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About Arkaenus



Mystics.  Magic. Sorcery.  Witches. Warlocks.  Spells. Potions.




Arkaenus Maximus

Real Name Unknown



Aggressive yet mysterious male leader of Arkaenus who earned his position through an Arkaenus "Leadership by Combat" trial  he ruthlessly won nearly five years ago.  Now at an approximate age of 50, he has begun building up Arkaenus in society's shadow and is now ready to lead his thousand-plus warrior mages into battle to destroy man's world of technology and dominate the Earth. 



For the most part, unknown, however, they are known to be based on both arcane and death magic schools, mostly old-style soul-searing type magics, designed to empower his spells by pulling off of the soul and life forces of his opponent.

His powers are amazing in intensity and capabilities, spawning from hundreds of magical spells and combat actions.  His robes provide an additional two layers of magical protection. His belt's pouches contain dozens of powerful mystical artifacts, talismans, powders and wards, making him one of the most powerful mages on Earth.  


MDverse Data

MDUverse: Arkaenus created in 19 July 2013, led by Arkaenus Maximus.