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CANIS is a highly structured, profitable, world-wide crime organization. CANIS' reach stretches across every nation in the world.  Broken down into regional 'packs', CANIS deals with all forms of crime from blue collar to national levels.  Their network allows for members of CANIS to reap large amounts of money in short periods of time, thus drawing many to CANIS' packs without even trying to recruit them.  Although organizations such as GUARD, Interpol, Scotland Yard and Interpol know about them, CANIS has been elusive in catching them in the act.  It's believed that they have a structure that incorporates spies and informants amongst the world's justice systems, ensuring that CANIS knows if they would be raided or entrapped. The CANIS structure is highly organized, and with leadership changing all the time, the opportunity for pack members to move up in the ranks is also high. At last count, CANIS membership totaled near 10, 000 people world-wide.

Started over 50 years ago, CANIS initially emerged as dealers in stolen merchandise in Europe and has evolved into a world-wide criminal powerhouse.  As CANIS started acquiring ships and airplanes to move their stolen goods, they created Proles (youth/street gangs) that would move the merchandise for pennies on the dollar.  Most of the Proles eventually moved up in the CANIS ranks, some becoming Legates (Regional/National Pack Leaders).  Over time, their expansion interfered with other criminal groups, bringing armed conflict between them and CANIS.  Most of the time CANIS won the battles and the wars, absorbing the defeated criminal groups into their ranks. CANIS eventually reached the capability of corrupting powerful businessmen and women thus building more powerful networks, allowing for grander scales of criminal activity, such as businesses building, storing and/or aiding in shipping of illegal equipment and supplies, all of which earned CANIS and the corrupt businessmen and women a VERY healthy return in money.  As the CANIS structure got bigger, CANIS had to resort to regional leadership know as CANIS "Packs".

Recently, CANIS, led by the 'top dog', CANIS Alpha,  seems to have 'bitten off more than they can chew', as they are more in the spotlight of police and world justice systems, including superheroes, more than ever before.  CANIS now requires its own troops, called "Omegas" to provide military-style protection to this powerful crime circuit's business ventures.


Name Unknown


The CANIS Alpha is more a position that an individual person.  Whoever 'ascends' to this position receives the power, weapons and authority as the lead of all of CANIS.  Unless you are in to upper echelon of CANIS, you will not know who 'CANIS Alpha' really is.  This position/role has routinely been held by those who either outperformed, outmaneuvered or killed the previous CANIS Alpha.  thus far, in 2014, there have been 48 CANIS Alphas in the last 50 years; the longest running Alpha was Brendon Daugherty, who ruthlessly killed his predecessor and expanded CANIS to its worldwide operations it uses today; he lasted five years and one month.  All other Alphas lasted maybe 4 months to a year.

CANIS Alpha has access to all encrypted files, video cameras and transactions that CANIS is performing at any time.  Live video feeds are used to monitor each CANIS transaction to ensure that not only the buyers and sellers are monitored, but also that the CANIS reps are not taking advantage of the organization.  Few know this info, however, each CANIS Alpha from as far back as 1990 has recorded EVERY major transaction and criminal event through their secretively hidden cameras in their CANIS suits and armor.


CANIS Alpha's weapons and tech powers are completely related to his tech suit (except for two previous Alphas who were super-powered, that also used the suit's abilities to augment their own powers).  The suit provides amazing protection from physical, temperate and energy based attacks.  The suit can also create a self-contained seal against outside conditions/atmospheres, providing up to 5 days of nourishment, oxygen and waste management.  The helmet and shoulder system houses powerful computers and communications equipment, including live video and audio feeds, amplified voice system, quantum navigation, satellite internet and networking feeds (comms as well), and a large variety of network interfaces, all based on voice command or mental probes.  He also has an emergency force field system that, if all else fails, can activate around himself for a 30 second period of time, providing amazing protection before the force field's energy supply drains dry.

The armament of the suit includes an incredible array of rockets, guns, bombs, explosives, energy blasters, smoke grenades, ECM, blades, rocket boots (600 mph @ range of 500 miles), sonic emitters and traps. He even has a remotely operated gun turret that can detach from his armor's back and hover, auto-targeting and firing 500 rounds/minute for remarkable damage each several seconds. Ammo load-out: 2000 rounds.

To top out his abilities, CANIS Alpha also has access to a one-shot teleporter that can instantaneously teleport him to any pre-programmed location on Earth (orbit? moon? unsure...).  Currently, no Alpha has yet used this device, but with super-heroes becoming more engaged with CANIS, it's only a matter of time before it gets its 'maiden' test.