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Blood Bolts


About the Blood Bolts

Over the decades, crime has come to form in many fashions; Gangsters, Embezzlers, Drugs Dealers, Prohibition-era Bootleggers, murderers-for-hire, etc. 

The Blood Bolts came into being in the 1980s when a small crime gang that dealt in petty thuggery instead started 'enforcing turfs' for other gangs - for a price.  They'd train their gang members in all forms of violence and, for the highest bidder, send in their gang members to support the winning bidder.  In time, they became synonymous with gang wars, and whoever had the Blood Bolts on their side, won the war.  Once the Blood Bolts were paid off, they relinquished any further support or association with their employer.  This made the Blood Bolts a wealthy yet challenging gang.  Challengers for leadership positions in the Blood Bolts occur on a near weekly basis, with 'arena' type fights set up to show off the participants' fighting skills. 

Recently, a European gang of vampires called, "The Crimson" started whittling down members from other gangs by biting said gang members and turning them into vampires themselves, thus swelling The Crimson's ranks.  Other gangs started hiring the Blood Bolts to take down The Crimson. The Blood Bolts started carrying wooden wrist or handheld crossbows with wooden arrows dipped in Holy Water to take out the vampires.  The war between the Blood Bolts and The Crimson continues to this day.

Even though engaged with The Crimson, the Blood Bolts still hire themselves out, doing what they do best..."Strike like lightning! Money for blood!".


Donnie Sloan


From his youngest years of growing up in Harlem, Donnie discovered he had a knack for Ultimate Fighting Federation (UFF) and cage fights.  As a boy, his dad tossed him into a cage match against a kid twice as big as he was. 

Donnie beat that kid within an inch of his life. 

Over the years, Donnie won championships and eventually won a world UFF match. 

For winning the UFF match, Donnie's father was killed as a message to Donnie of who was 'in control' of the UFF.

 Several of his UFF friends got together and took on his father's killers and won.  They took over the stockpile of weapons and vehicles, but dumped all the drugs, since he considered drugs 'bad' for themselves.  That's when he got an idea.  An idea to sell him and his UFF gang to fight for those that pay the most. Within a year, Donnie and his team, now re designated as "Blood Bolts", were making bank on their idea and skills.

Over time, they recruited more and more, using an old boxing gym as their headquarters. Every day, they trained, and every night they went out as the paid-for enforcers of whoever needed them.  Even rich private school kids hired them out to beat up others in their school the rich kids didn't like.

Eventually, someone didn't pay.  As such, the Blood Bolts took the non-payers belongings...all of them...including their payment.  The abducted family members would do menial labor abound the gym until the Blood Bolt leader, Donnie, now called "Boltmaster", felt they'd worked off their debt...and then killed them.

Over the years, their enforcer-for-hire gig became legendary.  They never lost a fight...until they faced off against The Crimson - a band of gangster vampires that were oozing into America from Europe.  In the fight, Boltmaster's original UFF buddies were turned into vampires before his eyes.  That was the last straw.  He started using wrist crossbow shooters, tipped with holy water, and with the remainder of his gang, fought The Crimson to a draw.  Unfortunately, he had to kill his UFF-gone-vampire friends in the battle.

Since then, Boltmaster continues to run his unique gang in New York.  He's worth millions of dollars, but still lives in an old broken down apartment in Harlem. Aside from The Crimson and superhero intervention, he continues to be the top paid-for enforcer in all of New York City.


MDUverse Data

MDUverse: Blood Bolts formed 9 November 1981 by Sergei Vaelnypov.  Created in MDU on 20July 2013 with leader, Boltmaster.