suit also provides excellent physical, environmental and energy damage protection.  A variety of sensors, scanners and arrays provide him with radar capabilities out to 25 miles, as well as sonar capabilities out to 20 nautical miles. His boots provided short range flight capabilities up to 250 mph at a maximum range to 200 miles before they require recharging. If carrying more than 300 lbs of weight, his range is limited to only 85 miles. His power-suit is powered by a kinetic generator, providing constant recharging so long as he is moving. He can completely recharge the suit from 0% power to 100% power by completing a simple 2 mile run.



Lee Lim


With three Masters degrees in Science, Math and Quantum Energy, Lee Lim has been a model scientist at the Aerospar Science Associates (ASA) business in Singapore.  While working on new ways to utilize mental/psychic energy to mentally manipulate different types of ambient energy (i.e., static electricity, kinetic energy, photon energy, etc.), also known as "Project: Cynergy", ASA was attacked by a destructive band of super-villains known as the Demolition Team.  They were hired by the ruthless Asian criminal cartel, the Golden Dragons, to steal Project: Cynergy. 

When he heard the building's security alarms and the sound of destruction in the upper floors, Lee tried to stop the psychic energy test he was performing as the lead scientist for Project: Cynergy, however, the test subject, a volunteer the company brought in from overseas, was actually one of the Demolition Crew in disguise.   Lee was beaten a bit and then told to crate up all the equipment and material and give it to the Demolition Crew or lives would be lost.  As Lee was starting to pack up ancillary equipment, he tried to stab the Demolition Crew member and get away, but was instead caught.  The Demolition crew member, mad as hell, threw Lee into the test chair and turned the machine on full blast, hoping to kill Lee.  Lee's team had yet to bring the machine to any form of full power tests before this.  The machine punched a concentrated beam of charged atoms into Lee's brain and unleashed enormous amounts of his latent psychic energy in the form of kinetic energy, thus flooring the aggressive Demolition Crew member.  By the time the remaining Demolition Crew villains arrived in the lab, Lee was smashing everything near him with psychic tendrils coming out from his head, all the while screaming in pain.  When the Demolition Crew attacked Lee, his psychic energies whipped about, smashing the remaining Demolition Crew into unconsciousness.  In the end, the building's electrical breakers finally blew and Lee was left unconscious amidst five Demolition Crew villains and a destroyed lab.


After the Singapore Police arrived and hauled off the Demolition Crew, Lee was taken to a nearby hospital.  Hours later he awoke, but now with a handle on his new psycho-energy powers. Using his mind, he was now able to manipulate or affect simple electrical fields (static electricity, low voltage utility power, etc.) as well as Kinetic and Photon energy. 


Within days after he awoke, he was visited by Great Britain's superhero, Britannia, who asked Lee to join her team of superheroes known as "The Commonwealth". He agree and has since been the team's lead scientist and superhero now known as "Cynergy"!  


Cynergy's powers manipulate low voltage electrical, kinetic and photon energies using his excellent psycho-energy powers, up to a maximum range of 10 feet from his body.  With electrical energy, he can zap folks nearby with an electrical charge; with kinetic energy, he can punch, leap, bound and run fast as well as absorb kinetic energy from hits and damage to his body; with photon energy, he can bend light around himself to look invisible, as well as those within 10 feet of himself.  With his photonic energy, he can also shoot light beams from his hands and eyes, as well as blind others with a radius-like flash from his body.  As an added bonus, his psychic powers have been expanded, allowing him excellent telekinesis and telepathy, including low level psychic blasts.  With his new powers, he can also levitate and fly up to 250 mph, and can carry up to 2000 additional pounds of people of things using his telekinesis while flying.  To top off his powers, he also has expanded his brain's capabilities by several percent, making him a super-fast learner and an even smarter person.  



Callum Koevira


As a Vanuata teenager, Callum Koevira was perceived as a 'gift from Heaven' all across the island nation.  Vanuatu is home to powerful, unpredictable volcanic activity, and as such, villages and towns were under constant threat of being destroyed.  When Callum reached puberty, his village was in the direct path of a volcanic vent that had opened up above his home, which had begun to spew lava down the slope. Knowing the village below his home would also be overrun with lava, Callum, evacuated his family and some of his elderly neighbors with his father's pick-up truck, however, Callum and his rescued few were cut off by a new vent of lava.  All seemed lost.

Callum's powers generated for the first time that day, moving rocks before him to repath the lava away from him and those he was attempting to rescue. Any lava 'balls' that fell from the sky were deflected by sonic waves Callum generated from himself as well.  Using his new-found powers, Callum was able to get the neighbors and his family to safety and divert a majority of the lava veins away from most of the village using his new powers, thus saving over 70% of the village. Not only was he deemed a hero, but a gift from God.

Over the next few years, Callum and his friends created a "Volcano Action Team" or "VAT" that would race to any of the villages or towns endangered by the local volcano and/or lava veins and use his powers to redirect the veins away from the people and their homes.  Most of the time he was successful, however, a few times he failed. 

One instance in which Callum failed is when he used his powers to redirect a lava vein from a northern Vanuatu village only to open a new vent right under the ground.  The vent exploded, with lava and ash blasting from the new fissure.  Try as he did, Callum could not save the village; an event that weighed heavy on his soul.  45 villagers died that day, including 12 children.  Even after redoubling his efforts, he discovered he was making the volcanic siturations worse because his powers were actually weakening the layers of terrain thus making the volcanic veins and vents more predominant and violent.  His powers were making things worse for the island.  Eventually, the island nation told Callum to stop his actions and let what was, be.  With the soul of a embattled veteran, he found himself plagued with nightmares and sleepless nights, traumatized by his failures.  He began to go into a deep depression.

One night, he was visited by a British superhero known as "Britannia", who was forming a new super-group called "The Commonwealth".  She'd learned of Callum and his powers and his efforts to save as many as he could on his island nation.  She discussed with Callum that his powers could be used for a greater good, to help others around the world, and that his powers and heroic soul would be of great benefit to "The Commonwealth".  After hours of discussion, Callum decided to let the leaders of Vanuatu make the decision for him.  He attended a session of the Malvatu Mauri, a formal advisory body of chiefs recognized by the Constitution of the Republic of Vanuatu, and requested for their advice on whether he should stay or go.  Overwhelmingly, the Malvatu Mauri voted for him to go forth and use his God-given powers to help the world; Keeping Callum on Vanuatu to run from emergency to emergency across Vanuatu was considered to be selfish of them, especially when Callum's powers could help hundreds of thousands around the world instead.  Callum was honored as a hero the next week in formal ceremonies across all of Vanuatu, and was sent off with a hero's parade and blessings from his country, especially those whose lives he'd saved at one time or another.

Over the last few years, Callum has learned to focus his powers through training and instruction and has become the heart and soul of "The Commonwealth" super-group.  His heroism shows in all he does, and his dedication to saving lives is only second to love of humanity and all it represents.  Even in fighting against villainous super-villains and organizations, Callum, now known by the codename "Earthmover", still believes that people are redeemable and that even the darkest of hearts can turn to good.

Earthmover's powers include the incredible ability to move and control all forms of rock and sediment up to 75 feet away from his body in all directions.  He cannot change the composition of rock or rock formations, but he can take existing items, such as boulders or entire rock layers and move and manipulate them to any position or location within 75 feet of himself.  He also can project high frequency sonics (unable to be heard by the normal human ear, but can be heard by canines and other animals of similar sensitivity), that can remarkably deflect, move or vibrate objects up to 100 yards from his body.  He can focus his sonic energies through his hands and can apply concentrated tight beams of sonic energy to as narrow at four inch width beams. His sonic powers has broken handguns apart in criminal's hands, as well as broken huge chunks of rock into pebbles and dust.  He has trained his body to be the level of a professional athlete, able to perform excellent feats of stamina and endurance. 

Doc Freeport

Leo Laveau


Born in the Bahamas, Leo Laveau was raised in a voodoo family, learning and practicing the white art of voodoo.  His parents taught him to master the art, and eventually became the next Obeah (voodoo healer) for the family, as well as for the people of the Bahamas. 

Leo would travel from village to village, helping ailing Bahamanians and supporting them with spiritual cleansing and blessings.  Over time, he also realized he was able to easily 'empathize' with many of his patients and clientele, all based on his ability to 'open his mind' and utilize his family's prophetic and psychic capabilities.  These powers would one day be needed when the Atlantic Kingdom attempted to take over Bahama.

In the crux of the hurricane season, the Atlantic Kingdom decided to create a new underwater base off of the Bahama coast. Reports of tourists and scuba divers being attacked by 'strange underwater creatures' soon began to surface. The Royal Bahamas Defence Force (RBDF), the only military of the Bahamas, went off the coast of Freeport to investigate; the Atlantic Kingdom sank one of their warships, the HMBS Nassau (P-61), killing all marines and officers aboard.

Hours after the destruction of the HMBS Nassau, the Atlantic Kingdom invaded Freeport.

Over a thousand Atlantic Kingdom troops came ashore in Freeport, blasting and destroying everything in their path.  The remaining RBDF ships attempted shelling attacks of the invaders on the beach, but only to limited results.  Leo, who was in Freeport providing a marital blessing for a friend of the family, saw the destruction.  He went from wounded civilian to wounded civilian using his miraculous Obeah's healing powers to stabilize the wounded.  As Leo's position was about to be overrun, Leo in a last ditch effort, attempted to use his powers to stop the invaders.  His muted psychic powers became super-charged and he was able to psychically assault the invading Atlantic Kingdom troops.  Grasping their water filled helmets, the troops dropped their weapons and ran back into the ocean.  Leo walked about Freeport using his powers, focusing on the invading creatures, providing the same retreating result on the invaders.  After 20 minutes, the invasion was repulsed, and Leo collapsed, drained and depleted.  Witnesses identified that Leo was the hero that repelled the invaders back into the ocean, and told the authorities what he'd done.  Leo's unconscious body was then taken to the hospital. 

Days later, when Leo awoke in a Freeport Hospital, we was treated as a national hero.  He was given a new status title by the queen of the Bahamas, Queen Elizabeth, and designated as the "Hero of Freeport" and the "Champion of the Battle of Freeport".  Overnight, he and his family were lauded as a national treasure.  For all the festivities and accolades, King Dolphin, ruler of the Atlantic Kingdom, was displeased.  King Dolphin instead decided to attack Freeport once again, but this time with his super-powered "Atlantic Guard", a band of powerful creatures and transformed humans with unique powers, all under King Dolphin's control.

The day King Dolphin attacked with the Atlantic Guard, Leo was brought to the scene by the RBDF.  There, Leo again used his remarkable psychic powers and in a quick skirmish, repelled King Dolphin and his Atlantic Guard in under four minutes, with no casualties on either side.  Leo had not only repelled one invasion, but a second one against even more powerful beings.  The Atlantic Kingdom never bothered the Bahamas again after that.

As time went on, Leo's status quickly began to wane as the only use for Leo was to help heal the few that would get hurt now and then around the islands.  As such, the Bahamanian government decided to coordinate with Leo and have him apply for the Commonwealth of Nations new super-group, simply called "The Commonwealth".  Unsure of working with others from outside the Bahamas, Leo wasn't excited to leave his home, but with the encouragement of his family and from those that he'd helped at one time or another, he agreed to join "The Commonwealth" super-group after all under the new codename, "Doc Freeport".     

Doc Freeport has the ability to rapidly heal others with what he considers to be voodoo magic (actually, he is a mutant, as were his parents, with healing and psycic powers...but don't tell him that, he wouldn't believe you). He has amazing healing powers, able to mend broken muscle, tissue, veins and bones, however, he cannot heal brain injuries.  His mutant psychic powers (he believes are from his "Loa") can create excellent psychic assaults up to 200 yards in distance when used in an arcing manner from in front of him, or incredibly, against a single opponent. Using his powers over 10-15 minutes severely weakens Freeport and he can lapse into unconsciousness that may last as long as 1-6 days.  He is a fit man, capable of many athletic feats (he competed in a relay race position to represent the Bahamas in the last summer Olympics, but missed placing by .05 seconds).  He has a positive, good-nature soul, but is a devout white voodoo practitioner who considers most of the other world's religions as 'hokey'. He's able to speak English, French, German and Spanish and is a well practiced alchemist, able to create salves, wards, enchantments and blessings using his voodoo magic skills.  He is an amiable person, but when in battle, he is focused on helping those hurt or injured rather than going on the offense.


Lady Snipe

Carolyne King


Master Specialist Carolyne King, a member of the Royal Australian Special Forces, was one of the best snipers in the Australian military - even though she never saw a day of combat with the Australian military due to their stance on women in combat (up to 2010).

Carolyne was raised in Perth, Australia with seven brothers, five older male cousins, and a highly decorated military veteran of a father who also happened to be the top sniper shooter in all of the Australian armed forces during his 20 years of service. Her father saw combat throughout Europe, Asia, the Middle East and the Pacific theater. During his service, he was crowned as the top sniper in civilian and military shooting contests for over 20 years.  Carolyne's upbringing as the sole girl amongst 12 boys made her a tough-as-nails fighter, scrapper and athlete.  She tried out for the summer Olympics in track & field as a a distance runner and also as a decathlete; she got 4th place in the 5000km run, however, in the decathlon, she got the gold medal for Australia. That year she joined the Australian military.  She excelled in all areas of her training, however what she wanted was sniper training, just like her father.  She was repeatedly told no by her superiors.  After months of "no", she challenged her superiors; she challenged them to let her get the next spot in sniper school and become an army sniper IF she beat anyone else in the Australian armed forces in scoring on a sniper course test.  Her superiors agreed and set up the competition.

On the day of the sniper course test challenge, hundreds upon hundreds of Australia troops, officers, generals and enlisted showed up to watch the event.  Carolyne arrived at the event knowing that everything she'd learned from her father was going to get her the spot in sniper school...that is, until she saw who the competition was...

Her father.

Apprehensively, Carolyne took to the course against her father. For hours they competed against each other, with both of them earning the same ace scores of 400 for each set.  As night set in, the challenge continued until finally, Carolyn's father missed his mark by 2 inches, giving him a score of only 390 vice her 400.  She won and was allowed to attend the sniper school, however, her father walked away from the competition that day and never spoke to her again.  Although it broke Carolyne's heart, she believed that one day, they'd be able to reconcile.

For the next few years, she completed her sniper school training, worked with the sniper squads, and eventually was transferred to teach at the sniper school.  During that time, all her co-combatants saw action overseas, fulfilling their training as quality snipers.  Carolyne, on the other hand, was not allowed to go into combat due to the rules of no women allowed in combat.  She'd sent in hundreds or requests for waivers and demands to be shipped to the combat zones, but all fell on deaf ears.

One night, Carolyne was awoken by her sniper school commander who informed her that her father, while on a sniper run in Afghanistan, had been shot and taken hostage by terrorists.  Her father was to retire upon his return from that trip.  Carolyne requested to be assigned to the search and extraction team, but was told no once again.  Carolyne at that point went Absent Without Official Leave (AWOL) and made her way to save her father.  Several of her friends in Military Intelligence gave her all the latest info on the terrorists, the location and their activities.  Once in Afghanistan, Carolyne went rogue and trekked on a one-woman mission across dangerous territory to the location where they were holding her father.  She was informed (by her friend in Intel, completely against orders) that two of her brothers from the Search & Extraction Team were on their way to save their father.  Carolyne, running her own real-life decathlon to get to the site, was only minutes away when her brothers' unit swooped in to fight and save their father.  Their helicopter was shot down.  All aboard were killed, including her two brothers. Carolyne swore she'd make the terrorists pay.

That night, after scoping out her targets and terrain, she started her attack.  One by one, she used her sniper skills to take out the terrorists guarding her father.  She then snuck into the terrorist camp and broke her father out of captivity. On the way out her wounded father fell, alerting the thirty other terrorists in the camp.  With one machine gun and seven clips of ammunition, all on partial auto, she killed all thirty terrorists with head shots.  She took a shot in the arm, but her father bandaged it up as they escaped silently across the desert.  Hours later they arrived alive at a NATO base camp.  From the time of his rescue and throughout their trek to the NATO base camp, Carolyne's father didn't say a single word to her.  A mile from the NATO camp, he shook her hand, hugged her, and walked away from her.  He died five days after his retirement of a heart attack.

Carolyne, although honored with medals and accolades for her actions, was also drummed out of the armed forces for going AWOL and disobeying orders.  The day she walked off her post, she was greeted by the British superhero known as "Britannia", who was forming a new super-group based on other super-powered or highly skilled individuals from amongst the Commonwealth of Nations.  When asked to join Britannia's new super-group, "The Commonwealth", Carolyne easily agreed.  Since then, Carolyne has been the military and tactics advisor for the team, training other teammates hand-to-hand combat, shooting and many other military skills. She's never been happier; she'd found a home where she belonged, and after going toe-to-toe with some of the most powerful villains and organizations, she can now say she has seen combat that truly very few could ever experience.. 

Carolyne's skills are all natural.  She is a seasoned Olympic-level athlete, complete with advanced military training in hand to hand, weapons and survival training.  She is a master marksman and a two year sniper champion for all of Australia (so far). She has learned martial arts and Savate (foot fighting), as well as street fighting (courtesy of being raised with 15 Australian male siblings).  She is a smart and focused woman, however, she is known to 'shoot from the hip' first and ask questions later.  As a sniper her amazing skills are unparalleled.  She carries customized sniper rifles, pistols and rifles with her wherever she goes, as well as ample amounts of ammunition. She is revered by her peers and fellow ex-military troops and students, and has become an icon of Australian 'awesomeness' in women.

NOTE: As a result of Carolyne's rescue of her father, and her proven ability in combat, the Australian military has now authorized all women in the Australian armed forces to be allowed to volunteer to go into combat. 



Victoria Star

Professor Victoria J. Star


In 1797, in London, England, Victoria Star became the first time traveler in the current timeline of Earth well as a 21st Century super-hero with the super-group, "The Commonwealth". 

Victoria Star was one of the first women allowed in Oxford University to earn a degree in science and physics.  Although browbeaten by her male contemporaries, she relentlessly pursued lab work in notable British science labs, however, as was the case, women were not welcome in the 'all men's club' mentality that permeated science foundations of the day. 

In 1792, her parents passed away, leaving her their manor and fortune.  She set up her own lab in the basement of the manor, formulating her own science experiments, most notably, laser (cohesive light, in those days) technology.  She created her first "Laser Gun" in 1795, and her first Laser Rifle in 1796. When she tried to publish her work, she was called a fraud and a 'woman who has no business in the realm of true science'.  Although the verbal and professional attacks took their toll on her, she pushed forward with her experiments.  In 1797, she was the first to discover temporal energy or as she called it, "time energy".

Devising a large temporal collector device of her own design, she planned to use lightning redirected through a lightning rod on the roof on the manor through to the collector where it would then be transformed into temporal 'time' energy, allowing a time portal to open before her. Since she was not able to calculate the amount of energy the random lightning bolt might generate, she had little control over how much temporal energy or time period she'd be able to access.  

On a dark, stormy afternoon in 1797, Professor Star, went out and collected London's premiere scientists to her home for what she hoped would be her first ever temporal 'time energy' demonstration.  When the agitated scientists finally arrived, they were greeted to hours of Star's scientific explanation of the time energy formulas she'd devised.  As usual, she was met with scathing rhetoric and derision. Finally, after hours of scientific bickering, lightning struck the lighting rod atop her manor and brought the temporal collector to full operation, creating a time portal before all the amazed scientists. That's when Victoria told her 'colleagues' it was time to 'face science' and venture forth into time.

Victoria, prior to the scientists' arrival, had already loaded up several backpacks of rations and supplies, weapons and materials for her fellow scientists, as well as loaded up her own pack to include her laser guns and rifle.  She prompted them to join her going through the portal to explore where it went.  The scientists, unhappy at her forwardness and split decision planning,  insisted she was insane for suggesting their inclusion in her 'madcap expedition'.  While Victoria pleaded with them, one of the more vain and arrogant young scientists, Professor Devon Fowler, fed up with Victoria's rushed speaking and pushy ways instead pushed Victoria through the portal while stating, "You mouthy little snot! You don't tell us what to do! We are your betters! You think you're in charge of this esteemed band or brilliant minds? Fine! You go in first!".  Upon Victoria's entry into the portal, another lightning bolt struck the manor's lighting rod, causing the temporal collector to explode with overcharged power.  The resulting overload zapped at Victoria's guns and blasted a hole through the manor's roof, causing the entire roof to collapse on her fellow scientists.  

As Victoria was whisked away into time/space, her fellow scientists died in the roof's collapse.  The collector's further explosions create a fire that then burnt down the entire manor.  British newspapers and reporters stated that thee 'crazy' Professor Star had brought all of her detractors to her home and in a suicidal and murderous rage, killed them in the manor's fire.  She was considered a murderer that had obviously died in the fire. In regards to Victoria, this was the farthest from the truth.

Cut forward to the 21st century.

Victoria Star popped out of thin air in a subway train station at the same exact location her lab had been in her old manor.  She fell forward and down onto the subway tracks...and in the path of an oncoming train entering the station.  She drew her laser rifle and fired to stop the 'steel monster'.  Rather than a bolt of laser energy emanating from her rifle, a red and blue wavy beam shot forth comprised of pure temporal "time' energy, that instead caused the train to slow down to a near crawl.  Concerned British citizens helped Victoria up on the platform asking her if she was a 'loon', wearing her period clothes and garnishing a 'steam punk' type toy.  With proper British flair, she introduced herself to the crown as "Professor Victoria Star" and that she'd just traveled through time.  Thinking this whole thing was a staged show, the crowd played along asking and answering her questions...that is, until the temporal effects she'd placed on the train wore off and the train came to a screeching halt at the station platform.  After the passengers tossed coin and pound notes at her for her 'performance', she found herself alone in the station of the departing subway train; alone, except for a derelict (bum) on one of the benches.  She formally introduced herself and offered the pound notes for his help in answering more of her questions and showing her around London. He agreed and within the next hour, she had realized she'd traveled forward in time to the 21st century; 2012 to be more precise.

After getting her bearings, Victoria found her way to Oxford University where she expected to introduce herself as a time traveler and that historical records she knew her fellow scientists from 1797 would obviously have written would indeed back up her claim.  She decided to stop at the University's library first to do further research on her sojourn.  After being asked to leave her 'toy weapons' at the door, she spent hours learning how to use a 'computer' and search for any papers she'd truly believed her fellow scientists would have written of her great discovery, she discovered what had actually happened to her fellow scientists that fateful day in 1797; the fire; the deaths;...her label as a murderer.

After a brief moment to compose herself, she believed the proper thing to do was to accounted her story to the local constabulary to correct the ascertation of her as a murderer.  In her thinking, she can't be believed that she was a time traveller if she didn't first clear her name, right? As usual, her strong-willed pig headedness drove her to go to the London police and turn herself in for proper trial.  After the constables laughed her out of their station house, she decided to return to the University and talk with someone who might believe her.  That person was Professor Collin Atwell, professor of temporal studies.

After an awkward start and introductions, Professor Atwell listened to Victoria's story, hardly believing what he was hearing.  Over the next few days (which she stayed at his flat in a guest room thereafter), he corroborated all she'd said, however, he couldn't believe what she was saying...that is, until she showed him what her newly named "time rifle" could do.  She was able to slow any object she shot with the rifle to 1/1000 time for a period of 1 minute with the rifle; multiple shots added an additional minute per shot. Her 'laser guns' though, remained just what they were; lasers, but now, required no external battery source of power, since the battery was now a temporal energy source now infused in the gun,  As such, the rifle and the guns never loose their temporal charge.

Professor Atwell contacted a friend who worked for MI6 and within hours, both Star and Atwell were met by Britain's superhero, Britannia.  After a few days of debriefing, Britannia believed Victoria's story.  Knowing that her knowledge and weapons were unique and dangerous for others to get hold of, she recommended Star to join her new team of superheroes, "The Commonwealth".  She'd be allowed to continue her temporal studies and experiments, but in a safe and controlled manner, all the while protected from others trying to get at her knowledge and advanced weapons. 

Since then, "Victoria Star" has become a strong and powerfully motivating member of the Commonwealth, showing time and again that she in not afraid of anything...especially in being a 'superhero'.  On a side note, Victoria has now started rebuilding her temporal collector with modern equipment, in hopes to once again travel through time...



Thilak Ranasinghe


Thilak is a Vedda Sri Lankan, of the oldest living aborigine sects of the island.  He was raised 'the old way' in the mountainous region of southern Sri Lanka, beneath the island's highest peak, Pidurutalagala.  There, Thilak learned to hunt and bring food to the village using traditional bow and arrows.

At puberty, Thilak, while hunting, encountered a Leopard.  As the leopard was about to attack Thilak, it stopped, and instead strode up to him purring.  After that, the leopard followed him around like a pet.  It never attacked anyone and instead seemed to respond to whatever Thilak was thinking.Over time, this occurred again and again with other animals in Sri Lanka; elephants, birds, apes and more.  The village was initially unsettled about all of this, however, through their spiritual leaders, they came to see Thilak's communion with nature's beasts as a gift from the gods.  Soon, the leopards and apes brought food to the village, all through Thilak's thoughts simply asking in his mind. He eventually began to understand what the animals desired as well, and would also aid them in getting their food as well, making a wonderful give and take relationship which the animals not only enjoyed, but over time, became a standard in daily life in the village.  It wasn't until a villainous band of Sri Lanka's "Tamil Tiger" rebels, simply know as 'The Pain" tried to take over the village did Thilak understand how strong his link was with the animals.

A few years ago, "The Pain", a band of over 40 rebel fighters in Sri Lanka, attempted to take over Thilak's village and use it as a base of operations deep in the jungle.  The Pain started shooting the animals and men of the village, only for Thilak and his animals to return the aggression and attack The Pain.  In the end, several village males died, but all 40 rebels were killed, mostly by the animals.  Unfortunately, Thilak's first animal contact, the leopard, was killed in the fight defending Thilak.  Thilak, angered over what had happened, went out hunting for any Tamil Tiger rebels.  In the period of six months, Thilak had taken down several large bands of Tamil Tigers, primarily with the animals and his bowmanship.  For the most part, he got them to surrender, but for those unwilling to capitulate to a boy and a band of animals, those rebels died. As a result, the Sri Lankan government awarded Thilak a national medal for his heroism and duty in stopping the Tamil Tigers.  he was lauded as an overnight hero and symbol or Sri Lanka. 

Weeks later, Thilak was met by one of Great Britain's superheroes, Britannia, who talked with Thilak about his powers and asked him to join their super-group, "The Commonwealth".  After a week of soul searching and discussions with elders and his village, he agreed to join, but under the provision that several of his animals joined them.  It was a difficult decision, but with the construction of a new 'zoo' built behind the super-group's headquarters, based in Marlborough House in Britain, all agreed to work together.  As the hero, "Wildlife", Thilak has become one of the most unique superheroes of The Commonwealth super-group.

Wildlife's power origin is unknown, but believed to be mutant.  He has an amazing ability to communicate telepathically with animals, birds, insects and fish, and can read human emotions from people as far as 5 miles away.  All animals that he communicates with respond to his requests and demands without provocation.  He has even started understanding what most animals are thinking themselves now.  As such he has an innate power that allows only him to influence an animal to do anything he wants, simple by thinking about it.  His remarkable fighting skills with bow and arrow, coupled with his remarkable athleticism, are considered legendary throughout Sri Lanka, and, as part of a recent international archery competition, with the use of his hand-made wooden bow, he won several medals and awards.

One of the most difficult issues with Wildlife is that when the team goes on a mission, Wildlife selects which animal(s) he wants to go along.  Birds, monkeys and lemurs have been tolerated, but water buffalo, elephants and leopards have caused a high level of concern when they are brought along on missions, specifically, when the team has to fly anywhere (which is most of the time).  Flying with an elephant is no simple logistical feat and as such, has caused arguments amongst his teammates and the Commonwealth of Nations about his continued association with the team. Although he is in full control of the animals during transport or missions, many others fearful of his animals getting 'loose' in heavily populated areas is one of the greatest fears of the team's public relations experts.  Thusfar no animal incidents have been of concern...other that cleaning up AFTER them (elephant droppings are #1 on their list)... 



Doctor Nebu Zuma/"Zialu"


One day at the University of Botswana in Maun, Botswana, Doctor Zuma, a noted South African Historian and Archeologist, was displaying to his students a variety of bushman, Zulu warrior and ancient witch doctor artifacts all related to his history course he taught, however, on that day, Doctor Zuma would instead transform into the magical African warrior witch doctor later codenamed as "Zulu".

In 2005, Doctor Zuma was part of a summertime dig in Eastern Botswana.  He and several of his students worked the site, finding dozens of ancient tribal artifacts, believed to belong to a certain Zulu warrior unit that was run by a witch doctor.  Being a unique find, it took several years to categorize, analyze and document the artifacts, all of which had been stored and studied separately at several locations.

Recently, Doctor Zuma, while teaching his class about the Zulu period, was able to get several artifacts from the dig he'd been part of several years previously. As the doctor was droning on to his students about the culture and significance of each to the artifacts, the doctor realized he was putting his class to sleep.  To 'spark their interest', he decided to don three of the artifacts to show what the supposed 'witch doctor' would've looked like.  Holding a carved, ornate wooden staff, wearing a witch doctor mask, and adorning himself in Zulu warrior jewelry, Doctor Zuma collapsed to the floor, unmoving.  Doctor Zuma's mind was replaced with the psyche of the three hundred year-old spirit of "Zialu", an ancient Zulu warrior witch doctor.  When "Zialu" awoke off the floor, he spoke in his old tribal tongue.  The students, laughing at him, startled Zialu, who then grabbed up some of the displayed artifacts he'd recognized; an old Zulu warrior shield, his magical scepter and several other witch doctor-related items. Cradling them to his body, Zialu burst through the classroom's window, landed like a jaguar, and ran out across to the Kalahari Desert, never to be seen for weeks on end.

Over the next few months, reports started coming in to local police of a 'madman wearing tribal gear' who was attacking their cattle and homes on the outskirts of the desert.  Zialu, not knowing or understanding modern sciences, attacked tractors and trucks, thinking they were monstrous creatures,  before he'd run off with whatever food or water he'd fought to forage. Eventually the police started tracking his thefts and caught up with him.  After two days of chasing Zilau, with several police officers wounded during the pursuit, Zialu was eventually surrounded and electrically tazed into ten policemen at the same time.

When he awoke in a prison cell, Doctor Zuma's mind was back in his body...and nonetheless to say,  was utterly surprised where he was.  He'd remembered nothing of what happened.  His body was now in incredible shape.  When he tried to find out why he was arrested, he was said to be charged with theft, trespassing, cattle rustling and MURDER.  It seems an old farmer tried to shoot Zialu/Zuma and instead wound up with a Zulu warrior spear through the chest for his troubles.  He was expected to be sentenced to life in prison pending trial in the next year.

During Zuma's first few nights in his cell, he started hearing voices in his head, speaking in an old tribal language.  It was Zialu. Not knowing anything about Zialu or what the voices were saying, he asked for a book on old bushman languages from the prison library.  Over the next few weeks, he started learning the words and dialect.  Within two months, he was able to carry on mental conversations with the voice.  That's when he'd learned he'd been possessed by the spirit of a great Zulu warrior witch doctor.  They eventually 'chatted' about what had happened and over time, Zialu was educated about modern civilization, people and technology.  Throughout the time, Zialu told Doctor Zuma that this 'gift' of theirs they had should be used to help their people and not rot in jail.  Agreeing, Doctor Zuma arranged an unusual meeting with a fellow from the University at the prison.  After several trips and discussions, his friend from the university was able to contact British authorities willing to hear Doctor Zuma's story.

MI6 sent several reps to talk with him, eventually agreeing to what had happened to Doctor Zuma.  In a unique situation, when a prison riot started, Doctor Zuma, gestalted with Zialu, was not only able to use incredible athletic and fighting skills to stop the rioting prisoners from killing anyone, but was able to stop the riot near single-handedly.  Days later, Doctor Zuma was met by the superhero, Britannia, leader of the super-group "The Commonwealth".  If he agreed to join the Commonwealth super-group, he'd be released into their remand.  

Since that day, Doctor Zuma has regained several of Zialu's artifacts and has learned to use his new athletic skills and mystical powers (through Zialu's staff) to fight alongside The Commonwealth.

Zulu's powers are enhanced physical capabilities, providing remarkable fighting skills and excellent stamina and strength.  His fighting prowess in melee combat with a short spear or baton is incredible. He can leap over a dozen feet with nearly no effort. His magical staff allows him to fire excellent magical energy blasts in a close area of effect.or in the form of a beam up to 50 yards away.  The staff also protects Zulu (and Zulu only) with amazingly magical protection. The necklace he wears is imbued with natural magic energy, allowing him a 'stealth' field around himself, curtailing noises from his body/self and shifting fields of visions from his general direction, allowing him excellent stealth. His shield is magical in nature and when held by him, provides remarkable physical, heat and cold protection and amazing magical protection. he is also versed in bolos, spears, blow pipes (uses a knock-out drug (lasts for an hour)), and knows several pressure points on a human body that can make it go numb (no pain), loss of muscle control for limbs, or overload of nerve bundles (causes excellent nerve damage temporarily).  His mental possession provides him incredible mental protection from psychic attacks.  Both Doctor Zuma and Zialu are strong willed minds, however, they have learned to work together nearly 80% of the time; when they don't agree, the dominant personality takes over the body.  It's noted that at times in battle when Doctor Zuma's body was knocked unconscious, Zialu's spirit would take over until the Doctor came to later on.  .