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The Challengers


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About the Challengers

The Challengers is a dynamic super group based out of New York City.

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Major Deej

David J. Yorke


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MDUverse Info

The Challengers is a super-group created by Don "Major Deej" Finger during his youth in 1978.  The original 1978 team consisted of  the following originally created characters: Dominator (leader), Vindicator, Liberator, Helldiver, Doc Diamond and Screamer.  In January of 2000, the Challengers story and characters were overhauled and rebuilt, and have since been the basis for the current, existing team, only with slight changes. The 'Major Deej' character, for example, was not added until 28 Dec 2006. 

CoHverse: The Challengers super-group and characters was created utilizing characters originally created by Don "Major Deej" Finger for the MMORPG, City of Heroes, on the Guardian server on 13 January 2007. The Major Deej character was the team's leader (Major Deej was created on 28 Dec 2006).