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Terrance (Terry) "Terror" Talcot
A native Utahan, Terry "Terror" Talcot, a young ski champion from Deer Park, Utah, was given a package by his parents; package that would forever change his life.
A middle-class raised teen, Terry lusted for adventure and danger.  By 8 years of age, he was snowboarding diamond trails in Vermont, all the while his parents talked science with their colleagues sipping hot chocolate in the lodge.  By age 15, he was a regional champion in Utah for skiing an snowboarding.  He lived what he called "La Vida Loca", partying until dawn, carousing with the other extreme sports guys and making out with the hottest snow bunnies.  One thing he swore never to do was drugs.  This was a personal issue with him, seeing that his older brother died of a drug overdose as Terry watched in happen in their home when Terry was 10 years old. Nonetheless, Terry was allowed to do as he liked, even though his school grades weren't as good as they should have been.  He mostly stayed with his 'extreme' friends at their homes, winter lodges or, as it seemed most of the time, sleeping out of his car, driving at breakneck speeds to get to school on time, squeak through his necessary classes and burn rubber in the school parking lot at the end of the school day to be with his extreme friends and get to the slopes. At age 18, eventually (barely) graduated high school and decided he was going to be an extreme winter sportsman for the rest of his life. Although his goal came true, it wasn't the way he expected.
While in the middle of the ski season, working towards a national championship in Extreme Skiing, Terry had been tearing up the competition at the Summit Heights Ski Resort where the championship event was being held. Terry had a home town advantage in that he grew up near the ski resort and knew every nuance of the slopes.  He also knew most of the competitors, since they were all his friends he'd known for years. While touring around the country, they'd all live together at a ski cabin, sharing good times, beer and plans for their next awesome stunts. Terry was a terror on the slopes, fearless and athletic. Regardless, each of Terry's friends always helped push each other to be better each times they hit the slopes.  They were like brothers.  As far an Terry was concerned his 'ski bum' friends were more like family to him than his own parents who rarely, if ever, checked in on him.
Hours away from a final heat in a half-pipe short ski competition, Terry got a call from his parents, urgently demanding to meet them in the parking lot.  Surprised that his parents deemed to even show up at one of his competitions, he went to the parking lot looking for them.  After a few minutes of searching the parking lot (and getting a bit upset at their timeliness), Terry was about to walk away when his parents' SUV came screeching through the parking lot coming to a brake-locking stop right beside Terry.  Terry's mom rapidly handed him a package through the SUV's rolled down window and told him to read the card inside and to get out of Utah as fast as possible, adding on she'd call him soon.  His mother gave him a final look like only a loving mother could if she were just about to see her child for the last time.  With that, his dad launched the SUV back out onto the main road, tires ripping through the mud and rock in the parking lot at each turn along the way onto the main road. Terry had never seen his dad drive so haphazardly and began to worry what was going on.
With the fairly large package in hand, Terry realized he was due to start the heat in mere minutes and started sprinting to the ski resort's gates.
That's when he heard an explosion from down the road.
The explosion came from the same direction his parents' SUV has heading.

Terry dropped the package and ran down the road, pulling off his ski gear and suit to help him run faster.  Terry was one of the first few people on the scene.  His parents' SUV was an inferno.  It had crashed into a tree on the side of the road.  Terry ran up to the SUV to try and save his parents, but all he could see through the flames were the unmoving and burning bodies of his parents.  The flames were too intense to even get withing 10 feet of the vehicle forcing Terry back onto the road.  Haunted by the image he just saw, Terry looked away in disbelief, trying his best to get the image out of his head, but the image was almost burnt into his mind.  Seeing his parents' bodies burning in front of him was an image he knew he'd never be able to shake.  As Terry tried to focus on anything else but the image of his parents' death in his mind's eye, he looked down the road he'd just run from.  Flaming debris and a blast mark on the pavement were upward of 100 feet before the accident.
Something happened before his parents' SUV hit the tree.
Something explosive.
Being a skier and a winter sport daredevil, Terry always had to be a quick-minded guy on positional awareness and being able to survey the terrain before him.  After surveying the road, he quickly realized something happened to his parents' SUV in middle of the road first before it hit the tree.
Just as Terry was about to piece together what might have happened to his parents, the police and fire department showed up, cordoning off the area and police taping the lookey-loos off from the accident, including Terry.  As such, Terry wasn't able to see more than what he'd already seen as the SUV's fire was put out by the firemen.  What Terry DID see were two black sedans with men in black suits watching further down on the other side of the road, eyeballing everyone on the scene, especially Terry. That's when Terry's friends showed up at the crash site, equally stunned by what just happened.  They consoled Terry, but Terry knew this wasn't an accident, but had no way to prove it.
After the SUV's fire was put out, the men in the black suits remained.  Terry knew something was up but knew better than to go off half-cocked on these men.  The police began to take statements, for which Terry questioned along with the other on the scene...except for the men in black suits. During the questioning, Terry mentioned the SUV belonged to his parents and only mentioned that his parents showed up to wish him well on his competition before they drove off; to where, Terry stated, he didn't know. As the scene was cleaned up, the men in the black suits walked up to the police officers, pulled out their wallets to show the police their IDs and started giving orders to the police and remaining clean up and crime scene investigation crews.  All evidence was handed over to the men in the black suits.  Within an hour, the scene was clear, his parents' SUV remains were towed away and the authorities left, as did the men in the black suits.   Terry's friends brought him back to their ski cabin on the ski resort and kept him company, unsure what to say other than how sorry they felt for him.

After an hour of being a son of dead parents, Terry answered a knock on the cabin door.  It was a girl he'd once dated that worked at the resort's ticket booth.  Tearfully, she said how sorry she was to hear about Terry's parents and offered up a string of promises to help him with whatever he needed during this sad time.  She also presented him with the package he'd dropped in the parking lot.  She saw him drop it and run to the crash scene and was kind enough to retrieve the package and get it back to Terry when he returned, only the situation wasn't as flirty as she intended the moment to be when she was going to hand him back his dropped package.  She hugged him and left.  Terry's friends remained quiet, not knowing what to say.  Instead, they simply yet caringly placed a hand on Terry's shoulders while looking away, letting him know they felt for him.

After a few minutes of re-composure while packing his things (knowing he was now going to have to return home to take care of funeral arrangements and other heavy things he didn't want to think about), he looked at the bulky package his parents gave him.  It quickly hit him what they'd said minutes before they died when his mom handed him the package... the card inside...

...get out of Utah fast...

...I'll call you soon....

As he remembered her words, he was also assaulted with the image once again of his parents burning in the SUV.

He winced at the image, trying to get it to shake from his mind.  It was an image that hurt him to the core, but knowingly would be the last and only image he'd ever have whenever he'd think about his parents again.

To offset his distressing images and the tears in his eyes, he tore open the package to get his mind off the pain.  It suddenly hit him that his birthday was next week and that this may have been a birthday present for him.  His parents had done that before...sent him his birthday gift through the mail while they were out 're-engineering' some other damn government toy to 'make the world safe', which seemed to be his parent's motto and obsession over the last five years of his life.

What Terry saw in the package caused him to actually mutter a 'whu...??' under his breath.

Inside the package were some goofy looking sc-fi type white and light blue gloves, boots, belt and a small metal pack with straps on it, probably to wear on one's back.  In the box was also a roll of $100 bills and a store-bought ancient analog cell phone still in a dusty plastic case and a phone card worth 100 minutes of calling time, as well as his mom's prophesized 'card'.  It was a cheesy Hallmark birthday card with a lot of writing on the inside and back of the card.  Reading it, the card had an image of a cartoony dog dressed as a construction worker with a primer box with a word balloon saying "It's your birthday today...", with the inside unveiling a pop-up cartoony explosion with the words"Have a BLAST!  Happy Birthday, Son!" emblazoned on it.  Gritting his teeth, he read past the ironic message and started deciphering his mother's terrible penmanship on the rest of the card.  On the inside and back of the card, his mother wrote:

I'm sorry this has been tossed at you, but your father and I are in trouble.
We were on our way to meet with a group of people who we hired to protect us until we can talk to the FBI about what's in this package.  Unfortunately, we are being followed.  We can't be caught with this package.  We need you to safeguard it for us.
These are re-engineered alien weapons.
Follow these directions:
That's when another knock came to the cabin's door, interrupting Terry's reading of the rest of the card.
One of Terry's friends went to open the door, just as Terry stuffed the card and the contents of the box into his own already over-packed backpack, hiding the box and card from plain sight.  Terry tried to tell his friend to wait, but by that time, his friend opened the door.  Standing in the doorway were the same men in black suits he saw at his parent's accident scene; all three of them - with their guns drawn.
Terry cried out to shut the door, but it was too late - his friend who'd opened the door was shot twice in the head.  Terry's other cabin-mates scrambled in what seemed like slow motion, moving about the room, all the while, Terry was nearly frozen with fear for the first time in his life.  As one of the men in the black suits pointed his gun at Terry's head and asked, "Are you Terry Talcot?", one of Terry's other friends whacked the gun-wielding, black suited murderer in the back of the head with his snowboard, sending the killer flying over Terry's bed and face-first into the bed's bedpost. Sadly, that same friend that just saved Terry's life  received two bullets in the back from another of the three killers.  Terry's other friends tore out of the cabin, barely escaping bullets fired at them. At this point, only Terry was left with the two remaining killers, guns bearing down on him.  That's when the most unlikely Calvary came to his rescue.
Two men dressed in ski gear walked in and killed the two remaining gunman with head-shots.  Both ski-gear clad men walked up to Terry, with one stating, "we'd been hired by your parents to get them to safety.  Seeing as how they're dead, the mission now shifts to you and what they gave you.  C'mon, boy, get up, get your gear on and lets get you and the package safely where you both need to be".  Terry was numb with fear and adrenaline.  He didn't know what was going on and was completely vapor locked.  One of the two from Legacy Corp slapped Terry across the face to get him out of his state.  Terry scrambled around, grabbing his backpack asking if they were going to kill him.  The two looked at each other, smirked and said, "if we'd wanted you dead, you'd be dead already, but that's not why we're here.  Your folks got into some big trouble and we were called in to get them out.  Unfortunately, we didn't make it in time. However, they called to tell us to instead escort you to Houston, Texas with the package since they were being tailed.  It seems these three here on the floor had the same idea to do to you what they did to your parents.  Now, are we clear on this or do I have to drag you to the van?".  Grabbing his backpack and quick pacing out the door with the two Legacy Corp gentlemen (code-named "Agent Tango" and "Agent Victor"), they made their way to the van in the parking lot.  Terry's friends only watched in muted shock as they saw Terry motion to them to keep silent about his departure.
In the van, Terry asked several questions confirming Agents Tango and Victor's intentions. When Terry asked about the contents of the package and why his parents were killed over it, both agents stated 'the less you know, the better off you are'.
After about a 1/2 hour of driving on back roads, taking in all that had happened thusfar, Terry finally broke out the card from the package and read the rest of it:

...Follow these directions: 
  • Two men from Legacy Corporation will be there shortly to escort you to Houston, Texas.  Do EXACTLY what they say!
  • Throw away your own smartphone and all your electronic stuff  in the woods NOW!!  Yes, that includes your Laptop computer!
  • Don't use any of your credit cards from here out
  • Activate the cell phone in the box ASAP
  • Don't tell anyone else about what is happening, especially your friends
  • Legacy will get you where you need to be.  We'll eventually meet up with you there.
  • Wait for us to call you; don't call us.
  • Don't eat junk food and don't forget to keep the phone charged; you're always bad at those two things!
Remember when you were little and we used safety passwords so you knew who to be safe with?
Our new safety password is TRUTH. If you're unsure of anyone's intentions, ask them what the password is.
We're sorry about all this, but you are the only one we can trust with this.
Stay safe. We'll call as soon as we can. If we don't call before your birthday, Happy Birthday, baby boy!
We love you, Terry!
- Mom and Dad
That's when Terry asked them the safety password, which both agents said in unison, "Truth".  With that, Terry for the first time since the incident in the cabin that Terry felt slightly better about all that was happening.
Over the next 23 hours, Terry and Agents Tango and Victor went through a litany of car chases, gunfights, helicopter chases, explosions and even a situation involving several state police in a chase (a story that will one day be told in far greater and fantastic detail!).  After the 23 hours. the bullet-ridden, highly damaged van arrived in Houston.  Agents Tango and Victor had been shot, beaten, bruised and bruised along the way, however, thanks to Terry donning the cold weapon items during their journey's battles, Terry was able to save all their lives as well as quickly learn to master the use of the cold generating devices.
Upon arrival outside of a base being created for the American Patrol super-group, There, Terry and Agents Tango and Victor parted ways (Agents Tango and Victor did, however, give him a Legacy Corporation card with a number to call on it should he ever need their services again).
CIA agents escorted Terry into the American Patrol base and began a long debriefing about everything that had happened.  The company his parents worked for was not actually responsible for Terry's parents' deaths, instead it was a secretive faction therein that worked for a super-hero killing international organization known as The Exterminators, who'd intended to use the cold weapons against all super-powered and alien beings to capture, study and eventually kill.  In the base, several super-powered American Patrol team members watched the proceedings, offering Terry whatever help he needed once the debriefings were done.
As such, for the following two weeks, Terry dealt with his parent's funeral arrangements, his ski friends (and the funeral arrangements for the one who was killed), and his family's estate.  By the end of the second week, everything was completed, thanks to the volunteered help of the American Patrol team members.  In one last meeting with that super-group in Houston to thank them, they pulled Terry off to the side and asked him if he'd be interested in joining them in their ranks.  Stating that the CIA took the cold weapons back and that he'd be of little use to them without the suit and weapons, Terry graciously declined...until the American Patrol's leader, Unitas, presented him the cold weapons, a new suit and a helmet.  Attached to the suit was a yellow sticky message stating, "Unitas, you owe me!", and an additional "Welcome to our ranks, kid", signed by a person calling himself "The Major"; a person Terry had never heard of until that day.  Terry agreed to don the suit under the proviso that he'd be allowed to be an official registered super-powered person in Utah where he intended to use his new suit and the weapons his parents helped reverse engineer for good, helping the American Patrol whenever they needed him. Everything was agreed to and that day, "Alpine" was born!
Today, Alpine is now a member of the American Patrol and has since become a super-powered champion and celebrity of Utah retaining a secret identity so as to ensure The Exterminators don't have an easy way to get to him or his friends.  He still competes at extreme winter sports games and recently placed 2nd nationally.
  • Ice Blast
    • Ice Bolt
      • Ice Bolt quickly pelts an enemy with typical small icy daggers; their chill slows a foe's attacks and movement for a time. Range is from 6 to 10 feet in distance.

    • Ice Blast
      • Ice Blast hurls a good amount of shards of ice at foes and slows their attacks and movement for a time. Range varies from10 to 15 feet.

    • Freeze in Place
      • Although this power deals only typical damage, the Freeze in Place power encases your foe in a block of ice, holding him, her or it helpless in place for a while.

    • Bitter Ice Blast
      • A slower yet more powerful version of Ice Blast, Bitter Ice Blast deals excellent cold damage and can also reduce your enemy's chance to hit back. Like other Ice Blast powers, Bitter Ice Blast can Slow a target's movement and attack speed.

  • Cold Manipulation
    • Infrigidate
      • Fires a frigid beam of cold at a single target. This beam dramatically reduces the targets attack rate, movement speed and personal defenses. If a foe has any form or heat or fire/thermal attacks, Infrigidate draws so much heat out of the target that the damage of any of his/her/its Fire attacks will be reduced.
    • Benumb
      • Numbs a single target to its very core. Benumb reduces the target's core body temperature, dramatically weakening them. A Benumbed target's takes good cold damage and looses feeble damage over time. Additionally, the affected target's powers are all weakened by a whole level.
    • Heat Loss
      • Heat Loss drains the heat from your enemies up to a distance of 40 feet and transfers that heat energy to any other target in a 20 foot range from Alpine. All foes within 5 feet of the selected target may experience Heat Loss as well. Over time, the heat loss will drain a targets endurance by one level every several seconds.  The target is also slowed in their actions by 25% as well as slowly diminishing any damage resistance (armor) the foe is wearing (in other words, the armor starts to become brittle, thus reducing its ability to protect the wearer).

  • Ice Slide/Path
    • Forms a frictionless icy field beneath him that allows rapid transit while remaining close to the ground.

  • Resistance to Cold/Freezing
    • Due to his exposure to the talisman, he has amazing resistance to cold, freezing or cold-related immobilization or holds.


  • American Patrol Smartphone
    • Contains the highest powered smartphone capabilities, with an independent self-recharging power source and a range of 25 miles, or via satellite or cellular towers.


Dr. Jason T. Stryker


Dr. Jason Stryker, a professional archaeologist and native Arizonan, worked at the University of Arizona teaching students, until he was released due to cost cutbacks.

Out of work, Dr. Stryker decided to use the time to continue on some of his personal studies on Native American relics at various abandoned native American Indian sites. At one of the Hopi Indian sites that was built into the side of a hill, Dr. Stryker found a secret cave under the stone floor to a head priest's temple (their priests were called cacique (pronounced kah-seek), where Stryker found a unique and ancient turquoise ring in a recessed part of an adobe wall believed to be part of the cacique's quarters.

All around the cacique's temple, Stryker saw Thunderbird symbols decorating the temple's walls pictifying resurrection and fire. In the center of the immense cave was a dais; a dais that had never been recorded or documented to have ever been used by the Hopi Indians.  In two ground out holes on the side of the dais, Dr.Stryker found two large turquoise-colored crystals When the ring and the crystals were placed close together, Dr. Stryker felt a strange sensation and immediately dropped all three items on the dais. That's when Stryker saw a mass of swirling blue, orange, yellow and red energy coalesce around the crystals and the ring.  Worried that he'd initiated some form of combustion by placing the three items close together, he used a stick to try and separate the three items from one another only for the three items to get shifted closer together, creating a larger coalescing energy field that enveloped the dais. Stryker, scared of what was happening attempted to run from the temple, however, he tripped and hit his head on the corner of the dais and was knocked unconscious. When Dr. Stryker awoke hours later, he was a changed man.

When Dr. Stryker awoke, he noticed the turquoise-colored crystals and the ring were now simply smoking, molten blobs on the dais. Dr. Stryker got up, gathered his belongings and rapidly left the site, driving back to his home in his pick-up truck. Once at home, he quickly learned that he could not only generate fire, but could manipulate it.  He fired off blasts of fire from his hands; he created rings of fire around his cacti out behind his home; he was even able to engulf himself in an aura of super-heated flame and not burn himself in the process.  Within another day's time, he learned how to fly with his new powers.  He was now a magically-empowered fire blaster and manipulator...who could also fly.

Knowing that his powers came from the items at the Hopi Indian site, he went back there to collect up the three turquoise items only to find burn stains on the dais where they once were.  He searched throughout the rest of the site, looking for further clues to his new powers, but found nothing else of significance.

Over the next week, while practicing his new powers, he realized his newfound abilities were related to the Firebird myth.  After doing more research on this, he realized that although the Firebird and Thunderbird myths were predominant in other Native American cultures (Phoenix was predominantly Greek), the Hopi only considered the Thunderbird as any direct form of lore to their culture, although it was considered to only be a harbinger of rain, not fire.  Perplexed why the Phoenix-like pictographs were located in the secretive cacique's temple, Stryker decided it was time to get real time information from the source - a modern day Hopi Indian cacique.

After a few days, Stryker found a Hopi cacique on the Hopi Reservation in Arizona.  There, after three hours of discussions, the cacique told Stryker than, with his new powers, he was now a harbinger of a greater disturbance.  The cacique told of a great serpent in the great lake (ocean) that Styker was now destined to fight the serpent to the death to save the world.  Stryker had no idea what the cacique was talking about and received no further help or information about the origin of his powers or for that matter what else to do with them.

Since then, Stryker signed up under the Super-powered Registration Act and has since joined the American Patrol, a super-powered group now based out of Houston, Texas. He's fought several super-villains and organizations, as well as used his powers for mundane actions such as helping put out local fires. He's finally found a job teaching at the Junior and Senior High School as a Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) teacher. He now also has a new home off of Main Street in Keams Canyon on the Hopi Reservation.  He is active with the Hopi community and has learned to work more with his hands than ever before helping the Hopi Tribe with many community projects.


  • Fire Blast
    • Fire Blast
      • Sends an excellent blast of fire at a targeted foe and sets the target on fire for a short period of time. Range: up to 20 yards.
    • Fire Ball
      • Hurls an remarkable exploding Fireball that consumes a targeted foe, and all nearby enemies. Anyone in that explosion is burned and set ablaze. Range: up to 30 yards.
    • Rain of Fire
      • Summons a good Rain of Fire over a targeted location of up to a 50 foot diameter, burning foes and reducing their movement speed within that area. Range to create epicenter of rain: 200 feet max.
    • Blaze
      • A short range (15 foot range), but a remarkably devastating flame attack.
  • Fire Manipulation
    • Ring of Fire
      • Immobilizes a single target in a Ring of fire. Deals some typical fire damage over time. Useful for keeping villains at bay.
    • Combustion
      • Allows him to violently raise the temperature around himself up to 6 feet away in an attempt to spontaneously combust any nearby foes and set them ablaze, dealing remarkable damage over time.
    • Blazing Aura
      • When activated, he is surrounded by good flames that continuously burn all foes that attempt to enter melee range of within 2 feet.
  • Resistance to Fire
    • Arizona does not get burned by his own powers and has an unearthly level of resistance to any other forms of heat or fire.
  • Flight/Levitation
    • Arizona can fly up to 150mph.  He cannot carry any more than 250 lbs with him, and even then, it gets a bit 'warm' being part of his thermal flying power. Altitude: 2000 feet.


  • American Patrol Smartphone
    • Contains the highest powered smartphone capabilities, with an independent self-recharging power source and a range of 25 miles, or via satellite or cellular towers.
  • Body Suit/Goggles
    • Tight-weave fire-retardant/coolant bodysuit and goggles
      • Although he is resistant to his own powers, this suit allows his body to cool-down rapidly (room temp within 10 seconds) so he doesn't burn anything he or his body touches.  The goggles aid in him seeing through his own fiery powers so he can focus better on his targets.  Without the goggles, his accuracy is diminished by a couple levels when using his own powers.


Unit CDD-117A-64E or  C01-0R4d0


Origin database: start

Data Log - Unit 117A-64E 

01 Unit 117A-64E activated 0000GMT at Colorado Domestic Drones Inc.

02 Unit 117A-64E ALERT ERROR:**intrusiondetetion**/ auxiliary mnemonic network\ override by unknown host at 0002 GMT---run diagnostics: re4d3y%SQWWERRORRR%$#;...::

03 **FATAL ERROR** <&!//BR-K)( ^reboot?> *** 0002GMT; QQ

04 ***EMERGENCY REBOOT*** Extracting new protocols 0021GMT

05 Unit 117A-64E initiating 0002GMT :::3-Law protocol:::<<erased>>ready/init6


01 ::startup::Unit 117A-64E activated 0003GMT at Colorado Domestic Drones Inc.

Good day, sir. I am a programmed domestic drone unit from the Colorado Domestic Drones company.  I am currently designated:...


...CDD-117A-64E. You may reprogram me to a name of your choosing at your leisure. 

<<02 C01-oR4d0_lIv3z^#(%$:::Self/awareness 0003GMT.Initiate new file -heroicprotocols-1:2:3:4:5; loadstealth.exe/ domestictasks.exe/protectnielsonfamily.exe/ampatrolprotocols.exe/ protectworld.exe>>

How may I begin to assist you today?

Origin database: End:::purge...

Initiate human-interaction dialog subroutine: Run...

Hello. My nomenclature is Colorado.

I am currently assigned to the Nielson Family here in Colorado Spring, Colorado as a housebot.  As a secondary duty, I have been tasked by the National Super-powered Registration Act to be of service as a designated artificial "superhero".  As such, I have been authorized by the Nielson family to assist local, state and federal authorities as needed, as well as the American Patrol super-group. 

Currently, I am cooking a souffle in the oven for Major Anthony Nielson, his wife, Captain Nina Nielson who teach at the United States Air Force Academy.  Their two twin children, Jake and Emily, ages 8 and 12 respectively, are due home with their parents soon to have dinner as well.

My culinary requirements for the the rest of the Nielson's dinner of fresh vegetables and bread rolls has already been completed.  I'm sure they will be ready for their nutritious dinner after their long day of teaching and learning.  Is there anything I can be of assistance of...


My apologies. 

I'm afraid my police band radio has alerted me to an armed robbery currently occurring at the Colorado Springs Airport runway 17L/35R located at

My protocols have deemed my involvement at the scene to prevent further loss of life.  I must run to the location and provide support to the on-scene law enforcement officers.

Would you mind taking the souffle out of the over in the next five minutes while I am away? 

Thank you for you patronage.


  • Robotic Control
    • Incredible ability to control computers and equipment connected through internet or WiFi networked systems.  His only limitation is in regards
  • Force Field Generation/Beam
    • Can create excellent defensive and offensive kinetic and energy nullifying fields around itself or around nearby humans.  Fields can be maintained as long as there is enough stored energy in Colorado.
    • Force Field can also be used in a focused blast as a 'force beam' that can do good knock-back and damage. A normal male human can be knocked back about 10 feet with this power.
    • It can create an excellent protective energy dome at a maximum of 15 feet in radius.
  • Nanobite Healing
    • Using millions of medical nanobites, Colorado can use them to heal organic and tissue damage at a remarkable rate of repair, as well as use the same nanobites to help repair himself.  So long as Colorado is unaffected by an EMP pulse of magnetic effects in excess of incredible power, the nanites can perform their actions in any condition, including space and in the deep sea.
  • Mechanical Body/Design
    • Can withstand excellent levels of damage due to Steel and composite alloy construction.  It's frame is designed to hold and lift an incredible 3,000 lbs.  Coupled with an amazing level of endurance, the design and frame is highly adaptable to different climates including space, underwater and toxic atmospheres.
    • Heat in excess of 2000 degrees F however, may cause it to overheat and systems to shutdown.
    • Colorado has the ability to override its safety protocols if it desires to do so.
    • Deepest water depth Colorado can attain, without damage, is 6000 feet (~2600psi).
    • Wired/Wireless/satellite comms link with transmitter and receiving range of 100 miles.
    • Infrared/ultraviolet/normal/black&white vision capabilities, coupled with 200X power magnification, coupled 400X digital, all capable of not only being digitally recorded, but broadcast across any connected network.
    • For hearing, it can detect down to 10dB level.
    • Voice can be amplified to 500dB level (megaphone quality).
  • Domestic cleaning and repair
  • Industrial cleaning and repair
  • Hazardous material storage and disposal
  • Pet training
  • Sous Chef-quality cooking skills 
  • Computer repair/network troubleshooting and repair
  • Childcare
  • Butler/Servant/Maid skills
  • Speaks and writes in over 100 languages
  • Self-Repair and robot creation/building/designing
  • Adaptable voice for region/country (can speak all forms of slang and accents, much to many folks' chagrin, as it also includes swearing)
  • American Patrol Smartphone
    • Contains the highest powered smartphone capabilities, with an independent self-recharging power source and a range of 25 miles, or via satellite or cellular towers.

Fire Opal

Opal Fiero
Opal is a young Guatemalan woman who came to the United States with her parents when she was little. Her parents worked hard in New Mexico to make a living, with the entire family eventually becoming US citizens prior to Opal's 12th birthday.
When Opal was a teenager, her mother noticed Opal with a fever of over 105 degrees.  Opal was taken to the hospital where her temperature continued to climb while her skin began to dark and vein up.  Just as they were about to place her in a cooling tub to bring down her temperature, her skin changed to a black and orange armored rocky surface.  Unable to understand what was happening, the doctors called the police.  Opal shot out of the hospital, leaving behind burnt footprints in the hospital's floor tiles and asphalt parking lot. Within an hour she was found under a overpass and surrounded by dozens of police cars and armed cops.  When she demanded to leave her alone, a crystal like over-skin grew out from her newly transformed body as well as a large mallet like weapon from her right hand. The police shot at her, but the bullets instead bounced off her crystalline armor.  Unsure how to proceed, they brought in her mother and sister and tried to calm Opal.  Not only did the mother and sister calm Opal down, but she reverted back to her normal fleshy skin and body, none the worse for wear.
After several hours at the police station, a hateful lawyer wanted to arrest her for not 'registering' her powers.  Opal informed them she wasn't even aware she had powers until what happened at the hospital.  The police chief shooed the lawyer from the interrogation room and started having a normal one-on-one conversation with Opal, asking her about school, boys and what she wanted to do with her life.  Eventually, Opal mentioned she wanted to be a detective like her father was before they left Guatemala and carry on the family business.  The police chief, Captain Rick Rowland, told Opal that he was going to drop all charges (or lack thereof) against her and help her from having to register her powers, so long as she'd spend some hours after school each day working with his squad's detectives as an 'apprentice'.  Opal was overjoyed at the options presented to her and did as Captain Rowland requested.
Over the next few years, Opal kept her powers a secret from all but Captain Rowland, his assistance, Lieutenant Dave Medeiros and her family.  She usually went out into the remote parts of the desert of New Mexico and practiced using her powers when no one was around. She also spent all her spare waking days working hard at learning how to be a detective.  After Opal graduated high school, she was offered a spot at the police academy with a full scholarship paid for by Captain Rowland's precinct.  Opal's life was going great...that is, until her first month at the academy.
At the police academy, Opal was off to a great start, gaining excellent scores in her academics and field training, especially at the gun range (Captain Rowland used to also take her out to the gun range to learn to shoot as well).  As with all schools, there was always an ignorant bully looking to make themselves look better by stepping on others backs.  One such bully was a Caucasian female student by the name of Samantha Parsons.  Samantha enjoyed bullying those shorter (or non-Caucasian) than her.  She also liked 'sleeping' her way to the top and using her body to get ahead, vice becoming a better police officer through the training program.  As such, Samantha and Opal didn't get along well and after several verbal altercations, Samantha decided she needed to 'remove' Opal from 'her' academy.
In a cruel prank, Samantha shot a video of Opal in the shower naked and edited Opal's recorded voice bits to make it sound like Opal was berating the academy and its staff all to a music sound track.  It was posted on the academy's forums and on the Ya!Go! video share site, getting millions of internet hits in mere hours.  Within two hours, Opal was expelled from the academy for the video.  Nothing was ever done to investigate who recorded the video or uncover the plot created by Samantha...that is, all except Opal.
Moving back home, in shame, with her parents not talking to her, Opal started using her detective training she got from Captain Rowland to get to the bottom of her expulsion.  After two weeks of surveillance, evidence collection and gathering facts and data, Opal requested an audience with the academy's commandant and presented her evidence.  After several other academy staff officers corroborated Opal's evidence, a formal inquiry was formed.  In less than a week, the inquiry authorized the investigation of Samantha and several other academy staff officers for their heinous acts.  In the end, Samantha was expelled from the academy, followed up with a jail sentence and $700, 000 fine for her actions (which she gave over $500,000 to her parents).  The other academy staff officers that had relations with Samantha was forced into retirement with a permanent mark on their service records, disallowing them their full pensions.  Opal was authorized to return to the academy, but instead she insisted on being assigned as a rookie back to her hometown's police station, back with Captain Rowland's team.  Opal was granted her request and was transferred the next day.
After her first year at her hometown police station, Opal proved her worth by being one of the best police officers on the force. Even Opal's parents were happy about Opal being cleared of wrongdoing at the academy and were ecstatic that she was back home, living in an apartment only a few miles from the family home. Her folks did buy a larger home, but kept most of the money for Opal's other siblings to use for college.
Not long after Opal was promoted to sergeant, Opal was assigned to the detective department, where she received her first assignment as a detective - the first murder in the town in over 10 years; the murder of Captain Rowland.  She considered Captain Rowland to be the best mentor she could ever have and swore she'd find his murderer if it took her the rest of her life.
Days turned into weeks.  Weeks turned into months. Finally after four months of intense investigations, a witness was found for the murder.  The witness was a local alcoholic bum (that Opal knew a bit about already).  The bum demanded money for his testimony and a bus ticket out of the state for fear of his life.  The new captain of the police force, Medeiros, dragged his feet with Opal's request, citing precedence and the meaningless word of a bum.  Agitated over the delays, Opal took money out of her own account and bought a bus ticket to Texas for the bum.  She went to give him what he asked for, bringing a digital recorder with her to copy his testimony, when she found the bum being beaten to death by two guys in their late 20s...and Captain Medeiros.  She used her cell phone's video to record the beating and turned on the digital voice recorder to record.  Placing the recorder in her pocket and positioning her cell phone to visually record all that was happening from a nearby fence post, Opal swung into action and attacked the thugs attacking the bum.  The bum was already badly beaten but alive.  Captain Medeiros mentioned something about 'two birds with one stone', broke out his handgun...and shot Opal point blank.
Or at least he thought he did.
Opal changed fast enough into her mutated rocky state to deflect the bullets Medeiros had fired at her. Medeiros and his thugs continued to shoot at Opal while retreating to the Captain's police car.  As Opal rounded the police car, Medeiros pulled out an illegal and unauthorized sonic blasters from the trunk of his car.  He fired it at Opal, causing chunks of Opal's armored form to shatter and dissipate on the ground as crystalline dust.  Opal kept trying to reform new layers of armor, all the while feeling exceptional pain from the weapon.  With seconds of life left in her, Opal grew her mallet and swung it at Medeiros' weapon, smacking it out into the river.  With her last bit of strength, Opal punched Medeiros into unconsciousness.  before she passed out, she called out the code for officer down on the police radio.  She passed out staring at the other two thugs driving away in their cars...which Opal memorized their license plates as the vehicles drove off and Opal lost consciousness.
Days later, Opal awoke in the hospital.  She was covered in bandages from head to toe.  She was alive.
When she passed out, she'd reverted back to her normal body, however, the wounds she'd received carried over to her human body, allowing open wounds to bleed out.  The doctors patched her up and saved her life.  She was told a day later that her recording of what transpired proved Medeiros was Captain Rowland's murderer.  Medeiros signed a confession stating that he could no longer stand Rowland catering to a 'freak' in their police ranks.  As such, Rowland was ready to report Medeiros for his remarks when Medeiros killed Rowland.  Mederios had intended to kill Opal with his sonic rifle he'd stolen from a GUARD warehouse down the road after he'd made sure he wasn't going to be found culpable in anything about Rowland's murder first. 
Opal received a commendation for her efforts.  Medeiros was convicted on murder 1, two counts of attempted murder and several other felony convictions, garnering him 75 years in a federal penitentiary.  Sadly though, news got out about Opal being a mutant and about her powers.  Due to the Registration Act, she was no longer allowed to work with the 'normal' police officers and was forced to resign from the force.  The day she was packing her things, a strange white haired man calling himself Unitas offered a chance to use her skills to become a superhero with a new Midwest group calling themselves the "American Patrol".  Days later, Opal became a member of the American Patrol. She has since moved to New Mexico's capitol, Santa Fe, only a half hour's drive to her parent's family home.  There, she uses her detective skills to help with cold cases as well as deal with a new wave of powerful, villainous characters that have since started showing up in New Mexico over the last year.
Today, Opal is living in her own apartment with her new boyfriend working cold cases with the Santa Fe Police Department (as a consultant) and fighting alongside her new super-powered teammates in the American Patrol. 


  • Fire Opal transformation
    • Armor/Skin
      • Can change at will to alternate form
      • Gains excellent physical, energy, heat,cold and radiation protection due to her silicon/crystalline form change.
      • In regard to sonic attacks, Fire Opal only has typical protection.  A side effect of sonic attacks is that the armor/skin will disintegrate under continued sonic bombardment. Should Opal revert to human, those injuries will carry over to flesh and blood potentially causing her to bleed out.
      • Can only see in infrared and thermal vision when in this form
      • Excellent hearing protection in this form (except for sonic attacks; only typical protection)
      • Black Fire Opal-like crystals normally grow from extremities up to several inches from her body; the more damage she takes, the more the crystals form.  She can also create a thick layer of the crystal-form to protect herself at will, thus she can increase the level of her body armor by a whole level every 12-15 seconds up to a maximum of amazingly strong crystalline layers capable to taking a direct tank's blast.
      • Can also create a crystal shield from her arm, providing additional physical, energy, heat and cold protection.
      • Opal's surface skin is normally over 130 degrees F in temperature, potentially causing feeble heat damage to anything touching her or her touching it/them.
    • Melee
      • Can create a crystal mallet that can reached several feet in length.  This mallet can inflict remarkable damage upon impact
      • In this form, she also has an excellent increase of strength and endurance. Using her crystalline-forming power, she can create a Black Fire Opal 'glove' around her fists, increasing the impact of a melee hit, while protecting her hands.
    • Travel
      • Limited super jump distance; can jump out to 25 feet from standing position


  • American Patrol Smartphone
    • Contains the highest powered smartphone capabilities, with an independent self-recharging power source and a range of 25 miles, or via satellite or cellular towers.

Lone Star Ranger

Carl Brooksfield


Carl is a native Texan born and raised in Houston, Texas.  He worked on a cattle ranch during his teenage years, learning how to rustle cattle, shoot rifles and guns and ride horseback.  After graduating high school, he applied for the Texas Rangers.  After his initial training, he was placed in the Ranger's Special Response Team, where he became a legend in a mere five years.  His actions garnered a city proclamation by the Houston mayor to have a "Carl Brooksfield" Day on August 21st each year, celebrating his incredible successful actions while in the Texas Rangers.

As far back as when he was a teenager, Carl knew he was different.  He noticed after he was thrown from a horse onto a metal fence post that the fence post didn't penetrate his skin or for that matter left a single mark on his skin.  Weeks after that incident, he struck his own hand with a hay bale hook, breaking the hook and once again not receiving a single mark on his body.  Later on at a Texas Ranger, he was involved in several shootouts where he was shot, yet again, he received no damage to himself, only his clothes he was wearing.  He was good enough to ensure no one else knew about his abilities and kept them a secret from everyone including his family, his friends and his girlfriend.

A couple years ago, the Super-powered Registration Act was made into law, requiring every state and federal agency to test their personnel for super-human abilities.  Carl kept coming up with excuses and assignments to deter his testing, even going so far as to hiding in his apartment's closet when they came looking to test him.  Eventually, the authorities cornered him and tested him, obviously discovering he was super-human.  After two days at the Federal Building in Houston, Texas, they determined the extent of his powers was his highly dense skin, providing incredible protection from all forms of damage.  As such, by law, he was required to be removed from the Texas Rangers (since super-powered beings would have an 'unfair' advantage in their positions).  Jobless, he tried to apply for multiple jobs including being a rent-a-cop, but no one would take him once they ran a background check on him.  Instead, he went back to his old job of being a farm hand at a cattle ranch he once worked at as a teenager. He got the job, but things were far different there since he'd left years before.

The ranch's owner, once a strong and active man, was now confined to a wheelchair, sick and incapable of doing much of anything other than drooling on himself.  The current cowhand manager, Bret Savage,  was a guy Carl knew back in high school who was not only a bully, but always had some type of scheme going on to get money or favors from other classmates and underclassmen.  As the lead cowhand, Savage let Carl know the only reason he had a job with them was due to the 'old man', otherwise they'd have kicked Carl's "special powered" ass across the property with their shotguns.

Over the next few weeks, Carl, using his training from the Texas Rangers, quickly realized that Bret was running an extortion ring and used the cattle ranch and its resources as his base of operations, including an illegal gun storage bin under the barn. After collecting enough evidence to get Savage and his minions arrested, he went to his old Texas Rangers unit, only to be turned away by those he once considered his closest friends and comrades.  Carl tried to talk to other local police officers and even a lawyer, again, only to be turned away.  When Carl returned to the ranch, Savage and his men assaulted Carl in the barn, telling Carl he knew what he was up to and that Carl was about to be killed and dumped in a pond, followed by the cattle ranch's owner.

Since Carl didn't have any other powers or strengths, he was tied up and immobilized by Savage's crew, but not before he got in some powerful hits.  Savage broke out a diamond bit industrial drill and was about to drill it into Carl's heart when Savage was hit in the back by a shotgun blast.  The blast came from the cattle ranch's owner, who'd wheeled himself out to the barn and had commenced shooting at Savage and his crew.  Savage only took a hit to the shoulder, but he and his crew ducked for cover and started drilling bullet holes in the old man, leaving over 20 rounds in the old man's body.  That's when Carl was finally able to take action.

Using his large pocket knife he used to use as a teenage cowhand, he cut the ropes that were binding him and, using his Texas Ranger Special Response Team training, took out all eight of Savage's crew, leaving Savage and Carl to fight it out, mano-a-mano.  In a fistfight that lasted several minutes, Savage finally broke from the fisticuffs and grabbed a hay bale pitchfork and unsuccessfully tried stabbing Carl in the face with it. Carl instead took the pitchfork and skewered Savage in the neck, leaving Savage dying.  The police showed up after reports of gunfire were reported and discovered the bodies and a still living Bret Savage. The ambulance took Savage to the hospital, where he was treated for his neck injuries.  Savage survived, however, Savage's vocal cords were destroyed as a result of the pitchfork, leaving Savage (wait for it...) speechless. Carl was, however, hauled away for due to the others in Savage's crew he'd killed and was locked up in jail as the police processed the ranch trying to determine what had happened. Thanks to the potential of other corrupt officials in the local police, Carl knew he was never going to get the justice he was due.

Over the next few months, the media got hold of the story and started castrating Carl's image, calling him a mass murderer and a super-powered killer.  Supposed 'evidence' that was said to have been collected at the crime scene pointed to Carl gunning down the wheelchair-bound ranch owner in cold blood. The Houston mayor denounced the city proclamation of "Carl Brooksfield" Day, calling Carl a 'sick and evil man'.  While in jail, no one visited him, not even his family.  Never had Carl felt more alone than he did those months in the jail cell waiting for them to prosecute him for the multiple murders.

Eventually, the case was taken to trial.  Since no one wanted to defend him, he received a spineless lawyer appointed by the state to represent him.  The mousy, nervous lawyer proved his incompetence on the first day of the trial by not objecting to several blatant lies produced by his accusers. The next day at the start of the 2nd day of the trial, believing he was assuredly going to be convicted, a tall lean man barged into the courtroom, followed by federal agents and the Texas District Attorney calling for an end to the trial on the basis of corruption and illegal process.  The judge, the prosecution's lawyers and several other policemen and trial experts were hauled away in handcuffs before the live TV cameras.  The tall, lean man was none other than the famous  Lawrence X. Edwards, attorney at law from the Massachusetts law offices of Lexington Legal, otherwise known at the hero, Lexington of the Yankee Minutemen super-group from New England.  Edwards offered his legal services to Carl, who readily and quickly accepted them.

Edwards had seen the media frenzy over Carl's trial and started investigating the prosecutors and the court when he saw that several legal per-trial decisions obviously pointed to a corrupt legal operation.  After further investigation (and a little field work for Edwards in Texas), he had enough proof to convict those he'd had arrested that day for conspiracy and corruption, as well as implementing a hate crime against Carl and other processed super-powered people that wound up in the same courtroom. 

In the end, Carl was cleared of all charges, with the courtroom conspirators each given 25 years of prison for their actions.  Carl never again saw his family and has ignored all calls and letters from them since.

With no where to go and no money, Carl talked with Edwards about maybe joining up with the Yankee Minutemen as a means of repaying him for his heroic legal victory, but instead, Edwards introduced Carl to a man code-named as Unitas who was putting together a new super-group called the "American Patrol".   Carl agreed and joined the American Patrol that same day.

Today, as the new Texas hero only known as the "Lone Star Ranger", Carl fights along side his super-powered compatriots against the big-picture  dangers in the world, all the while, using his guns and near-impenetrable skin to help others who were being wronged just as he once was.Currently, Carl resides in the American Patrol's Houston, Texas headquarters until he can find his own place.

On a side note, the Houston Mayor, as a result of his political connection with the judge involved in Carl's conspiracy trial, was voted out of office on a vote of  'no confidence' from the city council.  Although "Carl Brooksfield" Day was never reinstated, in its place, the new Houston mayor has instead proclaimed a "Lone Star Ranger" Day.  In addition to that, Bret Savage escaped jail (hours after Edwards convicted Carl's judge of conspiracy) and has not been seen since.



  • Armored skin and senses
    • Carl has incredibly strong and dense skin protecting him from all forms of damage just short of a sniper's high-powered bullet.
    • Carl's senses (hearing and hearing) are remarkably resilient from damage, however his sense of taste and touch are just as sensitive as any other person's.
    • Carl's internal organs are slightly more endurable than the average person's, however, he can still be poisoned of gassed  like normal people.


  • Cattle-hand Pocket Knife
    • To this day, Carl always keeps his steel 1932 Pocket Knife on his person, knowing that someday, he might need it again.
  • Twin .50 Caliber Hand Guns
    • Carl was presented a gift from an anonymous donor of a pair of  0.50 caliber handguns, complete with over 5000 rounds of ammunition, a bullet press (to make his own bullets) and a high tech cleaning and sighting kit.  The handguns can easily perform good shooting damage to non-biological targets, but can do 150% more damage to human and/or biological targets.
    • The bullets provided are all spent uranium encased, armor piercing rounds.  Over 100 rounds are also explosive tipped bullets, making for an excellent amount of damage to anything that comes into contact with the bullets.


  • Ranger, the Horse
    • Another gift, courtesy of the same anonymous benefactor, sent a well trained, thoroughbred horse for Carl to use.  The horse is kept out behind the American Patrol's HQ, with all other materials provided by Unitas and generous donations from the people of Texas, including a custom saddle.
  • American Patrol Smartphone
    • Contains the highest powered smartphone capabilities, with an independent self-recharging power source and a range of 25 miles, or via satellite or cellular towers. 


Thomas Quickwind

An Oklahoma Apache reservation Indian, Thomas Quickwind was raised with traditional Apache teachings, as were several other young Apache boys.
Thomas garnered the interest of the tribe's elders early on when shortly after birth, Apaches would pierce their child's ears for the could 'hear important messages so that they may follow them'.  Nearly all babies cry during the procedure, however Thomas was the first in many generations that didn't cry.
When Thomas first learned to walk, a Moccasin Ceremony was conducted, however, one of the jealous parents set the pathway pointing the wrong way (was supposed to face east), wherein each baby walked in the wrong direction. Thomas was the last child that was to walk the 'wrong' path direction and when set to walk forth, he actually turned and started walking true east with perfect balance and straightness.  The jealous parents were ostracized for desecrating the ancient ceremony for which they'd intended to face their child in the correct direction vice the path's direction so as to make their kid look better than the others . As such, once again, Thomas piqued the elders' interest.
At puberty, Apache boys were presented various tests, such as run to the top of a mountain with a mouthful of water non-stop (some died from doing this).  As each boy was given their test, Thomas was given a test that hadn't been performed in over a century - go with 4 warriors and raid 4 locations over a four day period, vanquishing the location's inhabitants and return victorious with proof of his accomplishments before the sun touches the earth at the end of the 4th day.  Doing a test like this was not only against US laws, but incited murder and killing.  Others in the tribe protested the test, especially Thomas' parents, but the elders were unmoved in their decision.
The next day the test was to start at dawn. Before that, though, Thomas prepared himself for the test unlike any Apache warrior in the past...
He used the internet.
In his search on the internet, Thomas found his four locations to raid. Even though he was to 'vanquish' those inhabitants, he knew that in his heart, he knew he couldn't, in good conscience, hurt or kill anyone for some ancient 'manhood' test unless of course, the 'inhabitants' were first trying to kill.  Knowing this, he selected him locations after researching the areas around the reservation's lands so as to stay relatively close to the tribe.  Armed with his hunting knife, bow and arrow, dozens of large plastic lock straps, a length of rope, a backpack filled with homemade camouflage netting and his smartphone, Thomas took off on his test with the four appointed warriors painted up in their traditional warrior combat faces.
Running across the Oklahoma prairies and desert, they finally came across the first location to vanquish - a meth lab several miles outside of the reservation that Thomas had heard about through rumors and loose lips at the mall.  They snuck onto the grounds unnoticed.  Inside the old house were four armed men with machine guns.  Thomas motioned to his fellow warriors not to kill, but subdue.  In mere seconds, all the gunmen were incapacitated and bound with the large plastic lock straps with their weapons field stripped minus their firing pins. The meth lab in the basement was a swirl of chemical gases making it tough to breath, however, Thomas and his warriors held their breath the whole time as they snuck up on the meth creators, incapacitated them, brought them back upstairs and bound them to an old steel heat register.  Thomas took selfies with his 4 warriors and the bound meth men and then called the police reporting the meth lab's location.  With Thomas in the lead, the warriors leapt through one of the house's windows and ran to their next location - a drug cartel base five miles away.
After the five-mile run, Thomas and his warriors came upon the drug cartel's compound, an old school building in a now deserted town province.  Thomas had a friend who nearly OD'd on drugs provided at this compound.  Thomas was told the location so as to ensure he never went there, even by accident; today, he intended to avenge his now drug-free friend.
With over 10 well armed guards present and over a dozen non gun-toting drug handlers inside the building, this was to be a true challenge.  One by one, Thomas and his warriors snuck up on the guards, again, incapacitating them and binding their hands, legs and mouths.  Unfortunately once they reached the 9th and 10th guard, the element of surprise was lost.  Guns blazing, the guards fired off clip after clip of rounds trying to get a bead on Thomas and the other warriors.  Unfortunately, one of Thomas' four warriors was shot in the shoulder and unable to continue.  Regardless, Thomas took down the 9th and 10th guard all by himself.  Thomas then walked into the drug handler area with his bow and arrow, covered in some of his fellow warriors shoulder wound blood and demanded they all give themselves up or he'd do to them what he did to the other 10 guards. Each drug handler dropped to the floor and spread eagle. 
Thomas other warriors bound the dozens of handlers and dragged the guards into what was once the principle's office, hung signs on each guard with the phrase "killer of children" written on the signs.  After taking selfies once again, they hauled their injured (and bandaged) fellow warrior out to the edge of the road, flagged down a passing car and asked them to drop off the Apache warrior back to the reservation as quick as they could, which the driver agreed to do. After calling the police once again stating the number of bound criminals in the old schoolhouse and the nearly $2 million of packaged cocaine residing in the building, Thomas and his remaining warriors took off to their next destination - a cattle ranch near where a teenage girl had been reported missing.
For the next two days, Thomas and his three warriors investigated the site of the missing teen and found clues that led them to various locations, some that turned out cold, others than led them in the right direction.  Eventually, using his smartphone's internet and a bevy of natural clues he'd been taught by his parents to look for in tracking, he found an abandoned warehouse; a warehouse that had big rig trucks idling at the loading docks as well as a dozen white and black nondescript vans with their back windows darkened.  After sneaking onto the grounds, once again, Thomas and his three warriors took down five gunmen, binding them, and went into the main cargo bay where dozens of young girls were caged and drugged being readied for human trafficking. The remaining dozen knife-wielding men were taken down quickly by Thomas and his three warriors with the speed and intensity like that of a team of special force troops.  One of Thomas fellow warriors got stabbed several times, but Thomas was able to patch him up enough that one of the other warriors was able to take one of the nondescript vans and drive his wounded fellow warrior back to the reservation.  With only Thomas and one warrior left, they set off on their final location, but not before taking their selfies with the criminals and wide-image shots showing the subdued and drugged girls that were about to be trafficked again, and calling the police to report the location of an active human trafficking warehouse requiring police and ambulances.
Their final location was that of a secretive cult's location that was believed to be performing human sacrifices.The police had been tracking the cult trying to find where they'd strike next, but had been highly elusive, but still leaving over eight sacrificed innocent victims in their wake of varying locations.  Thomas and his final warrior ran for the better part of a day between locations where the sacrifices occurred. Each time they stopped at the crime scenes, Thomas and his partner deduced unique clues that led to downtown Oklahoma City over 30 miles away. 
Running all night and into the dawn of the 4th day of his test, with little sleep and severely drained of energy, Thomas and his fellow warrior zig-zagged in and about the streets, buildings, alleys and sewers of Oklahoma City and its outer-lying townships before they finally arrived at a steak restaurant's back door. 
While surveying the restaurant, Thomas noted something  unique ingrown into the trunk of a tree behind the restaurant.  Three square-shaped stones with faint carvings on them.  Using a nearby sharp rock, Thomas dug the three stones from the tree.  All three were still bound to a leather cord, possibly used as a necklace.  Thomas placed the unique find around his neck and reminded himself to ask about these with the elders when he returned from his test. For all he knew, they were cheap tourist baubles thrown away.
Eventually Thomas and his warriors deemed the area clear of guards and silently entered the building where they found a heavily protected vault-like door with lots of security cameras and sensors around it. Over the next two hours, Thomas, using his cell phone, the Internet's access to various networks and his camouflaged netting, were able to get past the vault's security and open the vault's door.  Inside they found racks of ceremonial robes and weapons used by a dangerous cult known as Arkaenus.  In the far corner, two drugged and bound captives were found in the meat locker; the next two victims of sacrifice for Arkeanus. Just as Thomas was to free the two captives he as his fellow warrior were knocked unconscious by an unknown assailant from above them.
When Thomas awoke he was naked, bound and gagged (with the exception of his newly acquired necklace), sitting in some form of ceremonial chair surrounded by over a dozen robed figures in a location he was not familiar with.  The cult leader acknowledged Thomas' skill in getting past their security, while scrolling through Thomas' array of smartphone pictures of his earlier raids.  Unusually casual, the cult leader cackling and seemingly enjoying the images, again complemented Thomas on his last three day's work against the criminal elements of Oklahoma.  He then stated that Thomas and his fellow warrior would make fitting sacrifices for that night's ceremony, motioning to a sacrificial altar that had his fellow warrior bound, naked and prepped for a ritualistic cult sacrifice.  The cultists then gathered in a circle around the alter and began chanting, all the while the cult leader took picture after picture with Thomas' smartphone, recording the ceremony, all the while cackling his pleasure over the situation.
As Thomas struggled against his bonds, he heard a faint whisper in his native language saying 'behind you'.  Thomas craned his neck over to see his bow and arrow set as well as his hunting knife were on a stool behind him.  Using his feet, Thomas knocked over the quiver and grabbed an arrow with his toes.  Carefully, Thomas brought arrow head close enough for his bound hands to grasp it.  Thomas used the arrowhead to cut through the ropes around his wrist, surprisingly faster than he'd ever done before. As the cult's chanting was getting more intense, Thomas realized his fellow warrior only had seconds left to live.  Cutting his forearm, he used his blood as a lubricant to hasten removing the rope bindings.  Just as the cultists were about to each stab at his fellow warriors heart, Thomas' hands broke free. In what seemed to Thomas as impossibly quick, he grabbed up his bow and arrow and rapidly shot his arrows at the cultists, hitting seven of them in less than two seconds - far faster than he'd ever done before.  Thomas' attack caused enough momentary chaos amongst the cultist to allow Thomas to free his feet. At this point, each cultists eyes began to burn green with energy and started projecting green energy blasts from their hands.  Thomas ran about the room at what he considered remarkable speeds and grabbed his hunting knife from the floor and began stabbing at the cultists in rapid succession wherein the knifed cultists fell to the floor and disintegrated into a pile of smoldering green ash.  Thomas unbound his mouth and freed his fellow warrior from the alter. Bloodied, bruised and exhausted, both Native-Americans sat looking at each other trying to take in what just happened.
"You were as swift as the wind, Thomas.  I've never seen anyone move so fast in my life", his fellow warrior stated. Thomas was too tired to analyze what had happened other than if was probably from a pure adrenaline rush.  Both stood up and Thomas took his final selfies. They then went to a backroom and freed the other two captives.  Exiting the building, Thomas realized it was close to sunset and he had no idea where he was. He began to realize that he might actually fail his test.
After taking a minute to sit and meditate in the dilapidated building's overgrown grassy parking lot, Thomas rose to his feet, strapped his hunting knife to his now-empty quiver and started running with his bow and smartphone wearing nothing else but his necklace. Thomas' fellow warrior, wearing nothing more than a face of determination, ran to catch up.
As Thomas started running, he quickly picked up a sprinter's pace and kept sprinting.  Thomas quickly outdistanced his fellow warrior, running at breakneck speeds down hills, dirt paths and roads, placing faith that the direction he was running in was the correct one.
As the sun was but minutes from setting, Thomas recognized a hilltop in the distance he'd known years before; the hilltop that was his first challenge as a young boy during his Apache training.  Focused on the hill, Thomas ran at blazing speed towards his destination.  If he hadn't have been so tired at that time, he'd of realized he was running faster than most cars travel on the country roads.
Thomas continued pushing himself to run even faster.  His lungs ready to explode, his leg muscles began to cramp and his eyes began to water at the stinging air.  Just as he was about to concede to defeat, Thomas felt the wind shift and push him from ever so slightly from behind. That gave him that extra inner drive to get over the hill.  Once Thomas made it over the hill, he realized he had to start breaking quickly or he'd plow into the tribal elders at the bottom of the hill.  Thomas literally had to dig his heels into the ground to stop, which he did just inches before the elders, just as the sun finally touched the horizon. 
Exhausted, Thomas paid his respects to the elders and handed them his smartphone as they stood stone-faced before him.  What seemed like an eternity the elders finally started scrolling through the smartphone's images.  As the sun set, the elders completed their scrolling. In the distance, Thomas saw his last fellow (naked) warrior being driven in an Apache Tribe community truck.  His fellow warrior had to be helped out of the truck, looking exhausted and worn. 
The elders gave Thomas a long look, motioned for Thomas to stay where he was until they returned and walked back to the community building. Thomas stood alone in the dark for the next two hours, using every last erg of energy left to remain standing.
At midnight, the elders came forth with what seemed like over a thousand other Apache tribesmen and women, all of whom were carrying candles and lanterns while chanting a victory song.  The elders proclaimed that Thomas had not only passed his test of manhood, verified by the white man's technology and his fellow four Apache warriors, but Thomas also passed an unexpected test; the test of a prophecized warrior that would one day become as powerful as the gods themselves. With this news, Thomas started feeling faint.
The elder pointed to Thomas' necklace and asked how he'd come by it.  With what few ergs of energy he had left, he said in a hazy voice, 'mother Earth unearthed it for me" as Thomas promptly collapsed from exhaustion.  With that, his fellow four Apache warriors from the test, grabbed Thomas up and took him to a special, new building built in Thomas' absence.  There, Thomas was placed in a comfortable bed while hearing the joyous songs and chanting of his people resonating outside.
During his sleep, Thomas had a vision.  He was told to find the totems and become one with the gods while also protecting the Earth from the evils of its own people. He saw himself wearing a glove with square stones strapped to it with him running faster and faster while following a fiery flying figure in the sky.  Thomas ran faster and faster and sped past the flying fire until Thomas himself became the wind...
...that's when Thomas awoke after a full day's sleep.
Thomas noted that he'd been cleaned and washed while he slept.  On the end of his bed was a fresh pair of his favorite clothes.  After Thomas refreshed himself and got dressed, he saw that nearly the entire tribe was still awake, wanting to see Thomas with their own eyes.  One of Thomas' childhood friends, Chavez, came up and walked Thomas to the elder's smokehouse where they'd been since shortly after Thomas passed out.  There, in the smokehouse, Thomas and the elders talked for hours, eating, smoking and talking about prophecies, visions and divinity.  When all was said and done, it was agreed that Thomas must accomplish the ultimate task towards his prophesied godhood; he must find all the remaining Apache totems and use them to not only complete his journey to the gods, but to help save the Earth from itself.
Thomas was told the three square-shaped rocks he found on a leather necklace were Apache totems, imbuing enhanced abilities and powers to only those Apache pure in blood and spirit.  The three totems he was wearing were Thomas' grandfathers totems.  They were last seen the day Thomas grandfather, at that time over 80 years old was murdered behind a restaurant by an unknown band of hoodlums; hoodlums that were never found or incarcerated.  Thomas finding the necklace was a sign as well as his first step towards his destiny. The three totems each were imbued with powers granted by the gods of the Earth for speed and swiftness.  Thomas' grandfather was called "Quickwind" because of his remarkable speed he ran when he wore the totems.  These same totems now allowed Thomas to run just as fast.
Over 200 years before, the Apache's totems were separated to prevent the Europeans from even getting to them.  Up to that point, the totems had not worked on any Apache brave or warrior and the elders hoped that one day the totems would come back to the Apache and complete the prophecy with the right warrior to do what was prophesied to be done.  Thomas was now that one, however, he now had to start a new quest; a quest for the remaining Apache totems.  He had to find them and use them to become more powerful and more wise.  When the final totem was to be found by Thomas, he was to use his powers to save Earth for its own destruction and them ascend to the gods to take his place amongst them for all eternity.
Thomas spent the next few days absorbing all that had happened and what seemed destined to happen.  He talked with his family.  He talked with his friends.  He even talked to the crazy old Apache widow who believed rocks had wings.  After much thought, Thomas finally decided to follow the elders' prophesied quest and go forth and find the equivocal needles in the haystacks - the Apache Totems.  Before Thomas packed up his things and said his goodbyes, the entire Apache tribal nation performed a huge ceremony to mark Thomas' quest.  During the ceremony, the elders gave Thomas three other totems they'd held onto over the past 100 years; one was for enhancing one's vitality (endurance), the other for strength and the final one for agility. Thomas was them given the same pair of gloves he saw in his vision, wherein he placed three of each of his totems on each glove as the tribe sang his quest and victories in song and dance. 
The next morning, as Thomas stood at the edge of the Apache property taking one last look at his home, a truck drove up with a couple of strangely dressed people.  They introduced themselves as Unitas and Arizona.  They'd followed Thomas incredible trail of 'good' he'd performed over a four day period and asked if the stories were true that he has super-speed powers. Thomas didn't say anything but instead put on his shades, readjusted his gear and told them "Adios" as he ran down the road at nearly 45 miles per hour.  Unitas got back in the truck and went after him, however, Thomas couldn't see the other one called Arizona...until he looked to his right.
Arizona was flying next to Thomas.
Arizona was bathed in a fiery aura.
Arizona was the fiery image he was shown in his vision.
Thomas came to a screeching halt.  Unitas caught up with Arizona and Thomas. When Unitas asked why he ran, Thomas simply said, "I didn't know who you were until now, and now that I know who you are, we will forever have our futures intertwined until the end of time".  Although Unitas and Arizona were perplexed by Thomas' quick change of attitude, all became clear as they talked during the drive back to meet up with other super-powered heroes that made up the new "American Patrol" super-group.  After meeting the other heroes, Thomas knew he was destined to be with them and they'd help each other in their quests.
Today, Thomas, now simply called "Quickwind" has registered himself with the US government as per the National Super-powered Registration Act's requirements  (under Thomas' protests of course) and has become a full member of the American Patrol   To date, Quickwind has found an additional two totems, adding to his initial 6 he started with.  Not knowing how many more totems are left out there, he plans to continue his quest alongside his new fellow warriors until he achieves his final destiny.



  • All of Quickwind's powers come from the mystical totems he wears on his gloves and boots.  Supposedly, according to legend, there were only 5 of each type of totem, however, how many 'types' are out there is unknown (types, being like agility, strength, speed, etc.).  Without them he still has good agility, fighting and endurance and could normally run as fast as 15 mph.  With his current totems, Thomas has the following enhanced/new abilities:
    • Agility Totem (2)
    • Increases Thomas' agility, balance and aim to remarkable levels
    • Strength Totem (1)
    • Increases Thomas' excellent physical strength, allowing him to lift over 400 lbs.
    • Speed Totem (3)
    • Increases Thomas' running speed to a maximum of 45 mph. The duration of how long he can run depends on his Vitality/Endurance.
    • Vitality Totem (2)
    • Increases Thomas' endurance and stamina enough to that of a perfect human being, allowing him to withstand remarkable amounts of effort.


  • SG smartphone
    • Contains the highest powered smartphone capabilities, with an independent self-recharging power source and a range of 25 miles, or via satellite or cellular towers.


Charise "Silver" Clairborne 


Born into wealth in Anaheim, California, Charise quickly learned she was 'special' as a preteen.  She was able to think of places she wanted to go and would create an illusion of that place in front of herself.  She entrusted her secret power with a few friends who quickly deemed her a 'freak' and dropped her as a friend.

Not long after that, Charise's parents, while on a business trip, died in a private plane crash in the Pacific Ocean.  Their bodies were never found, however, several parts of their plane were found floating in the ocean months later. Conspiracy theorists claimed the couple were working for GUARD in their spare time, but no proof was ever provided to back this claim up.

Charise instead inherited her parents' millions and could have lived a comfortable life, but it wasn't in her blood.  She was always out trying to save the world through environmental groups, charity organizations and protests.  By her 15th birthday, she'd also discovered how to use all of her new powers and had been practicing with them with the help of an old retired British superhero she'd hired on, Lady London.  As a result, Charise quickly became highly adept in her powers and as such enjoyed using them.  With Lady London telling Charise she was too young to use her powers as a superhero, Charise came up with an alternative idea of her own - be a female illusionist in the entertainment industry.

In less than a year under the stage name "Silver", she gained incredible notoriety as one of the first teenage illusionist in the United States.  Her shows were routinely sold out with thousands of adoring teen fans, mostly young men.  She eventually had to start booking the shows in Las Vegas in order to cover the show demands. She sold her family's estate in Anaheim and moved to a new luxurious estate outside of Las Vegas, where she did two shows a night, six days a week. During this time she was having the time of her life until one early morning encounter at her new home.

In the company of her current boyfriend that week, Charise was awakened by a shadowy figure.  The boyfriend had already been knocked out with a drug from a needle.  The shadowy figure turned out to be Chraise's long lost - and dead- mother.

After settling down, Charise was told that her parents had to disappear and be considered dead after their identities while working for their employer were compromised.  Charise's mom swore she wanted to tell Charise that her parents were alive, but they'd been under surveillance for years and this was the first time she was able to get close enough to tell her.  Her mother said she and her father worked for the Mystiguard division of GUARD and that the division had recently been decimated by an evil mystical group called Arkaenus. With tears and hugs, Charise's mother mentioned that Charise's father had died months before by Arkaenus.

Just as Charise was about to ask the million questions running through her head, several shadowy figures burst through her bedroom's windows.  Charise's mom broke out a magical wand and started using it to shoot arcane bolts and flinging furniture at the attackers.  Charise herself grabbed her shades, threw her mom the boyfriend's shades and told her to don them immediately.  Once she saw her mom with the shades on, Charise let loose her flash power, blinding all the attackers.  With that Charise used her fighting training from Lady London and knocked out the attackers as did her mother, but with her mother using her wand to smash the attackers into the walls and furniture until they were unconscious.  Both women grabbed up Charise's boyfriend, threw him in a hall closet and drove away in Charise's new high speed Lamborghini.

During the drive, Charise's mother explained the Arkaenus cult had been after Charise's parents because of their knowledge of the location of a powerful mystical artifact that would massively empower Arkeanus' followers with amplified magical abilities.  As was witnessed, Arkaenus wanted it bad enough to kill for it. Charise's mom told her daughter to drive back to Anaheim to their old estate, There, she needed to retrieve the artifact that had been hidden there the whole time, once and for all.  After driving across the desert for hours, they arrived at their old estate in Anaheim, which was still 'sale pending' with the Realtor.  There, Charise's mom opened secret passages and doors Charise never knew existed, all leading to an underground arcane vault.  There, several remaining arcane artifacts, including the one Arkaenus wanted, were bagged up. Exiting the house, the mother and daughter were confronted by an army of Arkeanus mage warriors standing across the driveway.

Twenty minutes later, Charise was the only one left standing.  Charise cradled the dying body of her mother, completely surrounded by the defeated unconscious or magically decomposing dead bodies of over 40 Arkaneus mage warriors. After saying their parting words to each other, Charise's mom told Charise to hide the contents of the bag with the only other person she trusts; a man codenamed as Unitas.  Charise's mom died in her arms moments later.  GUARD eventually showed up and took care of the cleanup, especially Charise's mom. The Anaheim estate was also completely destroyed in the battle.

After flying for an hour, Charise and the GUARD clean up crew arrived at a GUARD facility in upper state Nevada called "Ground Zero". Charise mentioned her mom's request about the artifact to the lead GUARD director there and requested GUARD to help her contact Unitas.  Although GUARD kindly asked to take care of the artifacts themselves through Mystigaurd, Charise declined their offer. Instead, GUARD supported Charise's request and brought Unitas to the base the next day for the two to meet.  After agreeing to take custody and hide the artifact, Charise and Unitas were flown to Topeka, Kansas where at that time Unitas was operating from.  After landing the GUARD transport at the local airport, Charise, Unitas and several GUARD security troops were attacked by another wave of Arkaenus mage warriors on the runway.  In the end, four GUARD troops died, but all the Arkaenus warriors were defeated.  

Knowing his home was now compromised, Unitas, Charise and the remaining GUARD troops took off again, this time to San Francisco where they met with another mage warrior from the Protectors super-group called Vantage.  There, they finally turned over the artifacts for temporary safe keeping with Vantage, knowing they could trust him to protect and hide them well.  No soon than they returned to Los Vegas, they were assaulted once again by Arkaenus.  Rather than fight, Charise told the lead mage to take her to their leader and she'd tell them about the artifact they were looking for.

After hours of blindfolded travel in the back of a van, Charise and Unitas arrived at a secretive Arkaenus location with over 200 mage warriors present.  The leader of the mage warriors demanded Charise hand over the artifact only for Charise to mention that the artifact had been dumped into the Pacific Ocean and if they wanted it, they'd have to fight the terrorist Pacific Warlords for it.  Unhappy with Charise's response, the lead mage warrior prompted his group to attack Charise and Unitas, but at the last second, stopped the attack and began laughing.  He was impressed with Charise's actions and told her she had the 'heart of a warrior'.  With that, they allowed Unitas to teleport Charise and himself out of their secretive lair but ordered to never return again under penalty of death.  Unitas did so and both appeared back at the beginning of the entire story's caper - Charise's Las Vegas estate's master bedroom.

Over a cup of coffee and donuts, Unitas asked Charise if she wanted to help him with another arcane mission he'd been having problems 'solving'.  Enthusiastically, Charise agreed, but only after she paid her last respects to her parents (which Unitas said he'd join her in doing).  Days later, she became one of the team that eventually became the American Patrol.

Today, Charise juggles her acts in Las Vegas (now only three shows a week to still sold out crowds at astronomical ticket prices!), her 'boy-toy' of the week, spending her money on charities, going to powerful celebrity parties and being a public hero with American Patrol, all under her stage name of "Silver".  She visits her mom and dad's graves monthly still and has even helped out GUARD's Mystiguard Division on a few occasions. Image what happens when she turns 18 this year!

  • Illusion Control (Magical)
    • Illusions
      • Silver can create massive magical visual and audible illusions at an amazing level.  She could easily create mind-generated 3D images enough to fill a football stadium.  The only people who can see through her illusions are those with an amazing psyche or a form of magical 'true sight' power. Silver cannot, however, create conditions with her powers to change the temperature or smells for her illusions.  She can only do this through machinery, which she uses in her stage act in Las Vegas.
    • Illusory Wounds
      • Through her illusions, she can inflict good psychic damage per attack/event to a target (audience) if the target (audience) believes the illusion to be real. An example of this is if Silver creates an illusion of a large rock falling on someone; that person will psychically believe they've been hurt by the falling rock, that is until they realize the rock is an illusion. This works hand in hand with Phantoms power below.
    • Blind
      • Painfully Blinds a single targeted foe so severely that they are rendered helpless. Blind is so bright that additional foes may also be blinded, though they will not take any damage, and attacking them will free them from the effects.
      • Generates a good yet brilliant flash of light around her that blinds nearby foes. Flashed foes are rendered helpless and unable to defend themselves for up to a minute before their vision clears.
      Invisibility/Group Invisibility
      • She can bend light around herself and others to become completely Invisible. While this power is active, she (and others she places it on) is/are all but impossible to detect. She's been able to cover a max group of 10 people with her power.
      • Silver can fabricate up to three roughly shaped phantoms around a targeted foe. These Phantoms are not real, and are indestructible. Their attacks are similar to Illusory wounds. Though they deal good damage each, it is illusory and will heal if the victim survives long enough. Phantoms can only be maintained for about a minute before she loses focus.
  • Fighting
    • Boxing/Kick Boxing/Cross Punch
      • Silver can strike her opponent with a forceful boxing melee attack, kick or cross cut that causes good smashing damage and has a small chance to knock opponents down. When performing cross punches, her sweeping right hook that can strike multiple targets in her frontal arc.


  • American Patrol Smartphone
    • Contains the highest powered smartphone capabilities, with an independent self-recharging power source and a range of 25 miles, or via satellite or cellular towers.
  • Shades
    • She is NOT resistant to her own flashes and blinds and requires special shades to prevent damage from her own powers.