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John Wescamp


US Astronaut John Wescamp was a veteran NASA astronaut, with two Space Shuttle fights and four International Space Station tours (one as the mission commander).  Over a year ago, John was performing an extra-vehicular activity (EVA) outside the Space Station when his life abruptly changed.

While performing routine maintenance outside the Space Station, John saw, standing atop the Space Station, the villainous Master Universe, member of the galactic Expatriates and conqueror of several star systems.  Knowing who this was and that trouble would soon follow, John attempted to surprise Master Universe and knock him off the station, spinning down to Earth.  John notified his fellow astronauts in the station to head to the escape capsules in case. As John closed in to attack, he noticed another figure shadowed in front of Master Universe; a strange being coursing with an energy aura.  As he got closer, he was able to hear in his head the conversation between Master Universe and the strange being.

They were arguing.  Master Universe stating 'the being' had no right to interfere and was against the being's code, while the 'being' stated he could not let Master Universe do the same thing to Earth that he had done to dozens of planets in his home Solar System.  Finally, the 'being' looked over Master Universe's shoulder and simply stated (mentally), "Very well then.  I shall instead create a proxy to ensure this planet's survival.  At that point, the 'being' shot a bright energy beam at John.  he was encompassed in energy, which tore his spacesuit to ribbons.  Exposed to space, he quickly realized he had been changed.  He did not feel the cold of space nor did he need to breath. He was able to fly/maneuver in space and felt amazing amounts of power within him.

Master Universe turned to face the newly empowered John.  In a brief mental flash, as the 'being' disappeared, John heard Master Universe simply say 'Die, Terran'. Master Universe then attempted to battle John, however, John was able to take Universe's blows without feeling a thing.  He blasted Master Universe with incredible energy blasts from each hand, as well as his eyes. Focused on defeating Master Universe, John blasted him at full power, launching Master Universe out into space and away from the space station with an amazing blast of energy.

 Minutes later, the space station crew allowed a weary John back into the station, where he realized he could control his powers to turn on and off at will. After debriefing the crew and informing NASA, Juan realized he was no longer just as astronaut, but instead a powerful defender of Earth. As such, when he returned from his space station tour six weeks later, he was greeted by a mysterious man calling himself the director of GUARD, a worldwide protective agency built to stop aggressors such as Master Universe.  They asked in he'd be interested in starting up a new subdivision in GUARD called "The Astroguardians".  John agreed and to this day, under his new hero name of Defensor, is the leader of the Astroguardians!


John's powers include flight in any atmosphere (up to mach 5 in atmosphere, 1/4 light speed in space), the ability to live and breath in the vacuum of space, amazing protection from heat, cold, radiation and energy, as well as incredible physical protection. He can fire incredible amounts of energy from his hands or eyes, and if focused, can even land an amazing blast or physical hit once every 10 to 20 minutes, leaving him weakened for that same period of time. When in his "Defensor' form, he requires no sleep or rest, unless he used his powers at maximum levels, where, thereafter, he'll feel like he's be 'taken down a peg' in energy (he still won't have to sleep or rest, per se).



Name Unknown
This mysterious yet rebellious hero doesn't like to be told what to do, nor for that matter, take sides on anything other than HER side.
She recently surfaced after defeating a band of Galactic Expatriates that killed several innocent citizens. She was approached by members of GUARD asking for her to 'do his civic duty as a hero and join one of the GUARD-based super-groups. After telling them where they can 'shove' their civic duty, she later returned with a whole new attitude, one in which she stated she wanted to 'make a difference', and thus chose the codename of "Delta".
Nothing is known of this young hero, aside from some of her powers and her inescapable antagonism against authority and teamwork.  She constantly argues with Defensor even when she has no reason to do so.
As for her powers, they seem the same as Defensor.  Even her costume is an opposite of Defensor. When asked how her powers could be the same, she got very violent and declined to answer, thus, no reasoning or answers are available about this seeming copy of Defensor's powers.
She can project remarkable energy beams from his hands.  She can fly at over 250 mph in atmosphere, but over 250,000 mph in space.  She is able to focus his remarkable energies to create 'energy punches'. If he focuses for about 30 seconds, she can amass an incredible energy punch to a person/object, however, she is drained for the next 15 minutes. she wears an excellent body suit that protects her from the rigors of the cold of space as well as any excellent heat source, including radiation and magical energies.  Her visor allows for viewing in infra red, ultraviolet and normal vision, to include telescopic vision at 400x.  Her earpieces provide her with normal, radio and microwave audio and data transmissions. 


Jean Neusom


Gyneus is an orphaned child who, at the age of 16, had already earned three science degrees and two engineering degrees. She achieved her doctorate at 18 in Astrophysics.  Growing up, she learned she had a natural ability to learn and understand spatial physics and mechanics.  As such, she was routinely brilliant in her ability to kit-bash equipment from scraps of electronics and variable power sources.  By 21, she has designed an astronavigation system that rivaled anything in the world.  In her first test of it aboard one of the last space shuttle flights, she was able to discover dozens of new worlds and several new galaxies.  She loved to be in space and as such, took every opportunity to go to the International Space Station (ISS) possible.  It was during one of these trips, however, that changed her life.

While designing new ion engines aboard the ISS, a powerful megalomaniac named Magistrate Andromeda attempted to take over the ISS. The Magistrate killed the entire ISS crew, except Gyneus.  She kit-bashed several Ion engines and worked out a plan to manipulate the Magistrate to an airlock where she'd trap him in the Ion engines which would launch him out into the depths of space.  her plan worked perfectly, but not before the Magistrate swore he'd destroy humanity for her actions.

Feeling guilty over his accusations, she volunteered to help GUARD in the Astroguardians where she intends to use her gift and abilities to do whatever is necessary to save Earth....especially from Magistrate Andromeda.

Her IQ is unchartable, and although brilliant, she doesn't get along well with others.  Her direct demeanor coupled with her social straightforwardness tends to cause friction with most people.  She does try hard to overcome her social faux paus, however, she isn't fixated on worrying about them.

Her powers are technological in nature, stemming from an energy 'ring' that she can use to aid in rapid healing to any and all around her.  She can also 'boost' a person's endurance in battle through the same methods.  She's also learned to siphon energy from any object and reallocate it to a person. She carries two excellent energy blasters and several devices she kit-bashes for whatever particular mission she needs them on.  She uses remote drones to perform reconnaissance as well as combat.

She is also an accomplished pilot that can fly anything from a Cessna to the Space Shuttle.

Ms. Nebula

Buela Eunice Nuesembaum


Buela is a shy, 16 year old girl with radiation based powers.

Buela lost her mother at childbirth and was the victim of her father's abusive parenting. The father, a gambler and enforcer in the Aegis Alliance, didn't come home for several days after her father was found 'skimming from the top' of his collections to Aegis.

Starving, Buela went digging in the trash to find food. She found little, but in one instance, she discovered some food in a slimy, glowing gelatinous goo oozing from a knocked over drum near the dumpster at an old abandoned factory. Too hungry to care, she ate the contaminated food, and within hours, fell ill. A policeman passing by found her and rushed her to the hospital. She survived, but now on top of being homeless and without parents, she now had new radioactive powers. 

While once again scouring for food, she came across a band of extraterrestrials setting up shop in an old abandoned building.  She overheard their remarks that their new 'weapons' would aid in taking over the city, thus establishing a base for their troops to amass.  As she tried to sneak away to inform the authorities, she was caught.  Using her powers for the first time, she felled dozens of the aliens until the leader of GUARD's Astroguaridans, Defensor, showed up and helped stop the aliens' actions.

After discussions with Buela about her plight, Defensor asked her to join the Astroguardians.  Since then, she has been to space, fought even more aliens, and has had an adventurous life.  Along the way, she has become more assertive and less shy.

One of the side effects of using her powers has unfortunately come to light; the more she uses her powers, the  more wraith-like she becomes.  After time, she reforms solid again, but once she starts using her powers, the 'nebulous' process begins again.  The benefits are that she can pass through solid matter in this state, as well as levitate; she cannot, however, hold or touch anything while in this state.  Also while in this state, she doesn't need to breath and does not feel the effects of extreme heat or cold, thus allowing her (in this state) to fly about in space, descend into the deepest depths of the ocean or enter raging hot volcanoes without any effects on her. While in this state, she still has use of her radiation-based powers.

Her radiation powers project from her hands mostly, causing remarkable radiation-based damage to their target.  With concentration, she can heal others, but she can also create a 'radiation explosion' that goes off in all directions around her out to 20 feet. She can also project radiation beams from her eyes for precision targeting out to 200 yards away.  After using an unearthly amount of her power, she'll start to shift into her nebulous state, and will stay so at 1/5th the amount of energy she used to reach that state.  She's been known to remain in her nebulous state for over 20 days at a time.


Cheryl Shelton


Cheryl Shelton, a gun totting, high speed/low drag, hard-hitting, ex-US Marine Staff Sergeant, is currently the epitome of the the best application of human bionics thusfar in the 21st century.

During the Soltan Invasion, tens of thousands of international troops were killed as a result of the onslaught by Soltan forces.  SSGT Shelton led a unit of Marines to save an elementary school filled with children that the Soltans were killing off one by one.  In an orderly response, SSGT Shelton and her team took out over 80% of the Soltans, however, when her team arrived at the library where the Soltans had encamped in, they instead set off a bomb, destroying the school, hundreds of children and all of Shelton's team...all except Shelton herself.

Shelton was found barely alive amongst the school's debris over a block away.  She'd lost both her legs, arms and had severe spinal injuries.  Her eyes were burnt out and her hearing was permanently damaged.  When she awoke months later as a hospitalized quadriplegic,  she nearly went insane.  She blamed herself for not saving the children or her team, allowing herself to sink into a severe depression.  She was admitted to a Veterans hospital in Washington DC, where she received the best treatment they had available. Her parents, uncles, aunts and cousins visited her often, however, her boyfriend left her.  She was ready to commit suicide and end the pain and torture when the hospital was attacked by alien Mantisoids looking for drugs for their sick and wounded.  They killed several doctors, nurses and patients until they got their medicine, but instead decided it was time to 'have lunch' and eat some of the patients.  Shelton has one of the ones on their menu.  Laughing and slobbering over Shelton's condition, the Mantisoid commander was about to eat her when Shelton, in her paraplegic condition, knocked out the Mantisoid commander, took his weapon and killed dozens more.  Help eventually came from GUARD's Astroguardians team, who took out the remaining Mantisoids. Shelton survived the attack and was lauded a hero.

Weeks later, Shelton was approached by a representative from GUARD who asked if she'd be willing to 'volunteer' for a radical experiment, designed to replace her lost limbs and senses with bionic ones.  The procedures had been done before, one limb here, or an eye there, but never two legs, two arms, spine eye and hearing replacement.  She agreed.  Months later, she was able to stand on her new bionic legs, seeing through her bionic eyes and hearing with her bionic ears.  During her rehab and physical therapy, she discovered she could remarkably lift over 1000 lbs., run up to 56 mph, see things in varying spectrums, and hear things hundreds of feet away at all frequencies.her bionic implants were successful.

After her therapy, she was told that Defensor of the Astroguardians was the one who recommended Shelton to the top of the list for the implants, if Shelton so desired to do so.  Shelton, knowing she now had the ability to redeem her failure at the elementary school, volunteered to join Defensor's group, the Astroguardians.  After several trials, the team unanimously agreed to slow her to join.

Since then, Shelton has 'left' the Marines and has joined in the Astroguardians' ranks as Nimtrona: the Bionic Warrior! 


















Cameron Starling


In a effort to create an environmental suit that could withstand the rigors of high-gravity planets and shielding from dangerous energies,heat and cold, a manufacturer named StellarCorp Inc. created the perfect suit for such needs...with one exception - it didn't have a compatible power source.

After years of testing and experimenting with normal energy sources, the company started losing money and was at risk of filing bankruptcy.  The CEO, a money-grubbing silver-spooner, demanded that the engineers find someone to design the power supply, regardless of the cost or morality.  They found such an inventor in a captured alien named Master Darkstar.  They agreed to 'break him out' of the powerful prison if he'd help them.  Master Darkstar agreed.  Days later, a prison break occurred, freeing Master Darkstar, as well as inadvertently freeing several other dangerous villains and aliens.  Master Darkstar was taken to a remote lab of StellarCorp in North Dakota.  There, Master Darkstar designed the power supply they wanted, however, he also secretly rebuilt his dark energy power supply for his battle armor. The day he finished StellarCorps armor, he planned to power-up his new suit and lay waste to any and all in his way of conquering Earth.

On the day when the StellarCorps intended to show the world the armor's capabilities, Master Darkstar was escorted to a sub-basement where he was asked to wait for a reward that would 'change his destiny' a gift from StellarCorp's CEO.  Although Master Darkstar didn't trust humans, he was genuinely intrigued to see what a mere human could provide him that would be deemed 'destiny 'changing'...before he would destroy them all.

At noon at the StellarCorps North Dakota plant, the CEO, before a live video feed to the world, and with his company's top engineers, scientists, executives and shareholders before him, presented the new white armored suit calling it the "StellarCorp Stellar Suit".  After reading off its stats and capabilities, the CEO shifted the audiences attention to a camera placed in the sub-basement of his facility; the one with Master Darkstar in it.  He then told the audience he'd show the world, live, of StellarCorp's commitment to the world, by using the new suit to 'capture' the escaped alien megalomaniac, Master Darkstar.  The whole thing was a set-up to make StellarCorp look good and 'arrest' Master Darkstar, all in one fell swoop.  That's when everything went wrong.

The man tasked to operate the StellarCorp Star Suit was the CEO's sole 19 year-old son, Cameron Starling; a simple, conscientious young man who had no combat experience and an even greater desire to NOT be part of his 'ex' father's business dealings. The son initially resisted his father's 'offer' to suit up in the armor, but when his father suggested it would boost Cameron's self confidence (that, and that he'd financially cut him and his destitute mom (the CEO's first wife) off from any further money), Cameron relented.  In a matter of seconds, Master Darkstar defeated Cameron without even scratching or damaging the suit.  At this point, Master Darkstar, bragging before the camera, engaged an energy buildup device designed to wipe out everything within a 20 mile radius (except himself, of course). During this 30-second build-up, Master Darkstar's armor is locked in a stasis field; a field that ensures no harm comes to him during the explosion. During that time, Master Darkstar cannot move until after the explosion.

As the CEO's shocked audience watched the video feed, panic ensued at the North Dakota plant.  The CEO himself tossed shareholders aside, trampling them as he went, so that he himself could try to escape. The world watched with bated breathe as the live feed continued to show the destruction that was about to occur. Cameron, regaining consciousness, realized what was happening. He pulled himself up and grappled Master Darkstar, rocketing upward through the plant, shooting into the atmosphere and eventually the edge of space, traveling at a full power at nearly Mach 3. Since Master Darkstar, when in his energy buildup stage, could not move, Cameron flew unhindered with the statue-like Master Darkstar.  Once Cameron reached the edge of the Exosphere, he threw Master Darkstar out into space with everything he had.  Master Darkstar's energy build-up reached its apex and exploded safely out in space (resulting in shooting Master Darkstar even further out into space at high velocity!).

Unable to control the blackened, damage suit, Cameron started falling through the upper atmosphere, burning on re-entry.  Cameron attempted to regain control, but was unable to. Luckily, about a hundred feet from impacting the ground, Cameron was saved by the Astroguardian, Defensor.  Cameron was saved, North Dakota was save, but StellarCorp...well, they had a lot to answer for.

After a federal court ruling, StellarCorp was dissolved, Cameron's father was jailed for a 25 year sentence, the "Stellar Suit' was confiscated (by GUARD) and Cameron strangely enough became a young celebrity for his televised daring save. 

Although Cameron considers himself 'nowhere near anything like a hero...and stuff', the ASTROGUARD division invited him to don the suit and team with the Astroguardians. The engineers and scientists that helped create the armor signed up as 'new' GUARD engineers and became the support crew for what was now deemed the "Omniflux" armor by the media.  Cameron agreed to use the suit for good, wanting to help erase the evil and greed his father had promoted.

Since then, Cameron has received combat training by none other than the Astroguardian's ex-Marine, Nimtrona, herself.  Cameron may not be the best fighter, but his heart and morality have helped the team steer straight in many 'grey' area battles since then.

Can Cameron continue as the new hero, Omniflux?  Can he still be the same innocent young man he is while being part of GUARD and the Astroguardians?  Is his involvement with his despised father truly over...or has it just begun?

Check out the tabloids for the latest sighting of the new young celebrity, Cameron Starling!  



Francis "Frank" Freeland


Major Francis "Frank" Freeland, a US government/military liaison for the Quantum Industries Research and Development (QuIRD) department, not only saved thousands of people one fateful day, but also became an embodiment of powerful dimensional energies.

A few years ago, Major Fosburg was assigned to act as a government liaison for Quantum Industries (as well as the impromptu director of security) for a new Quantum Energy Emissions Generator  (QuEEG) the company was creating.  Several international spies attempted to gain access to the data and scientists at their facilities, prompting Major Freeland to take on the responsibility of overseeing the company's security.   With over a decade of combat experience and a Masters degree in Renewable Energy, the Major was a perfect fit for QuIRD's needs.

The QuEEG required the use of over a ton of Gold to line the inside of the fusion reactor to allow a quantum field to form and operate safely.  A particular villainous organization known as the Gold Syndicate, thieves in all things Gold, took it upon themselves to attack the QuIRD facility and steal the gold.  Led by their leader, Prince Andrastos and his powerful warbot, Goldust, the Gold Syndicate attacked with over 300 troops.  The QuEEG wasat the zenith of its first full power testing when the Syndicate attacked. The Syndicate mowed through QuIRD's defenses as well as the Major's security.  The Syndicate, not understanding or caring of their consequences, did a hard shutdown of the reactor, causing a power spike.  Regardless, Goldust ripped open the reactor casing and walked away with the reactor's Gold-lined shielding.  This left the Quantum energies cascading throughout the chamber, creating 'black holes' throughout the chamber wherein massive energy bursts erupted.  As the phenomena expanded, most of the engineers and physicists decried the only way to contain the reaction was to put some type of temporary shield over the reactor's opening.  With time of the essence, Major Freeland volunteered.

Taking an untested shield unit that used an anti-quantum regenerative device, the Major struggled, hauling it to the breached reactor, all the while the Major continued to be burned by various coursing energies from the black hole eruptions en-route to the reactor.  Health failing, barely able to stand, the Major grappled with the device, trying to cover the breach.  As he did so, a Quantum energy spike, a black hole and the Major all interfaced just as the Anti-Quantum field was engaged.  The Major succeeded in his efforts, but for all visual accounts, it looked as though the Major's had disintegrated in his last efforts to shield the reactor.  The reaction was then contained and shutdown by the remaining engineers.  The incident was never revealed to the public, and QuIRD was dismantled over the next month, never again to be rebuilt.

Exactly one year to the second the Major 'disintegrated', he reappeared at the exact same spot he'd last been seen, now nothing more than an empty building.  The Major was no longer human.  He'd absorbed the energies of the quantum reactor and the dynamics of a black hole - all embodied in a blackened humanoid form, with an active 'black hole' where his chest was.

The Major was now an embodiment of incredible Quantum energies, wherein he could project the energies from his hands and eyes.  His strength was increased, and was able to fly at nearly 1000 mph in Earth's atmosphere and light speed in space. His 'black hole' in his chest also allowed him to 'teleport' to any distance up to 500 miles on planet, or 500 light years in space.  He also had an energy aura that provides him remarkable physical and energy protection. He can briefly extend his aura out by a 10 foot radius for short 30 second durations (with a decreased excellent protection) to encompass other people or objects, as well as create a 'warp field' to teleport those in the aura's field using his teleportation powers.

With the world believing Major Freeland had died in a 'plane crash', as reported by the Pentagon, the new Quantum-empowered Major instead sought out the only person he believed could help him; a QuIRD engineer named Dr. Thomas Tarboch.  After a little investigation, he found the doctor was working for a secretive group called "GUARD".  He flew to the doctor's location. There, he was mistaken for an attacking villain and was assaulted by Defensor, the leader of GUARD's "Astroguardian" super-group division.  The fight was short, when the Major eventually surrendered.  Thereafter, the Major told his take to the Director of GUARD.  They all agreed to work together to find a way to reverse the Major's condition, however, they asked if, in the interim, he'd assist GUARD's new space-faring "Astroguardian" super-group.  He agreed. 

Doctor Tarboch has since worked closely with Freeland to analyze and determine the nature of his powers, hoping to eventually help Freeland return to normal.  In the meantime, Freeland took on the codename "Quantum" and has since become a valuable member of the Astroguardians.


Wilhelm Wolfgang Weinmeister / Vernon Veritas


Wilhelm Wolfgang Weinmeister was an artifact collector/explorer.  He made millions off of finding very rare artifacts, all throughout Earth, that some believed were lost in legend and time. His life of adventure and status was revered by many in his line of work, with many of his discoveries changing many preconceived historical theories.  One such set of discovered artifacts not only unveiled a great legendary city, but also changed his life, and perceptions, forever.

In 2012, Wilhelm had finally set out on a highly funded exploration for Atlantis. He'd found a remote location that Atlantis used as a trade port over 3000 years ago submerged in the Mediterranean Sea.  Most believed that the trade port WAS Atlantis; Willhelm did not.  Instead, his investigations led him to the Antarctic continent.  There, he believed, the great city existed.

When his team went off on its first trek, they uncovered what was believed to be an oracle's temple.  Amidst the stone ruins, their instruments detected an ice formation that was nearly 30% colder than the surrounding ice.  Using laser excavating equipment, they drilled through nearly 200 feet of solid ice until they discovered the frozen body of an alien with five body-affixed glowing disks that continually re-iced themselves again and again. With great pain and precision, the team was able to extract the alien with the disks from the ice.  When the alien was brought topside from its frozen grave, things began to go crazy.

The temperature in and around the team dropped by 30%. A snow storm came out of nowhere. The team took to their shelters, however, the cold continued to increase.  By morning, Wilhelm awoke from his high-tech thermal tent only to discover his entire team had been frozen solid overnight in their own tents.  A new block of ice had formed around the mysterious ancient alien as well.  No vehicles would start, all equipment has frozen to the point of brittle and the outside temp was now close to -120 F.  The only thing that kept WIlhem alive was his high-tech polar suit...a suit that was now failing.  Believing the disk artifacts were more important than his life, Wilhelm struggled, chipping away at the ice around the ancient alien until he was able to reach each of five mysterious glowing disks.  As soon as he removed the last disk from the alien, the alien disintegrated into dust. Within seconds, Wilhelm felt warm again.  Direct physical contact with the disks seemed to warm up his body.  Wilhelm, who was already exhausted and worn, realized he needed to rest and think of his next the safety of his thermal tent.  There he collapsed in exhaustion after placing the disks across this own chest and abdomen to keep himself warm.  When he awoke hours later, he discovered the disks were now grafted to his skin, and that his thermal tent was frozen from the inside and destroyed. After a failed attempt to remove the disks from his body (his layers of clothes had broken away from his body into brittle shards, leaving him naked  and exposed before the Antarctic winds, yet still warm) He realized the disks were keeping his body warm, but the disks instead, were generating the cold in and around them.  Wilhelm then set out on foot back to the seaport his team had initially docked in.

On his journey to the old McMurdo Station, the cold and ice storm followed him.  Knowing the disks were creating and intensifying the cold and storm conditions, he stopped a short distance from the station and attempted to control or operate the disks to turn them off.  It wasn't until hours later when he used an old Latin phrase for "Turn the cold off" did the disks power down.  The disks dropped off of his body and into the snow, leaving him cold and naked.  He grabbed up the disks and began running in the snow to the station,collapsing of exposure just short of it, all the while trying to mutter Latin terms to turn the disks back on...unsuccessfully.

A McMurdo station lookout saw Wilhelm in the distance and sent out a rescue team.  They pulled him from the snow, but at great cost.  30% of his body was considered frostbitten and had to be surgically removed.  The rescuers also recovered the now inert disks, but were simply tossed in with what few belongings of Wilhelm's they found at the team's frozen site.

Wilhelm took weeks to recover.  During that time, his team was found and verified dead.  All equipment at the scene was unsalvagable.  The interesting thing about the site was that it was now an average temperature at the spot; a spot that had been historically 30% colder since they'd started records of such things.  The colder influence was gone from that spot, and as we are led to believe, the disks were the cause.

Wilhelm was transported to the University of Colorado-Denver's Anschutz Medical Center, a hospital that specialized in frozen injuries. Weeks after redressing his injuries, they offered up a plan to utilize prosthetic arms, limbs and body parts to replace those he'd lost.  The process was expensive, and would wipe out nearly all of his fortune.  He agreed and underwent the process.  When all was done, months later, he was able to walk and move again with neural/mental controlled limbs.  The prosthetics were designed to automatically adapt to his body's alterations and only required maintenance once every two years.   The price however, was in the skin grafts required for his face and body.  Even with the best plastic surgeon's, the facial and body scaring was highly visual in several areas around the face, neck, chest and groin which were damaged and discolored. His groin area required an 'amputation', destroying any chance of a normal sex life or ever having his own children.  Months of physical and mental therapy ensued.  Never once did he tell anyone about the disks or the ancient alien; he only told the authorities that he found his team frozen in the snow the next morning and that he must have trudged through the snow to the McMurdo station on pure adrenaline.

When Wilhelm finally checked out of the hospital, they returned his belongings that had been transported with him from the Antarctic; to his surprise, the five disks were amongst these items.  Nearly financially bankrupt, bereft of any 'friends' (seems his fair-weathered 'friends' were appalled at his loss of money and looks), and feeling the weight of his selfish actions and the loss of his team's lives, he vowed to make amends for his shortsightedness.

As he contemplated his future on a Washington Park bench in Denver, he saw several gunmen running through the park from police. The gunmen were shooting at the police as well as innocent women and children.  He saw one child shot to death feet from his park bench. Wilhelm is a moment of clarity held the disks to his body and in Latin, told the disk to 'turn the cold on'.  His body was immediately warmed, however, the park slowly started getting colder.  Now realizing the disks were verbally controlled in Latin, he, started using various Latin phrases such as 'less cold',  and 'freeze the person I motion to'.  In so doing, he was able to form ice around the assailants by simple mental imagery, visual identification and gesturing.  He'd stopped the assailants - cold...literally in a block of ice.  He was excited over his newfound control of the disks, however, he quickly realized he was now standing frost covered yet stark naked (his damaged face, skin and prosthetics frightened other nearby children). He quickly ran from the park.  He turned off the disks and took to the alleys of Denver amongst the homeless until he could figure out his next move.

The media deemed the 'frozen naked man' as a hero for stopping the shooters, but also called out that he was a 'danger' to the city's citizens.  Eventually, the police discovered his identity and began hunting him.  Not sure what to do, Wilhelm turned himself in. 

While there at the police station, just before he was to give his statement, a 'federal' agent arrived and escorted Wilhelm out. The 'federal' agent was actually a representative of GUARD, a secretive group designed to support world peace.  The GUARD rep mentioned he understood Wilhelm now had access to superhuman powers and that they'd like him to help GUARD use his powers to 'keep the peace in the world'  Wilhelm agreed, however, he asked to have have his death faked and to start a new life.  They agreed.  'Wilhelm Weinmeister' was pronounced dead in a plane crash days later; 'Vernon Veritas' was created that same day as his new identity.

Weeks of training and a newly engineered suit for himself, Vernon now had a new identity, control of his magical 'ice' disks, a new attitude and a new hero name with his new super-group, the Astroguardians; : his new hero codename: "Vintgren"!


MDUverse Data

The Astroguardians group and characters were created by Don 'Major Deej" Finger on 5 February 2013. The group's characters and premise are based on a combination of two other super-groups and their characters created in his youth; Universal Patrol super-group (circa 1972) and the Solar Knights super-group (circa 1973). The characters that made-up the1970s teams and subsequently the newer Astroguardians group have creation dates that vary between 1972 and 2012.

The Astroguaridans current leader, Defensor, originally named Defender, was created by Don  "Major Deej" Finger circa 1972.

CohVerse: The Astroguaridans did NOT exist in the MMORPG, City of Heroes, however, the premise of the Astroguardians group came from both the Universal Patrol super-group (SG) (created on the Victory server on 18 February 2007) and the Solar Knights SG (created on the Triumph server on 13 Nov 2008) by Don "Major Deej" Finger.  Characters and the super-groups were maintained until the CoH servers were shutdown on 20 Nov 2012.