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Axis Force Villains

Bavarian Forest


Eva Grunschnapzt 


An orphaned girl who lived in a small Bavarian town, Eva Grunschnapzt was soon beset with hatred and loathing of Jews as she grew up in Nazi Germany of the 1930s.

She later enlisted in the German Army as a chemical engineer's apprentice.

During one of the experiments on plants (rapid food growth project), an electrical storm caused the building's transformer to explode just an some plants were to be treated with radioactive isotopes.

She was engulfed in a blast of energy that later granted her powers to control plants, accelerate their growth and fire spiny thorns from her body.

Thru WWII, she was a terror to all Allied troops as a member of Baron Berlin's Axis Force.

In 1945, she and Axis Force were placed under arrest by Hitler himself due to their involvement of stealing 'his' (Hitler's) treasures.  She and the rest of Axis Force were placed in experimental cryogenics chambers, only to be thawed out sure Berlin itself be on the brink of capture.  Instead, she and Axis Force were never thawed out.  In 2012, the cryogenic units failed and she and the remnants of Axis Force awoke from their near 70 year slumber.

Today, she has committed herself completely to Axis Force and Baron Berlin.  Although upset to find all of her relatives and family were murdered back in 1945, she believes in the Baron, and, as the new Director of Botany and Agriculture in their new nation of Reichsland, she has never been happier to be part of Axis Force.


Bavarian Forest has the ability to have hundreds of good material strength sharp thorns and spikes emanate from her skin, providing her good excellent protection from physical attacks.  With her powers, she can fling or toss thorns from her arms, legs or body outward with excellent precision.  Each thorn or dart is coated with a feeble toxin that over time can kill a person who were stabbed or immolated on these thorns or darts.

She is in good physical shape with typical strength.  She is extremely devious and a die-hard Nazi supporter.   She is also very sensuous when she wants to be but with her powers, most men are highly fearful into getting into a relationship with her; as it is, this does nothing more than empower Eva as a strong woman.  She is a good botanist and chemical engineering.

Eva's body suit provides good physical and energy protection from all forms of attack.  As with all other Axis Force members, she also uses an earwig for communications with Axis Force and Reichsland resources.


Frau Krieger

German Translation: Warrior Woman

Brunhilda Blohm 


A pure Aryan German woman, born the final day of World War I, Brunhilda Blohm became a die-hard Nazi Party member, as a member of the "SS" in the Intelligence fields.

She was one of the very few women in the "SS" and was trained by some of the deadliest assassins, swordsmen, and mercenaries in Europe.

In WWII, she ran with the "Axis Force" VG, providing intelligence and field support for interdiction missions. She was noted for her whip she used to ensure 'men were listening to her'.

During that time, she came across a Czechoslovakian Archaeologist who'd unearthed an ancient relic (that he was tasked to find for Hitler and the Nazis).  The archaeologist had no intention of handing it over to Hitler.  Brunhilda and he fought over it.  In the fight, she unleashed the dark forces behind the relic.  A band of demons from (purportedly) Hell arose from the shattered relic.  The archaeologist was quickly killed by the demons, as were dozens of Nazi troops and civilians.  Thinking quickly, Brunhilda read through the archaeologist's notes and discovered that two spells were required to not only control the demons, but make the spell caster the master of the demons.  Minutes later she arrived at the scene of the demon rampage and used the two spells.  She was able to control and master the demons. 

Although considered a witch and a demoness for her new power over demons, she ignored others comments, challenging any and all to prove their claim or challenge her and her demons in combat.  Very few challenged her, and those that did, died a painful death.

In 1945, when Axis Force was charged with treason by Hitler himself, Brunhilda had planned to unleash her demons upon her captors, however, she was knocked unconscious and was about to be executed when several of Hitler's aides got Hitler to change his mind and instead imprison her and other remaining Axis Force members in cryogenics units (initially created for Hitler and his staff) until such time that they'd be needed to defend Berlin from any invaders.  During the battle of Berlin, she and the rest of Axis Force were never 'thawed' out to save Berlin.  Instead, they laid frozen for the next 60+ years until the cryo-units finally lost power.

In 2012, the remainder of Axis Force, along with Brunhilda, revived from their 60+ year slumber.  They immediately set out to take over Germany and create a new Nazi nation they would call "Reichsland".  Just a few months ago, they did just that.

Brunhilda still has her powers of demon summoning and control, as well as healing/absorbing health unto others, however, her whip's powers did not return.  Instead, she uses a new technology created 'flaming' whip that can cause excellent immobilization and/or fire damage.

Still cold, stoic and one of Baron Berlin's key intelligence people, Brunhilda fights alongside Axis Force once again, as well as being the had of Reichsland's Intelligence Ministry.



  • Healing
  • Her new powers give her the good ability to heal and absorb health from the creatures and/or others within a 10 foot radius of her.
  • Demon Control
  • She is a master of demons and can summon them from dimensional rifts within 20 feet of her location.  She can summon and call up to 6 demons at a time, however, over 10 she begins to loose control of their wills.  These demons range from lesser demons that may do feeble to poor slashing and biting damage to larger ones than can do excellent physical, slashing and biting damage as well a shoot fire from either their mouths or hands.  She can also recall them at any time, but again, anything over 10 demons means she may not be able to dispense of them as readily.


  • Magical Whip
    • Made of unearthly mystical material, her whip can do good damage upon immediate contact.  She also realized she could channel her demon summoning powers through her whip, and as such further empower or de-power the demons she controlled, or could even immobilize people when in contact with her whip. 




Wilhelm Heinkel


Wilhelm Heinkel, heir to the German WWII Aircraft manufacturer, initially worked with Hitler's SS, until that fateful day in 1940 when Wilhelm's command center was bombed by the French underground.

Losing both arms, an eye, and told he'd never be a pilot ever again, he asked his father to "fix him", with a purported 'cyborg trooper' design  the Heinkel Company was experimenting with.

With Hitler's authorization, Wilhelm underwent weeks of exhaustive surgery and installation of cyborg attachments. When he awoke, he discovered Hitler remade him into a human weapon, with new arms loaded with missiles, guns, and a cannon.

He also found out his father was killed by a French underground bombing while Wilhelm was convalescing.

Mad with anger and hatred, he became a human killing machine.

Today, he's thawed out from decades of cryogenic imprisonment and back with Axis Force with a new array of weapons and even more unhinged than he was during WWII.



  • Mechanical/Weapon Arms
  • Left Arm
  • Capable of firing twin housed machine guns from left handed gauntlet, capable of creating good shooting damage upon impact from each gun;  fires in a tight 15 degree arc at a range of over 100 yards. Fires 100 rounds/minute, houses 200 rounds per gun.
  • Is remarkably strong, capable of crushing or rending steel.  He cannot however lift any weight over 200 lbs due to his spinal structure. 
  • Arm, gauntlet and hand are made of amazingly strong material.
  • Right Arm
  • Capable of firing excellent explosive canon shot (gauntlet stores up to25 rounds); fires off one round at a time.
  • Is remarkably strong, capable of crushing or rending steel. He cannot however lift any weight over 200 lbs due to his spinal structure.
  • Arm, gauntlet and hand are made of amazingly strong material.
  • Targeting system  (right eye)
    • Micro-targeting system tied to right eye sight via laser sight.  Increases shooting agility by a factor of 2.
    • Also provides excellent protection from flash/blinding attacks.
  • Protective lens (left eye)
    • Left eye contains a particular and unique contact lens type protection from wind and particulate as well as excellent flash/blinding protection
  • Body Armor
    • Micro-mesh composite weave provides good physical, energy and temperate protection.
    • Provides remarkable protection from radiation.
  • Rocket Pack
    • Solid rocket fueled twin rockets allowing for mental control of nozzle directions for changes in flight maneuverability.  Rocket Pack allows Heinkel to fly at speeds up to 450mph for a range of 300 miles at a maximum altitude of 20,000 feet.
    • Packs are a packaged unit, thus when fuel is depleted, a new pack must be used.
    • Can only carry 200 lbs of additional weight, of which will half his speed and range for flight.
  • Utility Belt
    • Contains comms devices, tracking units,field repair kit; 2 days emergency food, handcuffs, amazingly strong garrote wire, 2 smoke grenades, 2 flash-bang devices (typical damage from sound and light)



German Translation: Field Hospital
Greta Hess
Greta Hess, a relative of  Rudolf Hess (Hitler's 2nd in the Nazi Party), begged to help Nazi Germany during WWII.  She was highly anti-Semitic, as her relative, and wanted nothing more than to support the Nazi Party and troops.
To her pleasure, she was 'volunteered' for a science experiment that was to create stronger Aryan women.  During the experiment, the facility was sabotaged by British Intelligence.  No one in the facility survived except Greta who was found amongst the rubble in perfect health.
It was later discovered she had obtained incredible healing and recovery powers that she could not only apply to herself but could project to others, all as a result of the experiment and the bombing.  With the scientists dead and all the research destroyed, no one was able to duplicate her condition.
As such, she took on the new title "Feldlazarett", or "Field Hospital", for her ability to heal others so quickly.  In time she also discovered, using her powers, she could inflict pain from afar to others as well.
She was assigned to the Nazi super-group, Axis Force, under the command of Baron Berlin.  From day one, she became a valuable member of his group.  He never went on a mission without her.
As with some of the Axis Force members, she was found guilty by Hitler for treason and was placed in a cryogenic storage chamber deep under Berlin, wherein she would stay until the Allies invaded Berlin; she was never thawed.
Today, her (and the remaining Axis Force 'traitors') cryogenics units failed, thus releasing her from her frozen imprisonment.  She has  since re-joined Axis Force with her powers amplified over all her time in stasis, she has become even more powerful than she was during WWII.
  • Healing field
    • Greta can create a red healing field around a person up to 20 yards away, providing excellent rates of healing, mending bones, tissue and arteries.
    • With direct contact and over a period of hours, she can regenerate missing limbs, however, this leaves her highly exhausted prompting her to regenerate through sleep for at least 24 hours before she can use her powers at full strength again. 
    • Greta can also heal herself at an incredible rate should she herself get hurt (and yes, she will heal herself before anyone else regardless of how bad others are hurt)
  • Pain field
    • Great can also induce a black/red field around a person up to 20 yards away that can inflict excellent levels of bio-damage to that target's body.
    • If she keeps the field on for over 12-15 minutes, she can also transfer the target's remaining health to her at a typical rate until the target dies.
  • Body protection
    • Greta wears a heavy leather upper body suit, gloves and leggings that will provide her poor protection from physical, energy and temperate damage. 
    • Also provides good toxin, acidic and radiation protection
  • Flight Pack
    • Using a stolen GUARD flight pack, Greta can fly up to 250 mph for up to 100 miles at a maximum altitude of 2500 feet.  The pack can easily be fully recharged in less than 10 hours through a standard electrical outlet.
    • Casing is incredibly strong and heat resistant.
  • Field Medicine Belt
    • Greta carries a variety of field surgical and life-saving equipment in pouches on her belt.
    • Amongst her medical materials, she also carries a vial of remarkably strong anesthetic  that if dosed correctly could knock-out a target for up to 8 hours.
    • Also carries a micro-defibrillator pack that can induce up to three shocks to a target's chest to attempt to restart a target's heart.  Can be recharged off standard outlet in 4 hours.


Italian Translation: Arrow

Sophia (Salvatori) Ferrari


Sophia Salvatori was born in Abbiategrasso, Italy in a prominent Italian family in 1922, where nearly all the men in the family had participated in each Olympics and world competition in Archery.  None won any medals, but they each came close each time they attended the Olympics.  Women were not considered 'archers' and as such, as Sophia grew, up, she was told time and again she'd never be able to be an Olympic archer; it was for men only.

Regardless, that didn't stop Sophia from training with her relatives and brothers.  Over time, she became an expert archer...better than anyone in the family.  Ridiculed and derided for her 'impossible' dream of being a female Olympic archer, she was instead introduced to suitors and important heads of state, such as Italy's Benito Mussolini.  Mussolini took an interest in Sophia, but more as a novelty that anything.  He had her join the 'entertainment' corps for Italian troops, all of which were serving abroad with Hitler's Axis forces.  She figured at least she'd get a chance to show others how good she was at archery.

At her first show, she was to do "William Tell"-knock-the-apple-off-one's-head type tricks.  She aced her shots to the roar of the troops...just as the troops were attacked by British forces.  Half of the Italian troops were killed or lay dying.  Sophia took up her bow and in what was witnessed as the most 'impressive display of combat archery ever seen', she took down over 20 British soldiers in 2 minutes before the Italians retreated, taking Sophia with them.

Days later, Mussolini met with Sophia again, this time to tell her rather than create 'more babies for the good of the nation', he wanted her to join one of Nazi Germany's Special Operations units called "Axis Force" and to be Italy's first and only representation on that team. Sophia agreed and left that night for Berlin.

Days later, she was able to impress even baron Berlin with her agility, archery skill and tenacity.  Stuka, Axis Forces resident genius, immediately devised several types of new arrows and arrowheads she could use, such as flaming arrows, electrical arrows, net arrows, flash arrows, rocket arrows, and plastic explosive arrows.  She quickly mastered her new weapons with dangerous and deadly accuracy.

In 1941, Sophia fell in love with one of Axis Force's support team, Roland Ferrari (son of Benito Ferrari, known for their race cars) and became pregnant.  She and Roland were quickly married, wherein Sophia took the Ferrari name.

During her last few months prior to delivering the baby, she was forced to go home and have her child.  During that time, Roland was killed by the leader of an Allied superhero group, the Allied Fighters; the leader was Captain Invader

Sophia swore that day that she'd never rest until she killed Captain Invader herself with her own arrows.

After giving birth to Giancarlo Ferrari, she left the baby with her family and went back to work with Baron Berlin's Axis Force. When the Allies invaded Italy in 1943, several of her family members (as well as her son) were able to survive the onslaught of the Allied invasion, however, most of her clan were killed; her clan's lands and homes were destroyed outright in the Allied siege.

Sophia was never able to return home, and instead became more deadly than ever before. With over 370 kills to her credit, she became a darker person, enjoying killing her Allied victims.  She even started playing cat-and-mouse games with some of her targets...just to torture them before she killed them. 

In mid-1945, Sophia, along with the rest of Axis Force were arrested for (purported) treason. Most of Axis Force was executed, however, a few dozen were spared and placed in cryogenics freeze units (originally created for Hitler and his staff should Berlin fall) until Berlin was in danger of being overrun, and then Hitler would release Axis Force and give them one chance at redemption.  She and Axis Force were never thawed.  They remained in the hidden underground facility for over 60 years before the equipment failed, waking up in 2015 to a whole new world and century.

She'd learned that her son and his own family grew up well, with him earning Olympic medals in archery in his 'deceased' mother's name over the years.  As much as she wanted to go back to her family, she was instead obsessed with making the rest of the world pay for what happened to the rest of her family. Britain, France, America; all who sided with the Allies - they would pay, even decades after the war had ended. 

Her war had just restarted.

Today, back with Axis Force, she has now taken her obsession to all new levels since she's discovered Captain (now Major) Invader is STILL alive.  She intends to fulfill her private promise to her late husband, Roland; she will not rest until Major Invader is dead by her arrows.

As a side note, Sophia is not yet aware that she is also heir to tens of million of Euros for her family's shares in the Ferrari car company stock.  She'll be one very rich woman if she can figure out how not to be arrested and placed on trial for her previous war crimes.


Freccia is an incredible master with a bow and arrow.  Not only does she have a 90% accuracy rate, but she is known for trick shots - banking shots off walls; domino-effect results with an arrow, etc.  She retains a quiver of standard and special arrows. 

Her specialized arrows are excellent in design and effect, and vary between smoke, knock-out gas, tear gas, electrical shock, explosive, instant-acid, and sleep gas.  She also has her normal arrows designed with a special adapter allowing her to connect a rope (synthetic rope, now) and use the arrow as a grappler and/or anchor, for which she'll either use as a tighrope, a rope to swing from, or a means of shooting someone and yanking them to her location.  He cape is littered with dozens more arrow, arrowheads and other special tools such as lockpicks, sonic device, noisemakers, and parts to make an emergency wrist crossbow with a five shot arrow feeder.




German Translation: Young Nobleman
Oskar Von Hindenburg
Jkr. Oskar Von Hindenburg, the great great grandson of Paul Von Hindenburg, the 2nd president of Germany (and the man who later promoted Adolph Hitler to Chancellor), is the last of a line of the Junkers line of powerful Prussian nobility.  He personally would like to be the new leader of the 4th Reich and the Neo-Nationalist movement, however, with the return of Baron Berlin and Axis Force, freshly awakened from their several decade cryo-freeze, Oskar has instead decided to empower himself as a new member of the Baron's team - codenamed: Junkers...for now. 
In the last few years, Oskar has been reclaiming family lands taken back in WWII.  As, such he's amassed a fortune in compensation for those lands. During this time, Oskar heard and saw the propaganda of Volksjagger, a Neo-Fascist who wants Germany back as it was during the 3rd Reich.  He'd amassed thousands of followers and was a like-minded personality to that of Oskar.  Interestingly enough, Oskar was and is anti-Semitic and has secretly desired to see Europe in the powers of a new Reich, free from Jews and homosexuality.
Oskar joined Volksjagger and the "New Reich Army" a couple years ago, and in his zeal to move up in the ranks (and hopefully replace Volksjagger), he commissioned a battlesuit design that he intended to use to gain power in the New Reich Army.  In his mind, his rise to power and glory by way of using his technologically and scientifically-created powers was justified due to his regained title as a Junkers.
Recently, Volksjagger and the New Reich Army invaded Nuremberg, Germany and blockaded it, holding the city as the New Reich Army's new capitol.  Junkers joined in with Volksjagger and between the two of them, they were a powerhouse; a combined powerhouse that still was not able to stave off the whole of the Germany Army and Air Force.
That's when the notorious Baron Berlin showed up from being dead.  He and the remainder of his Axis Force troops, along with over 600 additional troops snuck into Nuremberg, took over the New Reich Army and created their own nation of "Reichsland" with Baron Berlin as the new Fuhrer.
Junkers was initially overwhelmed to see Baron Berlin and Axis Force, but after some time, he realized their thinking was 'old' and impractical'  As far as Oskar was concerned, he would overcome the old ways of Baron Berlin and his 'band of relics'; relics that are worth sacrifice; relics that shall be pawns of his own ascent.
Today, Junkers fights along side Axis Force, but is a very untrusted team members.  Most know he lusts for power and that it's only a matter of time before he makes a power play against Baron Berlin and attempt to make a new 4th Reich under his manipulations and plotting.
Junkers armor is an electric dynamo-driven suit that can generate remarkable amounts of electricity which he can control and manipulate to create electric fences, multi-target shocks, long ranged (300 yard) electrical blasts, and even creates an electrical field around him providing excellent protection from energy and physical attacks.
His armor adds an additional layer of protection, while his visor allows him to see in infra-red as well as utilized for night vision. 
His helmet contains a wide array of communications equipment to include connections to the Internet and Satellite communications. 
His boots allow for limited flight up to 300 mph at a range of 200 miles (maximum altitude is 10,000 feet). 


German Translation: Condor

Dr. Olaf Sprakenz  
Kondor is a product of Nazi German meddling in magic and the dark arts. Dr. Olaf Sprakenz was a noted Nazi Germany occultist, who'd been sent around the world collecting thousands of mystical trinkets and runes to empower Der Fuhrer and his quest for power.
At one point, when reading a prophetic verse from an ancient tome, an ancient vase broke open nearby.  All power and lights went out and when they came back on, Dr. Sprakenz had been possessed by an otherworldly dark power. Barely able to control it, he said he could control the power for the good of Nazi Germany, and demanded to be placed in with their best operative, Baron Berlin.
Throughout WWII, 'Kondor', as he was later named, quietly chose to follow Baron Berlin's lead with his special forces team known as Axis Force, all the while collecting his own occult relics in their missions and treasure hunting. When engaged in combat, Kondor was cruel and evil in his actions.  Many times in the waning years of WWII Kondor would not only kill heroes and Allied troops, but would also kill fellow Nazis and Storm-troopers should he so desire. 
In 1945, as Axis Force was to be arrested for treason, Kondor 'disappeared'.  No one has seen or heard from him since until 2015, when he appeared before Baron Berlin, ready to resume his role back with Axis Force.
Kondor has large black wings out from his back that he uses for flight up to 350 mph with a maximum altitude of 60,000 feet (he doesn't seem to need to breath, and also seems unaffected by the cold at that altitude).
He utilizes dark magical energies that he can shoot from his hands out to 250 yards with remarkable effect.  He can also 'darken' a 300 square foot area, drawing visibility down to at least five levels.  He also has remarkable strength and an incredible endurance. 
His skin provides typical protection, while his body suit provides an additional layer of protections from physical, energy and temperate attacks.

Kapitan Kriegsmarine

German Translation: Nazi Navy Captain

Klaus Donitz and/or Rolfe Hecke (??)


Kapitan Kriegsmarine is the title given to WWII German Navy Fleet Commander Karl Donitz' son, Klaus Donitz, who was secretly the owner of the armor.

Against all records and reports on Klaus' history, he manned the armor that was used in many undersea combat operations against the Allies.  As a member of Baron Berlin's Axis Force, Klaus performed many impressive tactical attacks, all of which usually either led Axis Force to victory, or was able to extract Axis Force in the face of defeat.

In 1943, Klaus' brother, Peter, died in action.  His father, Fleet Commander Karl Donitz, ordered Klaus to turn over the armor and practice to become a doctor.  Klaus lied, saying he'd turned the armor over, and instead, fed false intel to his father's aides about his 'expected' whereabouts.  In 1944, Klaus met his fate in a massive battle between the Allied Fighters and Axis Force. Klaus in the Kriegsmarine armor was said to last be seen in a final battle between he and the Allied Fighters' Captain Battleship in the Baltic Sea.  When no one was able to find him, the aides (in fear of being executed themselves), falsified data saying he'd instead died in a torpedo boat attack that he'd insisted on doing on his birthday.

65 years later, a German Salvage Boat crew discovered the Kapitan Kriegsmarine armor.  Inside was the skeleton of Klaus Donitz. When the salvage captain, Rolfe Hecke, informed authorities of their find, several German units were sent out and took the armor (and remains) off his ship, swearing him to secrecy...and not paying him for his find.

Months later, the salvage captain went on an alcohol-fueled tirade on TV telling the world about the armor and how Germany short-changed him for his discovery.  The media went berserk with the news, which eventually prompted the German government in 2015 to show the armor off at one-shot press show, where after, the armor would be crated up and buried with Klaus' remains.

During the press show, when the government representatives went to unveil the armor, they found it missing.  Investigations showed the armor had 'walked out' of its veiled display case and was traced "walking" to the edge of the Rhine River, where no additional evidence was found of the armor...until recently in Nuremberg, Germany.

Recently, Nuremberg, Germany was beset by a band of ultra-nationalists called the "New Reich Army", led by a charismatic anti-Semite called "Volksjagger".  In that time, Baron Berlin and the remainder of his Axis Force arrived (after having thawed from a frozen prison for the last 60+ years) and took over leadership of the New Reich Army.  During their battle with the German military, Kapitan Kriegsmarine arrived from out of the river and began fighting alongside his old Axis force colleagues.  Kapitan Kriegsmarine, to this day, since his return hasn't muttered a single word, but is definitely 'alive' in some form or respect.  No one is sure if it is the ghost of Klaus Donitz operating the suit, or someone else. 

Today, back with Axis Force, Kapitan Kriegsmarine heads up the new Reichsland Navy while still working and combating with Axis Force. The armor also now has an eerie glow emanating from itself and the visor of the suit.  No one has seen the suit uncoupled once yet since Klaus wore it prior to his 'death' in 1943.

Who or what is controlling the armor?  How is it now more powerful that ever before?  Why is the bearer/spirit still wanting to figth alongside Axis Force? Seems there's more questions than answers for this villain.  Regardless, Kriegsmarine is back with new powers, a spooky demeanor and a dedication to Baron Berlin that borders on a soul's possession...


Kapitan Kriegsmarine has a stealth ability, preventing any form of detection other than visual.

The armor (or its bearer or spirit) has the incredible ability to control water, shooting solid streams of water from its gauntlets up to 40 yards away, erupting water from local sources underground, and using it to amass and drown or toss its victims.

He can also 'phase' through walls, floors or objects like a ghost, but only with a short 2 second delay prior to performing the act.  He moves relatively slow on land, but in the water, he has uncharted speed; he can leave a wake behind him that creates enough of a vacuum behind him that he can move warships with it; even sink them. 

With enough speed, he can even 'torpedo' a lightly armored ship and sink it that way too, never affecting his suit at all. 

He's also performed a trick of swimming up to ships and 'phasing' into their hulls to enter the ship below the waterline either for espionage or destruction.


Major Drahitzier

German Translation: Major Mastermind

Karl Drahitzier 


Karl Drahitzier is a mutant with the ability to read and control minds.  His incredible ability allowed him, months before WWII started, to integrate himself as a spy in the United States.  There, as an aide for an American 'special units' general, he was able to easily obtain intelligence against the Americans and funnel it back into Nazi Germany.

After America got involved in the war in December 1941, the 'special units' general helped organize a new, super-powered and technically-advanced super-group called the "Allied Fighters".  Karl was able to get reassigned into the support of this group, thus able to process all of the Allied Fighters' secrets and schedules to Nazi Germany.

Weeks after the attack on Pearl Harbor, Germany launched a powerful raid on Boston, Massachusetts.  Submarines sunk nearly 1/2 the shipping in the area, as well as four old Navy Destroyers, and landed over 300 special operations Storm-troopers under the command of Germany's new super-powered group, Axis Force.  Karl's intel and constant updates to Nazi Germany unfortunately didn't reach Baron Berlin in a timely manner, and as a result, Baron Berlin's forces met near defeat in Boston.  Case in point, Captain Invader, leader of the Allied Fighters, was notorious for performing actions without clearing them through his superiors.  As such, Captain Invader changed the tide of the battle and forced Baron Berlin and his shock troops back to the sea.  After Baron Berlin's defeat, Baron Berlin himself demanded direct intel from Karl, making him an Axis Force member en absentia.

Throughout the remainder of the war, Karl's mind reading and mind control came in very handy in manipulating many defeats for the Allied Fighters; defeats that at times, turned to victories through Captain Invader's (once again) rough-shot tactics. Regardless, Karl was never discovered to be a spy amongst their ranks...that is, until 1945.

In 1945, Karl had met with another German spy in Washington DC.  Miss Vindicator, a hero with the Allied Fighters, was back in DC since she was 8 months pregnant at the time and close to delivering her baby.  She saw Karl and the other spy talking and followed the other spy, where she discovered his Nazi ties.  She immediately went to the Special Units general to inform him of what she found, but with Karl bugging the General's room, he heard the entire discussion. 

After Miss Vindicator's meeting with the General, Karl used his mental powers to make the General forget about the entire conversation; he then went and hunted down Miss Vindicator.  The two battled in an alley after he'd shot her in the stomach, killing her unborn child.  In that fight, her willpower overrode Karl's powers.  Her last act before she fell unconscious was to blast 1/2 of Karl's body with her wrist blasters.  Karl was severely wounded.  With minutes left to live he dragged himself into a corner market.  There he did something he'd never done before; transferred his consciousness into a 10 year-old boy. As Karl looked through the eyes of the possessed 10 year-old, he saw his body die before him.

Karl was later identified as the spy.  The General was relieved of his command and the father of Miss Vindicator's unborn dead baby, Captain Invader, returned home to tend to Miss Vindicator, who eventually survived the entire encounter and married Captain Invader...but at the cost of her first child.

Over the next 60+ years, Karl transferred his 'essence' between several other bodies.  Each time, he'd use his powers to gain more wealth and power.  Eventually, he was able to secretly start funding weapons and resources for a new anti-Semite group known as the "New Reich Army".  He'd learned his lesson in direct involvement; instead, he'd manipulate others to do his bidding indirectly.


Congressman Ernst (Major Drahitzier in disguise)

Recently, the New Reich Army took over Nuremberg, Germany and was holding their own against the Germany military.  That's when the recently unfrozen Axis Force and Baron Berlin arrived and took command of the New Reich Army, which eventually led to a major victory and the creation of their new Nazi nation, Reichsland.  When "Karl" (currently in control of the body and mind of Congressman Brian Ernst) learned of Baron Berlin/Axis Force's return, he immediately notified Baron Berlin of his continued existence. 

Today, back in his role as a spy for Baron Berlin and his new nation of Reichsland, "Karl" continues his ability he once did as Major Drahitzier, using his mental powers to manipulate those that Baron Berlin and Reichsland require for what he has hoped to see again after that last 60+ years: the return of Nazi Germany and its glorious rise to world domination!


  • Mind Control
    • With his mutant abilities, Karl had the initial good ability to control minds as close as 10 feet away from his location, however over the decades he has honed his powers to provide excellent mind control abilities.
    • Initially could only control one person at a time, but today, he can control up to four with concentration.
    • If a person's mind is strong-willed, Karl may find it difficult to control the person or may instead alert that person that someone is trying to mentally influence them.
    • If a moind controlled person leaves the 10 or 20 foot range of Karl, he can no longer control them.
  • Mind Reading
    • Initially, Karl had a good capability to read minds within 10 feet of his location, but today, he has expanded his capabilities outward to 20 feet.
    • Guarded or strong-willed people only great 'white noise' to Karl when he attempts to read their minds.
  • Essence Transfer
    • Although extremely dangerous and draining, Karl can transfer his mind into a new host body.  In so doing, he creates a chemical imbalance in the new host's body that may cause the new host to either pass out, have a heart attack or scream in agony.  Karl's initial control of the new host body varies depending on size, age and the health condition of the new host.  Previously, when he inhabited the body of a new host, his new host body walked off as if drunk or disorientated.
  • Master of Disguise
    • Karl is well versed in disguises and integrating himself into secure locations.  As Congressman Ernst, Karl has even learned to change his speech patterns and inflections to mimic regional accents.



Captain Sigmund Buehler (WWII)

Hans Menkel (Current)


In 1938, Hitler challenged the military manufacturers of Nazi Germany to create powerful battle-suits that could be used by troops and/or special operations personnel.  Many of the major manufacturers provided armaments, equipment that could be fitted to a body, but only Messerschmidt was able to devise a full battlesuit for a soldier.  The only problem with the suit: it overheated easily.

The Messerschmidt Aircraft Company eventually created a battle armor worthy of Hitler's request, however, die to extraordinary training and engineering it took to create the suit, it was never able to be mass produced. Instead, it was decided to assign the suit to a veteran Nazi military man who was able to use the suit effectively in the field.

From 1939 to 1945, Captain Sigmund Buehler wore the armor, fighting the Allies in WWII as well as his team's nemesis, the Allied Fighters with the super-powered Nazi group called Axis Force.  Although the suit was severely damaged dozens of times, engineers had standby sets of armor.  Messerschmidt was considered an experienced combatant and earned the Order of the Iron Cross for his victories.

In 1945, Sigmund and the rest of the Axis Force team was arrested by Hitler for treason.  Sigmund and his engineering support team was executed in Berlin hours after the charges were made.  His armor was thrown in an incinerator, damaged beyond use.  What's left of that armor was displayed at a German Museum in Berlin.

Baron Berlin and the remnants of Axis Force, in 1945, rather than executed, were placed in  cryogenics freeze units, only to be thawed out to redeem themselves and fight for Nazi Germany once again should Berlin ever be overtaken.  They were never thawed out, that is, until the units recently failed and the frozen imprisoned remains of Axis Force thawed out and lived once again. 
Baron Berlin, as he was amassing his new army, weapons and wealth, came across plans for a radical battlesuit that actually reminded him of Messerschmidt's old armor...but obviously far more powerful.  Using the experimental designs, Baron Berlin tasked Stuka and his kidnapped engineers and scientists to create the armor anew. 

Recently, Baron Berlin and Axis Force took over Nuremberg, Germany with a no-fascist group called the "New Reich Army".  There, Baron Berlin claimed the lands in and around Nuremberg as his new Nazi nation called "Reichsland", and Nuremberg as its capitol. He awarded the new Messerschmidt armor to one of the New Reich Army's best soldiers, Hans Menkel, who swore allegiance to his new Fuhrer and to the Reichsland.

Today, Hans has become extremely proficient in the use of the battlesuit and follows Baron Berlin's orders like a true soldier to this day.


  • WWII Messerschmidt Suit
    • Armor
      • Provided remarkable physical protection and incredible energy and thermal protection in combat
      • The armor's belt contained liquid nitrogen cylinders that would provide cooling for the suit and its weapons/rocket pack for a period of up to 10 hours
    • Gauntlets
      • Gauntlets were designed to contain either a pair of 30mm machine guns or a 50mm cannon, or a combination of both.
    • Flight
      • Rocket pack was worn and used to propel Messerschmidt up to 450 mph at a range of 500 miles at a maximum altitude to 25,000 feet.
  • Modern Messerschmidt Suit
    • Armor
      • Provided remarkable physical protection and incredible energy and thermal protection in combat
      • Provides amazing protection against radiation, toxic an acidic attacks
      • contained its own bio-collection system, food paste and water dispenser allowing for 2 days of survival in the suit.
      • Contains Infra-Red/night vision
    • Gauntlets
      • Gauntlets now house one remarkably powerful energy blasters each.  Rate of fire is once per several seconds, however the range is up to 400 yards.  The armor's batteries allow for the gauntlets to each be used up to 30 times before they need to be recharged.
    • Grenades
      • Messerschmidt has several grenades on his belt that can be used for excellently powerful explosive blasts, good flash-bangs, smoke and incredibly powerful incendiaries.
    • Flight
      • Modern jet pack that can propel Messerschmidt up to Mach 1.2 at a range of 500 miles at a maximum altitude of 40,000 feet.
      • He can carry up to 500 lbs of additional weight, but speed and range are decreased equivalently for each additional 100 lbs above his own suit's weight, eventually halving the speed and range at maximum weight load.
    • Tracking System/Electronics Suite
      • A sophisticated electronics package allows for amazingly accurate targeting, as well as tracking up to 50 contacts at any given time at a range of 5 miles (only within viewing range; cannot 'see' through hills, mountains or dense particulate in the air).
      • Tracking system also can be integrated into flight computer for use in amazingly maneuverability while engaged in aerial combat.
      • Contains an incredibly strong ECM weapon that can disable all electronics equipment within 4 miles of his location, except the Messerschmidt suit.
      • Contains incredibly powerful communications suite capable of tracking frequencies, receiving signals up to 100 miles away and even overriding certain frequencies.
    • Recharging
      • Suit has limited solar collectors, allowing for feeble power recharging (if the sun is out), otherwise, the suit charges from a standard electrical outlet after 10 hours.



German Translation: Tank Warrior

No Name


Panzerkreiger is a 20th Century robotic construct created in 1939 that was programmed and controlled by WWII Nazi engineers and scientists; today, it has been reconstructed in to one of the most lethal war machines on the planet. 

In 1938 a band of German engineers created Panzerkrieger to appease a challenge put out by Adolph Hitler to create battle suits and armor for the troops.  The only problem was, the suit was way too heavy for anyone to use, so instead, a handful of German engineers created a robot they could put inside the suit and operate it with remote radio signals.

Although initial runs proved its durability in combat, it had many problems with its vacuum-tube programming; it could only fight for ten minutes after 2 hours of grueling programming, however, if anything 'dynamic' happened while Panzerkrieger was in operation, there was no way to stop it until it finished its programming.  This made it good for only carefully plotted use. 

Throughout WWII, Panzerkrieger's engineers and robot ran with Baron Berlin's Axis Force, going into the field and operating their 'metal monstrosity' that was Panzerkrieger.  As such, Panzerkrieger was perfect for doing any heavy damage, taking heavy damage, or doing heavy lifting.  Baron Berlin, during the war, used Panzerkrieger to move many large art objects; art objects that were supposed to be for Hitler.  In 1945, Baron Berlin decided to kill the madman that he deemed Hitler to now be, but before that, he had to 'take' all the near priceless artifacts and painting and hide them in new locations, which Panzerkrieger was used for hauling. 

One day Hilter recalled all of Axis Force back to Berlin. There, Hitler charged all of Axis Force for treason, executing most of the team members, including all of Panzerkireger's engineers and scientists. 

The Panzerkrieger robot remained at its last location, in an old underground tunnel near the Swiss border where hundreds of priceless artifacts were hidden.  There, it was left to rot for decades, with no one knowing of its location.

In the 1980s, a young Swiss couple found the tunnel and the treasures within.  After selling most of the art for a total of 700 million Francs, they took the Panzerkrieger armor and modified it with more modern technology.  They repainted it and farmed it out for science fiction shows and conventions.

In the 1990s, an expatriated Nazi SS Major, who escaped to South Africa after the war and who also knew about Axis Force, identified the Swiss 'science fiction' robots build and knew it was the original Panzerkreiger robot.  He stole it shortly thereafter and had it shipped to his family's old estate in Nuremberg, where he repainted it back to its original look.  There, the old SS Major kept the robot hidden in his basement, mostly as a memento of days past...until recently.

Not long ago, a band of anti-Semites known as the New Reich Army took over Nuremberg, Germany, fighting off the German military with advanced weaponry and over 10,000 troops, claiming the land as their own 'new nation'.  The old SS Major's (the one with the Panzerkrieger robot in his basement) estate was only five miles from Nuremberg and was in the middle of all the action.  At one point, the old SS Major overheard that Baron Berlin was alive and had taken control of the New Reich Army.  The old SS Major, now in his late 80s, traveled through all the fighting to get to Baron Berlin.  Once there, the old SS Major told Baron Berlin about Panzerkrieger being in his basement.  The Baron personally went to the old Major's estate with a stake truck and 20 troops and retrieved the Panzerkrieger robot.  He also promptly shot and killed the old SS Major and called him a coward for not continuing the fight for the Reich.  Baron Berlin then laid claim to the old SS Major's estate as Baron Berlin's new 'Wolf's Den'.

Baron Berlin brought back the old robot to his chief engineer and inventor, Stuka.  Stuka wasn't as knowledgeable about robots as he was with the sciences, however, one of the New Reich Army's Lieutenants was a robotics expert.  He rebuilt Panzerkrieger to be even more powerful that ever before.  The Lieutenant also stole a pnuemonic analyzer that was used as the brain for the near-autonomous new Panzerkireger.  When completed, Panzerkrieger was programmed to follow only the visual and audible orders of Baron Berlin (and only Baron Berlin). Considered the 'tank' of Baron Berlin's new nation of Reichsland, Panzerkrieger is considered one of the most physically powerful constructs in the world.

  • WWII Version
    • Armor
      • Amazingly strong protection, fully capable of receiving multiple 500lb bomb blasts and not be affected
    • Strength
      • Panzerkrieger is monstrously strong, capable of lifting over 20 tons.
      • His punches could penetrate armor just short of a battleship's armored hull
    • Speed
      • When Panzerkrieger got up to speed, it was like a bulldozer plowing under anything in its path, eventually reaching a maximum speed of 45 mph.
    • Canon Gauntlets
      • Panzerkrieger had two gauntlets that produced incredibly powerful explosive canon blasts.  It had a rate of fire of 1 shot/several seconds/per gauntlet, each shot at a range of 1/2 mile.
    • Radar and Control System
      • A crude radar system was located in its helmet, providing good tracking of aerial contacts and large ground moving objects (like tanks and trucks) at a range to 10 miles.  The visuals for the radar scope were seen and analyzed by the support team on a separate mobile console.
      • Panzerkrieger's robotic operations were completely performed remotely by a team of seven support engineers.  The remote Control System had a range to 5 miles.  Using an early version of a television black and white screen, the team was able to visually see through Panzerkrieger's helmet-mounted camera all that was in a 90 degree arc in front of Panzerkrieger (unless they rotated the head, which could turn only 270 degrees in either direction).
  • Modern Version
    • Armor
      • Light yet monstrously strong heavy-weave composites provides physical and energy protection.
      • Radiation protection is off the charts and does not affect anything mechanically in Panzerkrieger.
      • Can take unearthly temperature-based attacks with no damage.
    • Strength
      • Panzerkrieger is monstrously strong, capable of lifting over 20 tons.
      • His punches could penetrate armor just short of a battleship's armored hull
    • Speed
      • When Panzerkrieger got up to speed, it was like a bulldozer plowing under anything in its path, eventually reaching a maximum ground speed of 70 mph.  
    • Power Gauntlets
      • Each gauntlet can fire amazingly powerful kinetic force charges  up to 1/2 mile away at a rate of 1 shot per gauntlet every several seconds.
    • Autonomous Controls
      • Modern autonomic controls allow for Panzerkrieger to receive verbal and electronic commands from designated personnel, as well as perform per-ordered or pre-programmed  actions, otherwise, the unit will default to protect itself from anything listed in its enemy database, protect those in its friendly database or otherwise perform default mission programming or 'return to base' protocols. 
      • Head and torso can rotate a complete 360 degrees to position itself to point at a target.
    • Tracking and Sensors
      • The tracking system suite is based on some of the most modern satellite controlled, GPS positional operations.  When combating aerial or range contacts outside of melee range, Panzerkrieger has 2 times the agility to track and attack the target(s).  He can track up to 100 targets and automatically assign prioritized attack patterns through complex combat algorithms.
      • It also houses a vast array of sensors, providing everything from atmospheric monitoring to terrain mapping, combat sequencing and database-driven alert monitoring.
    • Electronics Package
      • The unit is protected with an unearthly level of ECM protection and/or electronic overriding.  As such, its systems and controls are protected more than the chassis of the unit itself.
      • It has full capabilities to access the internet, satellite communications and tracking and a full range of access to video, audio and visual frequencies, capable of recording and/or transmitting images, sound (even focused listening with its sensors) as well as displaying tactical imagery used by it's onboard computers during combat.



Reich Knight

German Translation: Empire Knight

Adolph VonHauser (WWII)

Sebastian Shultz (Modern)


Adolph VonHauser, a Nazi Party member prior to WWII Germany, was of Aryan aristocracy and from a well-to-do family. His profession was geological and archaeological surveying, for which he was repeated used to find more mineral deposits to mine throughout Germany for the Nazi war machine.

While traveling through an unexplored part of the Dark Forest, Adolph and his men came across a pack of wild animals. His men and he ran into a cave where they found an ancient battle axe and shield hidden behind a rock wall. They both looked like new, even though the markings placed them to be over 800 years old.

Grabbing the axe and shield, Adolph became possessed by an ancient Germanic warrior whose essence had been trapped in the axe and shield. His team tried to help him, but the possessed Adolph slew each of them with his axe.

Over the next couple years, after Adolph and his team were considered missing, multiple reports came from the Black Forest of a 'crazed axe-wielding maniac' who hunted and killed in the forest.  Not long after, a noted Nazi archaeologist, who'd been assigned to find old mystical artifacts and trinkets for Hitler, came upon the same cave...and the possessed Adolph.  After loosing four men to the possessed Adolph, the troops managed to wrestle Adolph's body to the ground and subdue him.  Even though the weapons were taken from Adolph, he was still possessed by the Germanic warrior's spirit. He was taken the next day to Berlin for study.

In Berlin, the science team agreed about the possession and determined the weapons were magical in design.  Rather than kill Adolph, Baron Berlin, leader of Nazi Germany's Axis Force super-group, decided to get the possessed Adolph to fight for them.  After several hours of discussion, using an old Latin translator, the possessed Adolph agreed to fight for Nazi Germany, so long as baron Berlin was in charge as their leader.

From 1940 to 1945, the new "Reich Knight" as he was codenamed, was one of the most vicious melee combatants in the field.  He fought with an unmatched tenacity, as well as an extremely cruel demeanor.  

Near  the end of the war, Hitler charged Axis Force with treason and had most of Axis Force executed on the spot. Adolph was amongst those executed. The mystical axe and shield were placed in a steel box in the same hidden room where the remaining Axis Force members were placed in a cryogenic prison to only be thawed out should Hitler need them again. 

The plan for Reich Knight's axe and shield was to present them to a 'deserving' Hitler Youth when the time was right, thus the shield and axe remained in a vault in the cryo-chamber.

Unfortunately for Nazi Germany, Axis Force was never thawed out.  It wasn't until recently that the cryo units' power supplies finally died 70 years later that the remaining members of Axis Force were revived.  Baron Berlin found the axe and shield in the vault along with all their other special weapons and suits and kept axe and shield in steel crates until he was able to figure out what to do with them.

Recently, Baron Berlin took charge of a modern-day anti-Semite group called the New Reich Army, and took over the area around Nuremberg, Germany and claimed the land as a new Nazi nation called "Reichsland".  There, in a formal ceremony, Baron Berlin awarded one of the New Reich Army's exceptional combatants, Sergeant Sebastian Shultz, with the mystical weapons and thus was born the new "Reich Knight".

Today, Sergeant Schultz has been fully possessed by the Germanic spirit.  He now wields his new armor and his mystical shield and axe once again to continue doing the bidding of Baron Berlin as a member of Axis Force once more.


  • Armor
    • Excellently strong armor capable of physical and energy protection enough to stop bullets and standard energy rifles.
    • Incredible radiation protection
    • Body is also protected from amazingly powerful magical attacks so long as either the shield or axe are in hand.
  • Axe
    • Unbreakable magical axe with a razor-sharp two-sided curved blade.  The staff/handle, however, are not unbreakable, but can withstanding amazing amounts of damage before it breaks.
  • Shield
    • Unbreakable magical material that completely protects the bearer.
    • Has retractable spikes that can do piercing damage along the circumference of the shield and in the front center of the shield's face
  • (Modern) Communications Gear
    • Contains a modern communications earwig with a rang e of 10 miles, as well as a tracking device for Axis Force to locate him if required.
  • Mentally shielded Psyche
    • If his possessed state, Reich Knight has unearthly mental protection from any and all psionic attacks of any nature.
  • Spirit Possession and Attributes 
    • Once either the shield or axe are physically touched by a living human being (not robots, aliens, animals), an ancient Germanic warrior spirit will take over the body and mind of the new host.  Other than killing the host, the only way to 'unpossess' the host is if the shield and axe are removed from Reich Knight's immediate touch and /or location for longer than 24 hours. The Germanic spirit in the host body will then return to the axe and/or shield, leaving the host free of possession, unable to recall a single moment of the possession.
    • While possessed, the host's body and abilities has an increased level of strength and endurance, two levels increase of agility and three levels of fighting.  Memory becomes poor and intuition is increased by three levels of the host's prior intuition skills. 



Klaus Von Steber


Klaus is a mechanical and science genius responsible for some of the most incredible weapons and equipment designs in World War II and, as a member of Baron Berlin's Axis Force, is the Baron's right hand man in providing him with the most advanced equipment during the war...and now in the 21st century.

With multiple doctorates in engineering, mathematics, quantum physics and advanced sciences, Klaus was one of the foremost engineers and scientists in Nazi Germany.  His expertise garnered Hitler's interest, wherein Klaus became the lead design creator for hundreds of new weapons and systems. He was also deeply involved in Germany's early attempts in creating nuclear weapons with their 'Heavy Water" program. 

In 1939, in order to start planning for combat cargo submarine designs and advance weapons needed for a potential invasion of Great Britain, Klaus was assigned to Baron Berlin's special operations unit known as "Axis Force".  There, he aided in designing most of the equipment that, rather than used in the "Invasion of England", was instead used in the "Boston Invasion" in December of 1941.  His desire to be in the 'thick' of the fight to determine quick alterations of his equipment usually had him in the front lines with the troops, much to many Nazi generals dismay.  Regardless, no other German engineer or physicist was able to create and alter his new equipment at the rate he did.

Throughout World War II, "Stuka", his codename, refocused many of his inventions towards Baron Berlin and his needs, however, he was also tasked by Hitler and his aides to brainstorm the thefts of all of occupied Europe's treasures.  Already a surly, arrogant man, his lack of sleep and the pressure placed on him in creating new inventions slowly turned this man of science into a madman.  He soon saw himself as a "god of science", even telling the Father of Modern Rocketry, Werner Von Braun, that Von Braun's rockets were mere toys to appease Hitler.

After many spectacular inventions, close calls in combat with the Allies and the super-heroic Allied Fighters, and the demands of Nazi Germany, Stuka decided to create a machine that would open up more of his brain's potential using a machine he'd designed. 

In mid 1945, he completed his machine and used it on himself.  The effects of the machine nearly fried Stuka's brain, leaving him incapacitated for weeks; weeks that Nazi Germany didn't have since the Allies were now fighting in the streets of Berlin itself.  Stuka was still able to function, but his thoughts became more jumbled, inviting Baron Berlin's and Hitler's fury combined.

Days before the Fall of Berlin, Hitler arrested Baron Berlin and Axis Force, including Stuka, for treason.  Most of Axis Force was executed on the spot, however a couple dozen of the more powerful members, one of which was Stuka, were instead placed in a cryogenic prison only to be broken out as Hitler's last straw in defeating the invading Allies.  Fate instead left Axis Force in the hidden underground cryogenics units, where they remained for the next 70 years. 

In 2015, the cryogenics units finally failed and the remnants of Axis Force were thawed out  alive.  Baron Berlin immediately reformed Axis Force.  Stuka, over the decades in his cryogenics sleep, allowed for his brain to properly expand from his earlier attempt to increase his brain size. 

Stuka was now able to process and invent at 20 times the rate before.  Within weeks, he'd learned and understood all the technological advances that had happened over the last 70 years...and was learning and creating even more new high tech equipment and weapons weeks beyond that.  He'd even learned how to create a nuclear weapon, however, his resources to build one were limited.  That's when Baron Berlin took Axis Force with him to conjoin with another anti-Semite group called the "New Reich Army" and take over the area around and including Nuremberg, Germany and created a new Nazi nation of "Reichsland".

Today with the resources of a new Nazi nation at his hands, Stuka has begun to build some of the world's newest and most powerful weapons...weapons that he and Baron Berlin intend to use to not only expand the borders of Reichsland, but to take over the world!


Stuka has progressed from an incredibly smart to an amazingly brilliant genius, if not a mad one.  His analytical and engineering skills coupled with his knowledge of science and universal theories has made him one of the smartest men on the planet. Physically, he is a typical man with an incredible willpower and psyche.


  • Stuka's body suit is the most modern form of protection in Reichsland.  It provides incredible physical and energy protection, unearthly radiation and thermal protection.
  • Contains self contained 24 supply of oxygen
  • Goggles are linked to his computer network providing heads up displays of actions, alerts, schematics and video imagery from anywhere he can access cameras in the world. They can also see into all light spectrums as well as become night-vision goggles.


  • Sonic Gauntlets
    • Can produce up to incredibly powerful sonic blasts or sonic waves capable to stunning or immobilizing (or even killing) a target up to a range to 120 yards.
  • Grenades
    • Stuka retains a remarkably powerful array of explosive, fragmentary, smoke, flash-bang, ECM and  sonic grenades on his belt.
  • Unique devices
    • Stuka has created dozens of unique devices that he retains in his bandoleers.  These devices can range from monitoring devices to mind-wiper devices, at times amazingly powerful in design and effect.



German Translation: People's Fighter
Hermann Rothenstein
Hermann Rothenstein is the face of the early 21st Century's Neo-Nazism throughout Europe.  He created a new strong anti-Semite movement that he later called the "New Reich Army".
Over the last few years, Rothenstein worked hard to gain more supporters and grow the army, however, many of his 'troops' barely had a fifth grade education and were more comfortable doing crimes that pushing Rothenstein's agenda.  That all changed when Rothenstein started receiving millions in Euros of funds, as well as shipments of advance weaponry (see Major Drahitzier). 
Over the next few months, Hermann devised a plan to attack Nuremberg, Germany with his new 10,000 militants and modern weapons and take control of the city as a strong political statement, garnering more support and strength for his anti-Semitic mission.  Little did he know that European super-heroes would get themselves involved in protecting Nuremberg. 
The superheroes started taking apart the New Reich Army when, as if by providence, Baron Berlin, the most notorious WWII Nazi Special Operations Leader, arrived from a 70 year cryogenic prison to aid Volksjagger and the New Reich Army. When all was said and done, Baron Berlin and his new modern day Axis Force turned the tide of the battle, taking over a hundred square miles in and around Nuremberg, claiming it as a new Nazi nation called "Reichsland".
Although Volksjagger was initially the leader of the New Reich Army, he happily turned over the army to Baron Berlin and proclaimed the Baron as Reichsland's new "Fuhrer".
Today, he's a new member of  Baron Berlin's Axis Force.  Volksjagger, with his incredible strategic mind and advanced weapons, continues to fight for the Nazi nation he helped create.  A beloved figure by nearly all of the New Reich Army, Volksjagger truly believes he has been fated by 'god' to aid Baron Berlin in their effort to expand Reichsland to all of Germany, Europe and eventually, the world!
Volksjagger has no powers.  He is in good physical shape and is well versed in military tactics and strategies, as well as a master of propaganda and motivational influence.
  • Energy Pistol
    • Fires excellent energy blasts at a 200 yard range; 50 shots per power pack (he carries at least 4 power packs on his person at any particular time)
  • Reich Rifle
    • Remarkably powerful rifle that uses magnetic firing system with specialized explosive armor piercing rounds capable of piercing incredibly strong metals and physical barriers up to a 1/2 mile maximum range.
    • Contains an excellently strong sonic energy emitter capable of affecting a 90 degree arc in front of the rifle up to a range of 40 yards.
Volksjagger carries a variety of unique and specialized weapons and devices provided to him by Stuka, ranging from listening devices, sensors, laser torches, sonic grenades to brain scramblers (all of course only remarkably strong and no where as powerful as the ones Stuka uses)
  • Comms Gear
    • earwig with 100 mile range capable of using encrypted frequencies
  • Special Goggles
    • Capable of taking remarkably strong flash or blinding light attacks
    • Has a night vision capability on a 10 hour charge (4 hours to recharge via standard electrical outlet)
  • Rocket boots
    • Can fly up to 300 mph at a range of 200 miles to a maximum altitude of 10,000 feet.  He can only carry about 100 lbs of extra weight (which will halve the range and speed of the boot's capabilities)