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CANIS Ranks and Packs


  • Canis Alpha
    • Supreme Leader.  Usually male. Alpha normally inherits position, but a Legate may assume Alpha leadership by appointment/seniority upon death or current Canis Alpha.
  • Alpha Consuesor
    • Trusted adviser to Canis Alpha.  Organizes and meets with Legates.
  • Legate (lay-GAH-tee)
    • Leader of regional/national organizational packs.  Intimately familiar with Canis Alpha’s plans.  May be corporate CEOs or wealthy entrepreneurs.  Recruited early in business careers. Started with white collar crimes  Employs tribunes in their businesses. Pays tributes to Alpha.
  • Legate Consuesor
    • Trusted Advisor to Legate.  2nd in command.
  • Emissary
    • Spies who work for and are known only to the Conseusors. Helps maintain loyalty and integrity of the pack.  May act as a Consuesor to Tribunes who may not be aware of their status as Emissaries.
  • Tribunes
    • Leader of criminal enterprises (called Packs), like drugs, prostitution, extortion, money laundering, etc
  • Tribune Consuesor
    • Trusted adviser to a Tribune. 2nd in command.
  • Tribune Lieutenants
    • Men and women tied directly to Canis that lead/control Sociis, Initiares, Omegas and Proles in the Pack. Takes his/her orders from Tribune Consuesor and/or Tribune
  • Sociis (so-CHASE-ah)
    • Associates.  Those outside of Canis but cooperate with Canis packs. May provide services such as accounting or perform a function such as corrupt police or politicians. Answers
  • Initiare
    • Initiates. A new business associate who, for many years, becomes a member of a pack.  May be sponsored by one or more pack (or higher) members whose loyalties are unquestionable.  An Initiare's initiation is usually an assassination of a disloyal member or other non-Canis competing business associate.  Answers to Tribune Lieutenants. Most work their way to Sociis.
  • Omegas
    • Soldiers.  They do the dirty work for Tribunes.
  • Proles (pro-LACE-ah)
    • Youth/Street Gangs Perform many small criminal tasks.  Primary grooming into pack for Omegas/soldiers upon reaching adulthood.



 CANIS retains its rank structure amongst its regions.  The following are the regions and their associated 'pack' codenames.


  Canada/Alaska    Arctic Pack
Eastern United States    Wolf Pack

Central United States

Red Wolf Pack
Western United StatesCoyote Pack
Central AmericaLobo Pack
South AmericaDire Pack
Western Europe Gray Pack
Eastern Europe Werewolf Pack
Northern AfricaHyena Pack
Southern AfricaJackal Pack
Middle EastArabian Pack
RussiaSiberian Pack
Indian/HimilayasIndian Pack
Chinese/IndonesianGold Pack
Japan/KoreaHonshu Pack
Pacific OceanKaimana Pack
Australia/Tasmania/NZDingo Pack