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The Commonwealth


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About the Commonwealth

Established in 2010, this super group comprises a collective of heroes from across the member nations of Commonwealth of Nations (CoN).  The Commonwealth's goal is synonymous with the Commonwealth of Nation's primary goal - peace and democracy.
Although government sanctioned, with each hero owning a superhero registration card, the group has political roots and as such, has been known to be used for political and diplomatic purposes for the Commonwealth of Nation's interests.  This has, on occasion, put them at odds with other nations and hero groups, however, the Commonwealth super-group, under the leadership of the British super-spy hero known as "Britannia", is allowed some autonomy when it comes to whom they recruit to the group and what tactics they intend to use in combat.

The headquarters of the team is based out of the sub-levels of the Marlborough House in London, England, which is also the headquarters of the Commonwealth of Nations and residence of the CoN's Secretary-General.

Over the last few years, the Commonwealth has attended several peace events, providing security and protection for any and all Commonwealth members or citizens.

Recently, the Commonwealth has been involved in several battles with nefarious groups such as CANIS, the Atlantic Kingdom, the Gold Syndicate, Maritime Marauders and the United Canadian Empire.  It is rumored that this super group also has ties with the secretive G.U.A.R.D. protectorate.


The Commonwealth

(L to R) Doc Freeport, Lady Snipe, Cynergy, Victoria Star, Commander Canada, Britannia (leader), Earthmover, Chandra, Zulu and Wildlife



Elizabeth Brown


Elizabeth (Liz to her few friends) was a MI6 British Intelligence agent for 4 years when, during the Soltan Invasion of 2000, she was given a powersuit that she used to not only fight the Soltans, but perform hundreds of spy missions around the world with.

In 2010, Liz's powersuit designs were leaked to the general public. As a result, many villainous organizations copied her Mark I powersuit and started numerous crimewaves around the world, primarily in Commonwealth nations.  In a maneuver by the British Parliament, the battlesuit was to redesignated as 'property of the Commonwealth', with or without MI6's (or Liz's) say so.  Instead, Liz resigned (ok, she was placed on inactive duty) from MI6 and instead was selected to head up a new super-group made up of super-powered and highly skilled people from across the Commonwealth of Nations.   Liz's job was to form and lead the team, performing missions vital and related to the security and political needs of the Commonwealth of Nations, as well as stop many of the atrocities conducted with her stolen powersuit's designs.  As such, Liz was glad to take on the new role, however, with her previous ties to MI6, her multitude of enemies she'd made along the way, and the never-ending fight against powersuit wearing villains, this made for an air of danger she'd constantly be placing the team in.

After much deliberation, Liz was authorized to continue wearing the suit (although changed from black and grey to a more 'Union Jack' color scheme and updated to the more powerful Mark II version).  She recruited nearly all of the new members of her super-group, now called simply "The Commonwealth", and began training them on teamwork, operations, international relations and laws and diplomacy.  After three months of training, she supervised the 'trial' of each new member, ensuring they were capable of solo operations as well as team maneuvers.  

Recently, the Commonwealth has been embroiled in many political and fundraising events, rather than participating in the security of the Commonwealth.  Other super-groups around the world consider Liz's new identity as 'Britannia' and The Commonwealth super-group as merely a political tool, rather than a true band of heroes.

Liz continues to lead the team as best she can, but with her unique blend of people in her team, coming from  vastly different backgrounds, including language barriers, she has struggled to manage the team into any form of an effective unit. To add to that, many other super-groups consider "The Commonwealth and Britannia as 'sell outs' and 'British tools'.

Britannia's powersuit provides remarkable abilities in protection, energy blasting, energy melee, and flight.  Her helmet is geared with hundreds of powerful electronic communications devices, targeting systems, visual and audible amplification devices, HUDs, and much more.  Her suit's charge can last up to 4 hours (and maximum output) before it requires a recharge, which can be done from any standard electrical socket (8 hours to charge). She is highly skilled in all forms of weapons and fighting techniques, including martial arts.  She is a highly intelligent woman and a very difficult person to please.

Britannia retains the modicum of Britain's 'stiff upper lip', and although she considers herself a 'people person', she is far from that. She is highly secretive of her previous life in MI6 and will rarely disclose any information to the team other than what is minimally allowed (which has created friction with her teammates in the past).  Although a motivated, hard-charging warrior of a woman, she also carries an air about her that separates her from others, much like standard British social hierarchy ordains.


MDUverse Data

The Commonwealth super-group and its characters were created by Don "Major Deej" Finger on 10 May 2013.

CoHverse: The Commonwealth wasn't actually a super-group in the MMORPG, City of Heroes, but is instead a current rendition of  characters once created by Don "Major Deej' Finger in a CoH super-group he created on 10 May 2013 on the Union server called United Union, with Major America as the team's leader.