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Arcana Masters


Arcana Masters parents were a powerful dark Mage from a mystical group called Arcanus and her mother, a non-Arcanus neutrally-aligned Witch,

As Arcana grew up with her parents, she discovered the villainy that permeated the Arcanus order for which her father belonged. At age 14, Arcanus' elders proclaimed that Arcana was to be the host for a powerful demonic entity; an entity that was to be unleashed upon humanity, with the intent of destroying man's technology and reverting the world back to a simpler, cowering lot, for which Arcanus would rule over.

Although her father was part of the Inner Circle of Arcanus, he decided to secretly go against Arcanus to save his daughter from the possession. The day of the ceremony, the parents and Arcana went through the motions of the ritual, but at the last moment, Arcana's parents cut her free of the sacrificial alter and commenced battling Arcanus.  Her parents died quickly.  Arcanus hunted her down and was about to kill her when the local police arrived and saved her from her dark fate. 

Shortly thereafter, she was placed in foster care and was moved from home to home over the next few years, all the while, she discovered she had incredible magical healing powers. 

At age 18, she received a package addressed to her.  In the package were several magical trinkets and a long letter that had been written by her parents before that fateful night.  In the letter, they urged her to take the 'path of light' and not the 'dark' one that had nearly tried to kill her.  The trinkets were powerful talismans that would prevent her from being detected magically, as well as be used for 'offensive and defensive weapons'. Choosing the path of light, she embarked on her career as a superhero in New York City.

Recently, through a series of wild events, Arcana met and joined Major Deej and The Challengers, and has since become a member of the team. Now if she can just shake those nightmares that she'd been having recently of a large, demon-like creature chasing her...


Felix Tennenson


Felix Tennenson, at age 16, is considered one of the brightest college students in the nation when he entered the University of Berkley with an IQ of over 180. 

His father, a senior physicist at the Lawrence Livermore Nuclear Labs, raised Felix himself after his wife passed away from Leukemia when Felix was only 4 years old.  Felix's father spent every waking hour he could to teach his son the world of science, math and physics. Although  a bit geeky growing up, Felix did engage in sports and social clubs to include Track & Field, Chess Club and the Science Club, Felix earned his high school diploma at 14, and was already a junior in college, working towards his triple Bachelors Degrees in Math, Particle Physics and Nuclear Science when everything in his life changed.

One day, Felix's father brought Felix to the Lawrence Livermore Labs to show Felix some of the projects he was working on.  Once there, they found themselves in the middle of a villainous heist of Uranium and hidden stores of Plutonium from the Lab by the nefarious Crimemaster of the powerful organized crime group, Crimewave. Felix's father spirited Felix to a secure room simply labelled as the "Particle Fluctuation Studies" Lab, wherein Felix's father attempted to dissuade Crimemaster from his dangerous plans. After several minutes of discussion, Crimemaster shot Felix's dad in the chest at point blank range. At that point the military entered the lab and commenced a gun battle with Crimemaster and his thugs.  Amidst the gunfire, several experimental devices were damaged, including their containment shell.  Felix's dad died from multiple gunshot wounds and died in Felix's arms.

After Crimemaster finally got shot in the leg, he decided to teleport out of the lab with what Plutonium he could carry, but not before he armed and detonated a powerful explosive device; a device that was in the same space as Felix and the remaining Plutonium.  When the explosives blew, a combination of radiation, the particle physics experiments and the Plutonium created a unique energy field for which Felix fell into and emerged a half mile from the lab's destruction.  All in lab were killed, including Crimemaster's henchmen. Felix, awash with despair, discovered he had new remarkable powers, allowing him to jump far, run fast, and project non-radioactive energy blasts from his hands.  Although intrigued with his new powers, Felix swore that Crimemaster would pay for what he'd done to him, his father and the lab.

After his dad's funeral, Felix received his father's estate, making him a millionaire overnight. He eventually created a costume and went hunting for Crimemaster, only to be thwarted again and again of exacting his justice.  Finally, when Felix caught Crimemaster in New York City, the heroic Major Deej stopped Felix from committing murder and instead talked him down from his path of vengeance.

Today, "Fluctuation" his new hero identity, is a member of The Challengers super group.  Although Crimemaster was stopped and not killed, Fluctuation has decided to use his powers to make a difference in a person's life...much like what his father had done for him...

Greased Lightning

Donnell Davis


Donnell Davis was a college football player at Yale University until a fateful day when it seemed everything went wrong for him, that is, with the exception of receiving incredible new super powers.

After failing in his classes and being demoted to second string as a Running Back (RB) for Yale University’s football team, Donnell sped away in his sports car, driving down the highway at high speed, all the while recklessly cutting in and out of traffic.  One wrong maneuver led him to crash into a chemical truck on a New Haven, CT bridge over the Blackstone River, with Donnell clocked at over 100 mph.  Donnell and his car careened through the chemical truck’s cargo bay (which was carrying hundreds of different chemicals in metal containers) and went over the edge of the bridge. As Donnell and his car were plummeting down to the icy water below, the burst of chemicals from the various containers splashed all over Donnell through his car’s broken windshield.  This, coupled with the car’s falling trajectory taking it into and severing a high tension power line, caused a massive explosion, leveling all buildings within a block’s radius of the bridge.  Over 20 people died as a result of the accident and ensuing explosion.

Donnell was found along the shoreline, naked and burned over all of his body. Doctors at the Burn Unit of Yale Medical Center attempted to use skin grafts for most of his burns, but his face and lower body were permanently scarred for life.

Weeks after the accident, Donnell finally awoke in Yale’s ICU. Depressed and suicidal, Donnell ran out of the hospital and to the same bridge where the accident happened.  Wanting to end his life as a ‘freak’ and a killer, he threw himself over the edge of the bridge, knowing the fall should easily kill him.  As he was falling to his death, electrical energy shot out from him, slowing his decent until, when he reached the surface of the water at a slow fall, his body’s electrical energy shorted out.  He was unhurt.  Confused over what had just happened, as he tried to swim to shore, he swam through the water at breakneck speeds of over 60 knots, swimming so fast that he crashed into a cargo ship and careened off of it as a result of a remarkable energy field that protected him from the impact. Stunned by these new powers, Donnell got to dry land and started running, across New Haven.  Slowly, he became faster and faster until he was passing cars on the highway. He was also able to dodge and turn while at these speeds as if it were second nature to him. He eventually stopped at an old warehouse where he experimented with his new-found powers.  He was able to discharge electrical energy at a short range. He also discovered he had an energy field that not only protected him, but allowed for things to ‘slide’ off of him while the field was up, almost like it was frictionless; he also clocked his maximum speed at nearly 100mph.  He deduced that he’d gained these remarkable powers as a result of the chemicals and electrical explosion when he had his accident.

While Donnell pondered about his new-found powers, the local police wrongly believed that Donnell was dead as a result of eyewitnesses seeing his suicidal jump from the bridge earlier.  Funeral services were held even though the police never found ‘his’ body. With no identity or money, he walked amongst the homeless for months, not sure what to do with his life.  He knew if he turned himself in, he’d be in jail for manslaughter charge for the 20 people killed in his series of ‘accidents’. Instead, by happenstance, a fellow homeless woman and her children were being assaulted in a dark alley by a gang.  Donnell threw a ski mask on and saved the homeless family while using his new powers.  That night, Donnell reasoned that he could use his powers to make restitution for what he’d done.  He instead created a superhero costume and started fighting crime and protecting the innocent.

Today, “Greased Lightning”, as the media dubbed him, is a superhero of New York City and a member of the Challengers super group. To this day he has told no one about his true identity, and lives in a ghetto apartment in Harlem, donating any and all other money he makes to charities for those that died during his 'origin' accident.  Although he wants nothing more than to turn himself in, he feels he is doing more good by being the superhero he strives to be each and every day since.


Name Unknown


Not much is known of Kinetix.  He is a very secretive man with remarkable kinetic energy control and melee fighting skills.

He was first seen hours before the Challengers super group formed.  The Challengers engaged in an epic battle in New York City with several super-powered villains, for which Kinetix joined them and was quickly awarded membership to the Challengers for his actions.

To this day, no one knows his identity.


Ms. Ultra

Name Unknown


Not much is known about Ms. Ultra. 

The first time anyone had ever seen or heard of her as a hero was the day she showed up in the battle that helped form the Challengers as a super group. During that battle, she seemed very insecure in her powers and was seen to be very uncoordinated in her actions.

She continues to try and use her powers responsibly, however, she is very timid in 'cutting loose' with her energy manipulation powers she uses for melee combat.  Aside from that, it's been witnessed that when she does something she considers 'stupid', she bangs her head against a nearby wall...violently.

She is currently a founding member of the Challengers super group.  Her true identity is unknown to any in the group.



Pink Arrow

Patricia "Pink" Plinski


As early as 10 years of age, Pink was able to use a bow and arrow better than most professional archers.Her parents drilled her brother, Ace, her older sister, Scarlet, and Pink herself, day and night. The parents hoped that maybe one of them would find their way to Olympic competition one day. Interestingly enough, all three made it to the Olympics.

Pink's sister, Scarlet, was fiercely competitive and highly combative.  Pink and her would routinely break into fist fights and knock-down, drag-out spats.  Ace, her younger brother, had a natural talent for marksmanship, and although a master in archery in his own right, he preferred rifle sharpshooting events.  Ace didn't physically fight with his siblings, but instead was heavily sarcastic on the two sisters most of the time, all the while brutally honest on his assessments to others. All three of them touted each other on a daily basis in order to get one anther's competitive spirit flowing.  Eventually, that touting paid with a heavy price.

When all three went to the Summer Olympics to compete in their respective archery events, they each made their own way to their related medal rounds.  The media broadcast the archery medal rounds calling it "the most watched Olympic competition event of the games". The media loved the  three siblings' dynamics and their aggressive competitive personalities. Ace and Pink had earned their spots on the Team USA men's and women's teams, respectively, with both taking Bronze medals in their respective team events. Scarlet disliked teams; she believed she'd excel beyond both siblings in individual competitions instead.  Pink and Ace loved competing with others and forged strong friendships as a result; Scarlet did not, and instead contained much of her anger and frustration with people inside herself.  This usually resulted in Scarlet exploding in fits of rage on occasion.

For this Olympics, the individual match system had been completely overhauled for the games that year. Though single eliminations with bronze medal matches was retained, the matches now consisted of sets. Each set comprised of both medaling archers shooting three arrows each. The archer with the best score in the set receives two points; if the set is a drawn, each archer receives one point. The match continues until one archer reaches six points. If the match is tied after five sets, a single arrow 'shoot-off' is held with the closest arrow to center winning.

Pink and Scarlet found themselves in the single arrow 'shoot-off' against each other.

In their final shots, Scarlet lost by 2mm of distance from Pink's Gold medal shot. Scarlet lost it.  She went on a tirade in front of the media and cameras, attacking and pummeling Pink in the face.  Their brother, Ace, who was attending as a viewer at Pink's and Scarlet's medal round jumped the barriers, separating the two of them, preaching calm and sportsmanship to Scarlet.  In a fit of rage, she drew an arrow to shoot a crippling shot at Pink's bow hand, however, Ace intercepted the arrow.  It went straight through his heart. He died instantly. As the media and spectators looked on in awe of what had transpired, the siblings parents screamed at Scarlet, saying she was no longer their daughter; she was disowned.  Scarlet put an arrow through each of her parents heads.As Scarlet was reeling about to shoot Pink, Pink attacked her in utter despair.  The two fought savagely before the cameras of the world.  Eventually, security shot Scarlet in the bow arm and leg.  Scarlet ran off, never to be seen as the girl she once was (See: Scarlet Sharpshooter).

Pink recovered, but was now alone in the world.  Major Deej, a superhero from New York City, came to Pink's hospital bed to help ease the pain and provide words of encouragement.  As a result, after her injuries healed, she set out to find Major Deej to thank him and instead fought by his and several other hero's side to stop a super-villain attack.  That battle would result in the creation of Major Deej's new super group, The Challengers.  Since then, Pink has taken on the codename of "Pink Arrow", and strives to use her skills to help others and the team.
Will she ever find her sister, Scarlet, again?  Only time will tell.  It's guaranteed that only one of them will be left standing when that reunion occurs again...


Darius Dolbei


Darius Dolbei is a noted British and Swedish (dual citizenship) scientist and superhero who is  considered a 'prodigy' by any and all who have worked with him in the various disciplines of science.
Darius is a child prodigy who at the age of 10 in the early 1980s had already graduated high school and was working on his bachelors of sciences degree in three different scientific fields.  At age 14, he was applying his knowledge and skills in the field, where he quickly learned brains might not be the best answer to physical confrontations with unsavory characters.Following leads on several physics anomalies  throughout Europe and the US, Darius followed a band of renegade scientists into the sewers, where he was beaten within an inch of his life.
After years of recovery, Darius, bent on resolving the mystery of the anomalies, decided to engineer his brain to use untapped psychic powers.  In so doing, he was able to grant himself incredible psychic powers of illusion, mental control and assault.  He also learned to became a master at different forms of hand to hand combat. After years of preparation, training and learning to use his powers, he resolved the mysteries of the anomalies by discovering they were instead inter-dimensional portals that would pop open at irregular intervals.  Although he wasn't the first to detect these portals, he was the first to create algorithms that would aid in determining critical locations where they would appear.  As such, his efforts aided in finding several means of establishing and controlling inter-dimensional portals, allowing travel between the dimensions.  This, of course, piqued the curiosity and desires of several dangerous criminal and terror organizations, hoping to use the portals for their own nefarious purposes.
Darius assisted several established agencies (such as The Temporal Agency) to use his algorithms to create portals for research and 'no harm' studies.  In the last few years, he has been tied to fine-tuning his algorithms allowing access to innumerable dimensions, some of which want to invade Darius' own home dimension of Earth 1.
Recently, as a result of a super villain attempt to steal the portal technology, Darius teamed with a band of heroes called "The Challengers" who stopped the villains cold.  In discussions with the team's leader, Major Deej, Darius decided to aid the Challengers...and in return, have them aid him should he not be able to deal with situations by himself.  He has since set up a lab in the Challengers HQ and has further honed his fighting skills to work as a member of the team.

Rad Doc

Dr. Robert Radinski


Dr. Robert Radinski was a noted radiological/nuclear medicine physician and scientist.  His studies included radiation-based mutageneics and radiation absorption.  His skills eventually led him into a situation that forever changed his future...and body.
After a particular super-villain battle in Europe, Dr. Radinski was called upon to support containment engineering for a particular captured villain with radiation powers.  After days of study and planning, a new high tech cell was created with Dr. Radinski's plans.  The villain, known simply as "The Green Glow", while being transported to the new cell, broke free and started killing the guards.  Dr. Radinski took action and tried to taunt "Green Glow"to the cell, where the doctor could lock him in there.  After several minutes of running him through the maze of corridors, he doubled back the chase to the new cell.  There, he closed and locked the doors with him and Green Glow inside.  Green Glow began blasting him with massive amounts of radiation, causing radiation burns to all of his body.  Before the doctor succumbed to the killing radiation he fired off his radiation absorption unit, which absorbed all of the radiation from both him and Green Glow.  The only problem was that it was never intended to be used at that power absorption level and the containment equipment soon exploded from the stresses.  The radiation, absorption energy and electricity coalesced into a powerful mutagenic blast that killed Green Glow.  The doctor's body became the new focal point for the radiation absorption and as such the doctor's body became a vessel of vast radioactive powers.

Although physically scarred from the initial attack, he was able to contain the radiation without any conscious effort.  His new radiation-based powers now allow him to perform focused radiation bursts to aid others in healing from any form of wounds, wherein once healed, the doctor would draw out any traces of residual radiation, healing through radiation, but with no post-radiation effects.  He can also use his powers to created focused radioactive energy blasts, even through his eyes.  Even though he doesn't need it, he wears a radioactive containment suit to prevent others from receiving any form of residual radiation poisoning from his emanations.
Knowing that his career was over, since no one would ever allow a radioactive doctor to work in a hospital or lab ever again, he instead was invited to join the Challengers super group after he aided the team in the group's first battle together.  He has since become the team's physician and helps heal his teammates in battles and hazardous situations.  Although he has no combat experience, he has found himself enjoying the opportunity to go off 'adventuring' with The Challengers.  Due to his upbeat and 'live life to the fullest' attitude, he earned his new codename: "Rad Doc"!

Ultraviolet (U.V.)



"U.V.", as he was called (the only identifying mark on him was from a laser tattoo with those initials on his back), was initially a homeless boy in Spain.  The farthest he can remember back to was when he was 4 or 5 years old looking through garbage cans to find food in Spain. His eerily pale blue-gray skin and hair made him a pariah amongst the locals. Some of those locals were young teen gang members that would go out of their way looking for him in alleys and shelters to beat on him because he was different.  Regardless of the abused he received, he was taken in by a Catholic priest who placed him in an all-boys orphanage.  There, again, he was derided and abused. 

As he became a teenager, he became more resilient to the abuse and instead liked helping others less fortunate than him,  His religious beliefs gave him the strength to overcome most of the beatings and taunts, however, on one particular event, several of the older boys in the orphanage  beating a defenseless 7 year old to death.  The 7 year old had stood up to the bullies earlier in the day and paid for it with his life. Once UV found out who was responsible for the child's death, he snapped and unleashed a torrent of pummels upon the bullies, all the while, his body slowly started to glow a pale violet light,  The glow increased to the point that the Ultraviolet light energy made his eyes were nothing but light.  A strange form of that energy emanated flowing out and away from his back as well.  Scared for their lives at the display of UV's new-found powers, the bullies ran away, but not before UV shot ultraviolet energy blasts from his hands, felling the bullies.

When the orphanage's owner called for the police, UV ran away, once again living on the streets.  There, he learned how to use his powers.  He soon learned that the strange energy emanations on his back could be turned off as well as the glow from his body and eyes.  His skin, still, however, left him an outcast.  He eventually contacted the Catholic Priest that initially helped him, Not knowing what to do for UV, the priest contacted several other clergymen from around the world asking for guidance.  One of them, an American, organized for him and UV to travel to the United States where they'd look into his 'condition',  Once in the United States, the priest and UV found themselves instead at the mercy of a radical vampire gang called "The Crimson".  They wanted to 'turn' UV into a fellow vampire and use his powers for their own purpose.  When one of The Crimson's vampires tore the friendly priest's body in half, UV unleashed his powers.  Unbeknownst to The Crimson, ultraviolet light has a TRIPLE effect in damaging and killing vampires.  In a matter of seconds, UV's fight with that faction of The Crimson was over, as hundreds of charred remains littered the space.

Alone once again, but now in America, while foraging for food, he came across a superhero battle.  This battle was the actual first fight with super villains of those heroes who would later form the supergroup, The Challengers.  UV joined in the fight, saving innocents, helping the other heroes and eventually saving Major Deej from a deadly sneak attack.  He became a founding member of the Challengers that day.

Since then, UV now has a home with The Challengers. Since UV is still not a legal adult (estimates believe him to be about 15 years old), Major Deej has volunteered to officially become his guardian.  After all he's been through UV, has finally found happiness and a new family that cares for him.  What better deal could a teenager want but to be accepted, have a loving family and get to rail against the evils of the world with superpowers all at the same time? 

Now if he can just find out where he came from...