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Knights of Arachnos' Knights

ArachnoknightArachnoSanta Gold Huntsman
GX-9 Lady Arachnida Madame Widow
Orb Weaver


Dmitri Docha


Born in the country of Belarus, Dmitri was the son of a former Soviet KGB agent.  When the cold war ended in 1990, so did his father's career.  Jobless and penniless, they survived in and around Belarus, fighting for their meals. His mother died during this time of pneumonia. Eventually, Dmitri and his father found a traveling entertainment troupe that needed someone to enact fight scenes for their live stage performances; Dmitri's father was the perfect choice.

Over the years with the troupe, Dmitri learned all forms of combat, which he  learned from his father, but gained a passion for sword fighting, which he'd learned from the troupe's well known ex-Russian Circus performer, Antov Maskovich.

Eventually, the troupe fell apart and once again Dmitri and his father were left to fend for themselves.  That winter, his father died from exposure, protecting his son, Dmitri.  Dmitri was found in a frozen alleyway in Minsk, the capital of Belarus, still wrapped in his father's frozen and dead arms.  Initially, Dmitri was taken to a state mental hospital, however, after a couple years there (and the hospital's staff 'walking out' and abandoning the facility), Dmitri found his way to a state-run orphanage simply called "Orphanage N.5", outside of Chernobyl. 

There, along with dozens of other wayward teens, he was forced to learn metal work.  He created his own swords, forged from stolen steel and titanium found at the long-shutdown Chernobyl nuclear plant site that he raided (even though it was considered criminal to trespass on the lands). 

After he'd fashioned his swords and practiced with them for months, he began putting on performances in the local area to earn money.  A talent scout for the Russian Stage Performers Guild saw his incredible swordsmanship and at age 17, Dmitri began to perform with the guild, traveling all over the world.  His travels eventually brought him to the United States, specifically, California, where fate and his life experiences would result in a new life...and deaths for Dmitri.

While Dmitri was performing in Los Angeles, California,Jack Masters, an eccentric Hollywood director, saw Dmitri's skills and immediately signed him on to several 'sword and sorcery' movies he was making. Dmitri was cast as for a sword-wielding stunt man.  Charize Masters, the director's daughter, fell in love with Dmitri and had a wild and lustful relationship with him.  Jack Masters, however, was not happy with their relationship. When Charize mentioned that she'd rather live in squalor with Dmitri in Belarus rather than receive her father's approval, Jack Masters set up a stunt in which Dmitri would have an 'accident'...a deadly accident.

On the day of the 'accident', on the movie set, a series of large ceiling-mounted free-swinging swords were devised as a gauntlet for Dmitri to dodge in-and-out of to get to the movie's villain.  All were crafted as cheap plastic swords...except three that were secretly replaced with steel ones; steel blades that the stunt coordinator had no knowledge of.  Those three swords were set to remotely operate at Jack Masters' hand only.  As the film was rolling, Dmitri played his role perfectly, dodging in and out of the plastic swords.  As Dmitri arrived at the villain, Jack let loose the unscripted steel swords; Dmitri was cleaved in the face and groin, with both of his arms cut off at the biceps.

Dmitri, surprisingly,  did not die.

Dmitri was rushed to a local hospital, where surgeon's operated on him for over two days to just get him to critical condition.  Dmitri died twice on the operating table, but was revived each time. During his last 'death', Dmitri laid dead for nearly 15 minutes while the doctors tried to revive him.  The 15 minutes without oxygen gong to the brain can cause irreparable brain damage; Dmitri, although alive, was now mentally incapacitated as well as physically.

On a side note, the LAPD investigation about Dmitri's 'accident' prompted the discovery of Jack Masters' plot to kill Dmitri.  Jack Masters was arrrested for 1st degree manslaughter.  Jack's wife, Carol, drank herself to an alcoholic coma and died in a car accident in the Hollywood hills.  Charize, devastated over all that had happened to her, her family and her beloved Dmitri, committed suicide by overdosing on two bottles of Oxycontin.

Weeks after his surgeries and his bouts with death, Dmitri was brought to a mental hospital to recover as well as have his cognitive functions checked.  It was there that Dmitri encountered a follower of the "Church of Arachnos"; the follower had snuck into Dmitri's room and told him of all that had transpired since his 'accident'  Jack Masters' plan to kill Dmitri, Carol Masters deadly car crash, Charize's suicide, and his two bouts with death, as well as his loss of his arms, half his face and all that made up his 'groin' area. 

Whatever was left in Dmitri's mind snapped. 

Each time Dmitri awoke, he screamed in absolute anguish and despair, only to be forcibly strapped down, medicated and subdued.

The Arachnos Church follower informed the church's leader, Lord Arachnid, of Dmitri's plight.  Lord Arachnid told his followers to bring Dmitri to him.  The followers broke into the hospital and abducted Dmitri, bringing him to their Arachnos Lair. There, Lord Arachnid had his mentalist, Madame Widow, project visions of their spider-god, Arachnos, into Dmitri's mind, all the while having GX-9 biologically 'reweave' Dmitri's missing body parts. With two new 'woven' and stronger arms and a mended, yet scarred face (groin area was mended but still mutilated), the tortured person that was Dmitri became no more; instead, in his place stood the murderous "Arachnoknight".

One of his first missions with the knights was to kill Jack Masters in his own prison cell.  The Knights teleported en masse into Masters' cell, where Arachnoknight skewered Masters the same way Masters did to Dmitri on the movie set.  Arachnoknight used Dmitri's old swords (once made as a boy in Belarus) to do the task. 

To this day, Arachnoknight carries those same titanium swords into combat.

Arachnoknight is considered an extremely dangerous and deadly swordsman.  His vicious and brutal combat techniques, coupled with his excellent agility and head-to-toe body armor have made him a vicious killing machine in the Knights of Arachnos.


Dr. Tom Wright


A generous and kind man, 47 year old Tom Wright has instead changed into a dark, sadistic being who's mind now believes in the 'gift' of death to any who do not follow the will of Arachnos through his mechanical spiders.

At the California State University, Fullerton, Dr. Wright was in charge of graduate studies in Arachnology, particularly in spider behaviors and combat techniques.  In his studies, he would en-group hundreds of spiders in a contained, yet natural enclosure and monitor their responses when agitated, starved or invaded upon by another species.  With over 60 students in his classes, on top of his continued published works, Dr. Wright was a busy man, but never busy enough to promote the one holiday period he considered the greatest ever - Christmas.

Around Christmas, every year since he was 14, Dr. Wright would volunteer for toy drives, telethons for the homeless and always promoted the "Christmas Spirit" wherever he was.  Days before Christmas, his 300 lbs. body frame would dress-up as Santa and give gifts to children in hospitals and orphanages.  Although a kind and generous man, he was also overworked and very lonely.

One Christmas Eve, while fighting to finish compiling his year's worth of data for a grant package for the new year, hours before he was to go play Santa at a children's mental hospital, a 7.8 earthquake hit Los Angeles.  Dr. Wright, at the time, was invoking an agitation test, where most results led to aggressive attacks on any other specie that was placed in the natural enclosure.  At the time of the earthquake, Dr. Wright was adjusting a camera directly over the enclosure; he was knocked off his platform and down into the spider enclosure. The spiders attacked him, primarily attacking his head wound he'd received from his fall.  The varying venoms, the adrenaline and electrical shocks from the ceiling's electrical cabling all compounded onto Dr. Wright's horrific accident.

When they found Dr. Wright, his skin had blackened from burns and venom, his brain was afire with uncontrolled neuron activity.  He was going mad...and dying.

Hours later at the medical center for University of California, Davis, Dr. Wright was pronounced dead. 


After the interns took Dr. Wright's body to the morgue, Dr. Wright came back to life...only this wasn't Dr. Wright; something dark and twisted instead came alive.  With glowing red eyes, blackened skin, and a rewritten neural pathway in his brain,what was once Dr. Wright stumbled out of the morgue and out onto the Davis, California college campus.  There, he shuffled onto a campus dorm Christmas party, knocking down red and green streamers onto himself and entangling himself in Christmas lights.  Most of the college students, more drunk that aware, cheered the fat, charred-skinned man adorned with Christmas lights and streamers, thinking it was just another party-goer.  As he groggily went from one student to the next, what was Dr. Wright felt 'compelled' to give something to the students...a gift of some sort...a gift of death.  As he went to each student, the previous Dr. Wright would reach out, crushing each student's hands, chest or head.  His remarkable new strength crushed their bodies like a grape.  The dorm party's students ran screaming out onto the campus, when campus security showed. They shot the body of the previous Dr. Wright several times, but had no affect on him.  He went to each security officer and gave them his 'gift' of death as well.

Within minutes, he was out onto the streets of Davis, where he spotted a street corner Santa in a regular red and white suit.  He gave his gift to the faux Santa and decided to dress himself in the Santa suit.  He then shuffled off to the children's mental hospital, where he felt compelled to go.

At the children's mental hospital, after imparting his 'gifts' to the staff and receptionist, went amongst the children, giving each of them his 'gift'; all of them except five; these five he told were 'bad' and won't get any gifts, and that they'd have to prove to 'Santa' that they were worthy of his gifts.  This encounter would play out later on when these same 'bad' children would later join the Church of Arachnos to be worthy of this ersatz Santa's 'gifits'.

Although police, SWAT and helicopters were out searching for him, he found his way through dark corners, sewers and under overpasses to evade being detected.  

Days later, he came across a field near Morris Reservoir.  There, a band of cultists who believed in a spider-god named "Arachnos" found him, barely alive. The cult's leader, Lord Arachnid, knew who this was and what had happened to him.  Lord Arachnid knew immediately his presence was a sign from their spider-god and that the previous Dr. Wright was destined to become a member of his inner circle of the Church of Arachnos; an inner circle of the Knights of Arachnos.

Weeks later, the previous Dr. Wright was healthy enough to operate in the condition he was in. Lord Arachnid knew this new being would try and impart his gift of death to the cult when he'd have enough strength, ergo, he had Madame Widow 'manipulate' his mind to think that the 'gifts' he wants to give are icons of death to non-believers of Arachnos, and not the followers and Knights of Arachnos themselves. The mental manipulations worked, however, this new being was compelled to 'give' and 'give'; if he didn't have things to give to people, he'd start to become unhinged.  Lord Arachnid, thinking quickly had one of his mad geniuses and fellow follower of the cult, Dr. Twonokos, create verbally controlled mechanical spiders for his new "ArachnoSanta".  Dr. Twonokos made thousands of these spiders, each with wall-crawling abilities, individual solar battery cells, communications equipment, and a reservoir of powerful venom from any variety of poisonous spider specie. This appeased ArachnoSanta.

After more mental conditioning, ArachnoSanta bent to the will of Lord Arachid and only imparted his 'gift of spiders' to those ordered to do so upon (most of the time; the rest of the time he'd impart his gift of spiders on random whim to people on the street and sometimes their own followers).


Dr. Wright is no more; ArachnoSanta, the giver of death by mechanical spiders and venom, now exists. In his black and red evil-like Santa suit, with his flying mechanical 'Arachnosleigh' pulled by large spiders with rocket packs, ArachnoSanta is known to arrive on site, unleashing hundreds of his mechanical spiders out of his 'bag' on the back of the sleigh, unto the populace, uttering:

Ho Ho Ho! Merry Arachnomas!

For all who do not believe in us, I present you with Arachnos' greatest gift...DEATH!

Gold Huntsman

Professor Clarence Cavendish


Armored and armed with remarkably powerful protection and weapons, the Gold Huntsman is actually one of the Knights of Arachnos' most powerful yet insanely genius knights.

With five graduate degrees, a full murderous meltdown at the University of California, Berkeley, and a court-appointed lifetime admission to the "Twin Towers" mental institution and prison in Los Angeles, California, Professor Cavendish has fallen far from his place in the sun.

In 2009, several inmates set fire to the mental ward's east wing, prompting an evacuation.  Professor Cavendish got away and escaped into the hills outside of San Dimas, California, when he encountered a newly created cult, the Church of Arachnos and their leader, Lord Arachnid.  


Professor Cavendish, two cents shy of a penny, immediately vowed himself as a follower of their spider-god, Arachnos. A short time later, Lord Arachnid put the professor's incredible knowledge to work building powerful weapons, armor and traps for his the church's inner circle, the Knights of Arachnos.  Since then, the professor has designed over five dozen different types of weapons, battle suits, armor and devices and created production line robots to mass produce them.

Missing out on the fun of killing and inflicting pain on others, he created his own golden-colored (not made of Gold) battlesuit with remarkably powerful spider arms in a backpack. He crafted Titanium blades on his gauntlets and added an impressive array of weapons and devices to his suit.  Keeping with the spider-theme of the cult, he designated himself as the "Gold Huntsman" and became a member of the Church of Arachnos' Inner Circle, the Knights of Arachnos.

Since then, the professor continues creating more incredible weapons, armor and device creations. When needed, the professor will 'suit up' and go out with the Knights of Arachnos should the situation or plan require it.

Although insane, Professor Cavendish's intellect borders on genius. The equipment and processes he has created, if used for the good of the world, would revolutionize global industries, however, in the professor's current mental state, he'd rather attack and destroy all the candy stores in Los Angeles just to find the right lollipop flavor today; tomorrow...who knows what will set him off.



Geistor Experiment #9 (GX-9)


GX-9 is the biologically lab-created experiment of Dr. Henry Geistor, a mad scientist and biological engineer in the company of the Church of Arachnos.  GX-9 was created in his lab and grown to maturity for the express purpose of healing and 'reweaving' biological body parts and grafts for those with lost limbs and body parts in the service of the church's inner circle, the Knights of Arachnos.

Although it has a form of free will, it was created to be subservient to the Knights of Arachos' knights and Lord Arachnid above all.

It has retractable wings in its back to fly with, amazingly resilient composite material claws sheathed in its arms and an incredible healing power to heal others and itself.  It's powers extent includes 'reweaving' bone, muscle, tissue and skin of any form of carbon-based humanoid life form. 

As an example, in the case of a leg severed at the knee and below, GX-9 might take over 3 hours to 'reweave' the new lower leg from the knee down.  Once 'rewoven', the leg would be as good as new and as strong as an Olympic athlete's.

GX-9 gains its energy and biological weaving materials from protoplasm it synthesizes from its own sustenance.  It is designed to drink and eat sewage, slop and any biological mass...however it relishes feasting on human or animal flesh; the more flesh it has...the stronger it becomes and the more healing/reweaving it can do.


Lady Arachnida

Karen Olson / "Ariel"


What happens when the sociopathic leader of a California spider-god cult wants to prevent the schizophrenic love-of-his-life from dying before his computer-enhanced Heads-Up Display's ocular sensors?

He has her rebuilt into a dual-blade wielding cyborg killing machine, obviously. 

23-year old Karen Olson, a mental patient at the Los Angeles Country Medical Center, suffering from schizophrenia with overtly psychotic tendencies, was undergoing her normal group therapy sessions one day when the Knights of Arachnos attacked the facility to release several other mental patients whom had converted over to the cult-like Church of Arachnos.  Several blasts knocked down walls and prison-like walls throughout the facility, wherein most mental patients ran off across the center's grounds and out into the city outskirts. During the raid by the knights, their leader, Lord Arachnid was targeted by a LAPD SWAT team sniper.  The sniper had Lord Arachnid dead to rights when Karen, seeing Lord Arachnid in the sniper's cross-hairs, jumped the sniper, screaming for Lord Arachnid to run.  Lord Arachnid instead went over, offered his standard invitation to join the church of die to the sniper; the sniper said no and was promptly killed.  When Lord Arachnid looked at Karen, he was immediately stricken in love.  He hesitated, but eventually asked if she'd join him and his church; she agreed.  He took her with him and the others the knights had intended to escape with.

At the knight's lair, Lord Arachnid asked for Karen to work in the control room, where he personally taught her how to operate the consoles and controls.  Day after day, she became more enamored with him and within weeks, Lord Arachnid informed the church of his forthcoming marriage to her, before their spider-god, Arachnos itself. 

It was the happiest day in Lord Arachnid's life.

On a mental hospital recruiting raid two days before his wedding, he brought Karen along to teach her to operate their stealthy Arachnocopter.  During the escape, as the newly recruited minions of Arachnos raced from their blasted-open hospital rooms to the copter, a group of GUARD agents arrived on the scene, shooting down the Arachnocopter with Karen in it.  Three crew members died instantly, however, Karen was found, but near death.  As with all of Lord Arachnid's plans, he always had back-up plans, including using Orb Weaver to teleport him and his followers from the scene (the escaping patients weren't transported, however, since Orb Weaver hadn't 'connected' with them yet, however, those same mental patients would be successfully rescued by the Knights of Arachnos at a later date).

Once at the knight's lair, Lord Arachnid personally carried what was left of Karen's rapidly failing body to his biogenetics lab. During the rush to the lab, Karen professed her undying love for Lord Arachnid just as she lapsed into unconsciousness on the lab table.  Sick with grief, Lord Arachnid ordered his insane posse of doctors and professors to save her, no matter the cost.

Lord Arachnid's genius-level doctors and professors hooked her body up to an artificial  heart pump and kept her body alive.  On and off, her heart wouild stop pumping blood to her brain doe to the extent of her injuries, unfortunately creating instances where her brain wouldn't get the oxygen it required for dozens of minutes at a time.  Eventually, they were able to stabilize the remainder of her body (50% of it was gone), however, her brain was severely damaged.  One of the Arachos geniuses, Professor Cavendish, recorded what they could from Karen's brain before her death lapses, however, only Cavendish was only able to record 30% of her brain before it died.

Fearing Lord Arachnid's ire, the doctors and professors devised for her a cyborg body, planting the few brain engrams they were able to record into an experimental memory device controlling the cyborg's body.

What was left of Karen was alive, but not Karen. 

When the cyborg's eye implants finally opened processing its surroundings, it took the few remaining slivers of Karen's memories and added a larger majority of Karen's other self, her schizophrenic, psychotic personality known simply as "Ariel" into its computer brain.  What little that was left of Karen/Ariel was supplanted by the doctors' and professors' hastily built memory device/brain.  Instead, 70% of its new personality had the temperament and cold calculations of a computer.  Regardless of its new confused personality, Lord Arachnid was ecstatic to have the love of his life alive once more, albeit in a computer brain and cyborg body.

As originally scheduled, Lord Arachnid married the Karen/Ariel/computer cyborg, whom he now dubbed "Lady Arachnida", at a small ceremony on a particular shore of the Morris Reservoir, north of San Dimas, California.

Flying back from the 'unique' San Dimas wedding ceremony in their Arachno Stealthplane, the Knights of Arachnos were attacked by the ever-vigilante GUARD (who'd been searching high and low for the Knights of Arachnos since their last mental prison raid).  During the battle, the newly betrothed Lady Arachnida launched itself at the attacking GUARD units with an unexpected ferocity.

Lady Arachnida decimated and killed all 50 attacking Guardsmen and women in less than 3 minutes.

With robotic precision, Lady Arachnida flew back to the Arachno Stealthplane and awaited its next set of orders from its lord and master, Lord Arachnid, the only one authorized to command it...ever.

Since then, Lord Arachnid and Lady Arachnida have continued their bizarre life as husband and...wife.

Lady Arachnida is a precision cyborg killing machine with two energy blades that extend 6 feet out from its forearms when energized.  Its incredibly armored body, coupled with its new incredibly computer-controlled and precise agility and fighting skills makes it the perfect killing machine in her new role as a Knight of Arachnos.  Although capable of independent thought, much of Karen's personality has been assimilated and pushed back, while Ariel's more dominant psychotic mentality enjoys its new role in killing with computer-controlled precision.  Most of the Knights of Arachnos "inner circle" fear it and its abilities.  Lady Arachnida is treated more like a queen, yet it fights like a warrior born.

On a side note, Professor Cavendish (Gold Huntsman), the man responsible for the memory unit, created an encrypted back-door to take control of Lady Arachnida.  He only intends to access the back-door and take over control of Lady Arachnida if his own life is in jeopardy.  The professor knows the moment he wrests controls of Lady Arachnida from Lord Arachnid, the professor himself will be endlessly pursued and tortured by Lord Arachnid from then until all of eternity. 


Madame Widow

Porsche Simmons


In 1975, a young teenage girl was able to 'influence' her friends to kill themselves using her mind; that girl was Porsche Simmons, daughter of news mogul Schylar "Sky" Simmons.

Classified a dangerous Class A mutant, Prsche was immediately drugged and placed in the high-security ward at Los Angeles' "Twin Towers" mental prison.  There, she was kept deeply sedated.  Only guards with a mind-scrambler helmet (devised by Major Invader) were allowed any contact with her.

On her 38th birthday, Lord Arachnid of the villainous California-based spider-god cult, the Knights of Arachnos, broke her out of captivity for their own evil purposes.

Utilizing a neural controller created by one of  his insane yet genius scientists, Lord Arachnid persuaded Porsche to use her powers to influence others, mostly mentally-ill patients and recruits, to believe in his cult's spider-god, Arachnos.  As such, Porsche was more than willing to interact with someone who appreciated her abilities and did his bidding without reservation.  The only limitation was  her range of only four meters and the exponential time it took pending on the target's willpower/psyche. Typically, she could influence a target with a poor psyche in 4 hours; a typical psyche may take up to 12 hours.  Lord Arachnid ensured his inner circle, the Knights of Arachnos, had the same type of mind-scramblers the guards at the twin towers had, providing excellent protection from her mental powers and influences.

Porsche, now called Madame Widow, is rarely used in the field, however, she does have the ability to remarkably shield others minds' when they are within 4 meters of her mind, thus providing a great means of getting pat any mentalist heroes stealthily.

Recently, Porsche's father, the news mogul, Sky Simmons, started running ads for the Church of of charge, claiming 'freedom of religion' and 'freedom of the press' as his reasoning for doing so.  It's also interesting that many in the Los Angeles area are buying up Sky Simmons' news magazines like they were going out of style, making him a very wealthy publisher in an age when electronic media should instead be taking over.  


Most of the time Madame Widow is seen, she walks and moves like she is sleepwalking; she is instead concentrating on 'influencing' the many multiple minds open to long as she can access them...



Miranda McCreary


As a young girl, Miranda loved to travel. Her wealthy father would fly the two of them to Europe for weekend trips, Japan and Asia for business trips and even to Australia or the Caribbean for vacations.  Her mother died at child birth, leaving Miranda and her father to take care of themselves.  They had no other family. As a father, no other daughter would ever have as dedicated a father as he was to her.

On her 16th birthday, Miranda's father rewarded her with a trip on  Virgil Industry's Space Tours in their Space-X plane, flown out of the old retired March Air Force Base in Riverside, California. The two of them would take a 15-minute flight to the edge of Earth's atmosphere getting a chance to experience weightlessness during the flight.

This near-hundred thousand dollar flight for these two would instead end much differently than either would have ever expected. 

As the Space-X plane entered the apex of its flight apogee, an engine and controls malfunction (created from the extremely rare chance of a single micro-meteor piercing the engine casing just right) caused the craft to careen out into the nothingness of space.  With only another 30 minutes of oxygen left and now an exhausted rocket fuel supply, the ten passengers and two pilots were doomed to continue on their current outer space trajectory towards eventual death.

As the passengers panicked, Miranda's father swore that everything was going to be OK so long as Miranda believed in her own 'higher-power' (he was a Methodist, but in order to not influence his daughter's choice in religion, he always simplified any religious discussions as a 'higher power' rather than "God", "Buddha", or "Mohammed" as other related religions align to).  Not knowing who or what 'higher power' to latch onto or believe in, she ruled out technology and science (since those are the ones that got them into this pickle in the first place), continuing to try and decide which deity would help her and her father miraculously survive this ordeal.

As the oxygen went out, and all hope seemed lost, Miranda happened to spy a small spider hiding between their seat cushions. 

For what seemed like an eternity, she and the spider stared at each other.  The next time she blinked, she was sitting inside her dad's car at the March Air Force Base's Space-X Spaceport parking lot...with her dad sitting in the driver's seat next to her, gasping for air.

She hadn't gone back in time, the time was still the same.The Space-X flight was still in space, yet she and her father were instead safe and sound in their car on Earth, now, at this same time. A miraculous 'higher power' must have intervened to save them, just as her father said it would.

Both she and her father raced to the Space-X mission control center to tell them what just happened.  The Space-X control room was stunned to see both Miranda and her dad alive and before them. The rest of the Space-X craft's passengers and crew did not share the same experience Miranda and her father did and instead died careening into outer space in the incapacitated Space-X plane.

A massive investigation was conducted about the Space-X incident, with Miranda's father ruthlessly questioned by the FBI and the police.  Everyone including the media and public opinion believed Miranda's father was behind the whole thing, killing the crew and other passengers and somehow 'faking' live video feeds to try and get out of the charges with their outlandish 'miraculous higher power saved us' story. 

Even with no evidence or proof, a judge and jury convicted Miranda's father of manslaughter of the Space-X crew and passengers, as well as violations of dozens of FAA regulations and federal laws.  Financially broke and tried by the court of public opinion, he was sentence to 50 years in jail with no possibility of parole, leaving Miranda to the state's foster care system.

In prison, her father was beaten, sodomized and killed within a month.

Miranda was devastated. 

For the next few months, she was psychologically probed and prodded for more details about the Space-X incident and her father's involvement.  Miranda finally snapped and went catatonic.  She locked up her brain and went into a deep psychosis.

Miranda was taken to a mental hospital for children in San Diego. Now and then she'd come out of her psychosis, only for doctors and police to start cascading her with questions and demands, wherein she'd shut down again for another few days to a week.

Slowly realizing she was now all alone in the world, she started coming out of her psychosis long enough to start mourning the loss of her father. Bursting with grief, she eyed a spider in the corner of her hospital's 'room'.  She stopped her emotional waterfall long enough to focus on the spider as she once did on the Space-X plane.  She then told herself all she wanted to do was escape and go back to a happy place; a place she and her father enjoyed going to together: their favorite beach in Brisbane, Australia.

When Miranda opened her eyes, she was sitting on her favorite beach in Brisbane, Australia...with the embalmed rotting corpse of her father lying next to her.

Horrified, she ran off into a nearby hotel lobby, hiding in a luggage store room, trying to figure out what just happened.  There, she came to her own derived conclusion that somehow, there was a connection between her and spiders; a connection that allowed her to travel anywhere she wanted to go, with whoever she had a connection with. 

To test this theory, Miranda walked down the street in Brisbane to a local pet store and told the clerk she wanted to buy a spider. While going over choices of different spiders, Miranda talked it up with the Sales Clerk, getting to know the young 24 year old better, to the point she felt like she and he had some type of connection.  She then looked at the spider she was (not) about to buy, and willed herself back to her and her father's previous home in Beverly Hills.

When she opened her eyes, she, the clerk and her embalmed father's rotting body were in the living room of their previous Beverly Hills home.  The Australian pet store clerk ran hysterically down the street toward the highway (he was later hit by a car on the highway and pronounced Dead On Arrival (DOA) at the hospital).

Ignoring the clerk's mad dash out of her house, Miranda now believed that spiders had something to do with her new ability.

Days later, after tearfully burying her father in the house's backyard, she saw a flyer on a nearby lamp post talking about the 'Church of Arachnos', a cult that believed in the cosmic powers of their spider-god, Arachnos.

This was a sign.




She called the flyer's 1-800 number and was told to go to the church's temporary 'meeting place' at a particular hot dog stand at Doheney Beach outside of L.A.. Using the last of her father's cash from his wallet, she caught a cab and went to Doheney Beach.  There, she met the cult's leader, Lord Arachnid, and the Knights of Arachnos. She talked and chatted with each of them as well as over a dozen new followers. She considered most of the knights and followers 'a bit weird and touched', yet she was intrigued with them and continued talking with each of them, getting to know them...making a connection with each of them.

That's when the LAPD came out of nowhere, guns drawn on the Knights of Arachnos.  The Knights fought like warriors born, bellowing about their spider-god, Arachnos as they fought and killed the police.  As the fighting became more bloody, one Arachnos-follower next to Miranda was shot in the arm by the police.  Not wanting to see any more bloodshed, Miranda 'willed' herself and her new 'friends' to the house in Beverly Hills.

When she opened her eyes, the Knights of Arachnos and the dozen or so followers where all standing in the Beverly Hills home's living room.  Lord Arachnid knew immediately what her ability was.  With some coaxing, he got Miranda to 'will' them to a location she'd been to before, only a block away from a Church of Arachnos location. This time, when Miranda 'willed' them to that location, it was much easier for her to do.

Lord Arachnid, knowing this was a power that must be his and the knights' to control, told his fellow knight, Madame Widow, to use her mental powers to 'influence' Miranda into joining the cult and take orders from Lord Arachnid and the Knights of Arachnos.

Madame Widow's session with Miranda lasted only 3 minutes.

It didn't take much at this point to 'influence' Miranda that Arachnos was her new home and her new religion; she already believed it.

Today, Miranda, now known as "Orb Weaver" can transport people she has a connection with to any location on the planet (or potentially beyond) that she has been to at least once that she remembers.  Lately, she's even been good at grabbing up people from remote locations and bringing them to a single location at the same time.

Now controlled by Lord Arachnid, Orb Weaver uses her powers to transport the Knights of Arachnos and/or their followers to wherever Lord Arachnid wants her to send them to.  Orb Weaver does so willingly...because she now truly believes that her 'higher power' is indeed the cult's spider-god, Arachnos, and its priest is none other than Lord Arachnid himself.


Joshua Johnson


Ex-U.S. Army Infantryman who did five tours of duty in Afghanistan and four tours in Iraq and was later dishonorably discharged and sentenced to Leavenworth Federal Prison for his convictions in the brutal slaughter of civilians and children while overseas and in the United States.

At one point, SSGT (busted to Private after his convictions) Johnson was taken to a court in Los Angeles Country to testify against his leading officer, Lieutenant Marshall, also convicted of war crimes as was SSGT Johnson.  At the trial, the crazed spider-god worshiping cult, led by the Knights of Arachnos and its leader, Lord Arachnid, assaulted the courthouse and took off with SSGT Johnson.  Lord Arachnid had heard that SSGT Johnson had stolen old Soviet plans for powerful yet compact web bombs during his tour in Afghanistan.  Johnson said he did, but would only give them to Lord Arachnid if he could join his murderous cult to kill once again.  Lord Arachnid agreed, but under two conditions; one, that he serve Lord Arachnid and ultimately the tenants of their spider-god, Arachnos; two, that he be 'interviewed' by one of his 'advisors', Madame Web, allowing her to determine whether he was worthy of joining the Lord Arachnid's band of villains.  Johnson agreed.

In the 'interview' with Madame Web, she was shocked at the grim determination and desire Johnson  had to follow any rules allowing him to kill, even serving a spider-god and Lord Arachnid.  She'd never encountered anyone more willing to join the Knights of Arachnos than Johnson.  He was a true sociopathic killer patiently waiting to be let loose from his leash.

The next day, Johnson handed over the web bomb designs.  Several of Lord Arachnid's insane yet genius cult-followers were able to duplicate the designs and began mass production of standard issue web grenades and more powerful and voluminous web bombs, which were given to only a couple of Knights of Arachnos, but in whole to Johnson's new identity as "Snarebomber".

Armored in excellent body armor, Snarebomber carried an excellently powered energy rifle and multiple traps and devices, predominantly, web bombs.  The web bombs, when launched or thrown (or set to a timer), would explode outward, cocooning everything in strong yet thin and sticky composite-material fibers.  These cocoons would entrap a target, object or body completely, expanding outwardly like bubbles in a shaken-up Coke bottle.  These fibers would interweave amongst themselves, providing excellent binding.After a 15 minutes, the fibers would crystallize, becoming feeble and brittle.The bad thing was that these fibers, when entwined, did not allow for oxygen or air to get in, thus suffocating its victims.  it was also great in putting out fires as well as being used for excellent temporary body armor (so long as you can get air or get out of it).


Bound by the honor of his word to follow the Arachnos' cults edicts and Lord Arachnid's orders, Snarebomber, when loosed upon people, will do everything in his power to kill his assigned victims. 

Like a loyal soldier, Johnson will retreat when told to, however, on a couple of occasions, he's gone off 'hunting' on his own in the middle of the night without permission, leaving randomly cocooned bodies here and there.



Floyd Stein


An ex-member of the brilliant yet dangerous "Virtual Warriors" Internet Terrorist group (see Virtual Corsairs), Floyd was caught and incarcerated for his internet terrorist actions by the Los Angeles Country Court System, and had been serving a 20-year sentence...until fate and Arachnos changed everything for him.

Floyd,going through just another day in his LA prison cell, when an explosion knocked out his cell's walls and that of cell next to him.  Bewildered, yet unhurt, he walked through the gaping opening of the cell wal out onto the prison grounds to see dozens of armored troops in spider-looking armor engaging the prison guards.   A large, heavily armed stealth-looking aircraft landed but 100 yards from him.  He noticed his next-door cell mate, who was a well-know murderer and a convert into a cult called the "Church of Arachnos", was been escorted to the aircraft.  Floyd, seeing an opportunity, ran up to and with the troops and escaping cell neighbor.  One of the troops turned his rifle on Floyd and demanded to know if he believed in their spider-god, Arachnos; Floyd knew the only answer to give them to escape was 'yes',  He'd previously, through the prison gossip system, heard and learned of what this Church of Arachnos was about and had even memorized their 'tenants' that had been written down and passed around on toilet paper rolls through the prison.  That's why, when the trooper asked his next question what the 10th tenant of the Church of Arachnos was, Floyd was easily able to answer the question.  Boarding the aircraft, Floyd escaped his LA prison, and was now part of a vicious cult that he didn't believe in, yet Floyd was more free now than he was before.

During the flight, Floyd recognized the aircraft's control system was run through a particular software design he was familiar with.  He noted this and decided to keep that information to himself, knowing there were several 'back doors' to the software that even the US Federal Government knew of and might exploit against the Arachnos' place should they ever figure it out.

Hours later, Floyd was brought before Lord Arachnid, who quizzed him thoroughly as well as tested him about his dedication. Lord Arachnid was cautious about him and instead decided to kill him when Floyd mentioned the aircraft's software 'back door' to its operating system and the ramifications if anyone accessed it.  Lord Arachnid was impressed to hear this, however, he decided to put him to the test; a complete internet takedown of their next target, Leavenworth Prison in Kansas.

With his incredible skills in hacking, rerouting and jamming, Floyd not only shutdown all electronic alarms and communications in and out of the prison, but convinced them the attack was simply a drill. The guards never knew what hit them.  The Knights of Arachnos made off with over two dozen new recruits in that run.

Provided a new armored suit, special web grande and bomb weapons, as well as a high powered, high speed link to the internet, satellites and microwave communications devices,the new "Webmaster" has not only become a virtual terrorist, but an armored combatant in a hive of psychotic killer; a hive he doesn't believe in, yet is content to pretend he is one of them.