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About the Blackjacks

From Crap games in the filthy back alleys of Detroit to high stakes Baccarat in Monaco, the Blackjacks play their hand, legally or illegally, with their house winning most all the time.
Originating in Eastern Europe before World War II, they were an outgrowth of the black market that emerged during Communist rule. They have since come to control most of the world’s casinos, and their agents have infiltrated those that are not. Having perfected money laundering to a science, criminal enterprises worldwide come to the Blackjacks for their services. Their expertise is near legendary, and their reputation as experts in their trade is impeccable.
If you need your money cleaned, start a new gambling casino, fix the odds, or stomp out other competitive gambling houses, the Blackjacks are more than happy to oblige. However, the “house” always takes its cut… 


Blackjack Bruno

Bruno Osaro


Born in 1991 in Chechnya, Georgia, Bruno Osaro, a former province of the United Soviet Socialist Republic (USSR) of Russia, Bruno Osaro and his three siblings lived in abject poverty, malnourishment and with abusive parents.  By age 10, he left to work with the gangs in Chechnya, robbing, stealing and gambling his way until he became a crime lieutenant by age 19.  There, the crime boss, Yuri Subranko, tool Bruno under his wing and taught him the whole business of car sharking, gambling and cheating.  Bruno was  a natural with numbers and math, if not a bit of a savant in the making. He eventually was given 'lead' on a casino, where he helped bring in millions of euros of profit daily.

In 2008, Bruno was inducted into "The Blackjacks", the secret order of gamblers and casino operators.  There, gambling institutions and casino operators plotted ways to cheat people out of their money as part of a grand conspiracy.  Bruno brought up an idea that would bring in even more money, but with far less risk.  The Blackjacks took the idea to action, and ensuingly made millions more as Bruno had predicted. Feeling threatened by Bruno's influence, Yuri invited Bruno over for dinner, only to attempt to kill him by saying he was caught fooling around with Yuri's wife.  It would have gone to plan, except for the fact that Yuri's 'wife' was actually Bruno's sister.  The sister shot and killed Yuri, and since then, Bruno has run the "Blackjacks", with his sister as his confidante.

Bruno is not married, but keeps a string of young women available for entertainment.  he lives outside of Moscow in an expensive community and retains several other homes throughout Europe and one in Boston.  He is known for his parties he throws.

He is highly skilled in hand-to-hand combat, knife fighting, Flechettes, and counting cards.  He carries two Glock 45s with exploding, armor piercing ammo (and 10 more clips on his belt), as well as a strap of Flechette knives across his midsection.  he has non-ferrous lock-picks under the skin of his arms and is notorious for his energy shield on his left wrist that forms in the shape of a spade or a club, depending on his need for it.  The Spade Shield setting creates a sharp point at the top of the energy shield that can be used as a stabbing weapon.



MDUverse Data

MDUverse: Blackjacks formed in Czechoslovakia in 18 May 1936 by Vaclav Mogilevich. Created in MDU on 7 August 2013 with Leader, Blackjack Bruno.