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About the American Patrol

The American Patrol is a band of super-powered heroes that help protect the citizens of the Midwest United States region.

Their leader, Unitas, brought the team together to stop the Gold Syndicate and their super-powered lackeys from stealing state gold reserves in the Midwest.  After soundly defeating the Gold Syndicate, the heroes decided to help each other 'as needed'.

Recently, Unitas obtained a new power he calls the 'Troubleshooter" power, wherein any mystical or ley-line related attacks immediately teleport Unitas to the scene of the incident.  After several failed attempts to resolve the issues his Troubleshooting power brought him to stop, he requested his fellow American Patrol teammates if they'd volunteer to be tattooed with a magical icon that would transport them using the "Troubleshooter" power to the trouble site as well.

All of the American Patrol teammates accepted the request and we're promptly 'tattooed' with the magical icon.

Since then, the American Patrol has been involved in several magical battles, winning said battles quite successfully.

Recently, the American Patrol received over $250 million from an anonymous donor (we would know to be "Major Invader" of the Allied Fighters) to help the team build a new base in Houston, Texas.  There, the American Patrol have since become huge celebrities.  They've even been given an "American Patrol" day from the Mayor of Houston for 21 January, the day the team first formed. 

Today, the team, with its newly created base continue to work together to help the American people of the Midwest from crime, danger and from any super-villain or magical threats therein!


Doctor Thomas Vance Ward


A doctor in the field of parapsychology and world history, Tom Ward of Topeka, Kansas had worked most of his life to uncover mystical energy patterns in the form of "ley lines"across the planet and analyze the potential energy that can be harnessed from them.  As such, his research was met with great derision and indignation from his peers.  Instead, Doctor Ward focused a lot of his efforts work a parallel field in mystical artifacts and arcane studies, making him one of the most notable scholars in those fields.  He was routinely brought in to archaeological dig sites all over the world to ascertain the origin or classification of many hundreds of totems, relics and unique items found buried in the Earth, some as long as 10,000 years.  Through his grants and travels, Doctor Ward led a comfortable life while he continued his teachings at the University of Kansas in Topeka.  That all changed in the year 2000.
In 2000, Earth was invaded by the Soltan Star Empire.  Amongst many of the Soltans' mission elements was ripping rare and vital resources from the Earth; this included magical energies particularly related to ley line energy patterns.  During the invasion, the Soltans created several large devices that began siphoning off the magical energies of Earth.  After several months of this, Earth's magical energies were nearly depleted, potentially causing what would be called an "arcane inversion" - magical void that would not only collapse the planet Earth, but would affect arcane energies throughout the solar system.
After devising this hypothesis, he informed the military and US government of his findings, only to be dismissed and considered 'unimportant' in the wake of the alien invasion.  That's when Doctor Ward encountered several super-powered heroes in the Battle of Topeka.  After driving back thousands of Soltans, the heroes listened to Doctor Ward's concerns about the arcane inversion.  A husband-and-wife pair of villains from the evil Arkaenus cult who'd been teaming with the super-heroes overheard Doctor Ward's hypothesis and not only agreed with it, but informed the heroes present that the arcane inversion had to be dealt with immediately.  As such Doctor Ward and the Arkaenus couple rallied support for several simultaneous raids to be performed on known sites where the Soltans were siphoning off Earth's mystical energies.
In less than 24 hours, dozens of super-powered heroes and over a thousand military troops from across North America, Europe, Africa and Asia simultaneously attacked each of the several siphoning sites. Within an hour, all but one siphoning site had been shutdown and reversed.  Unfortunately, the one remaining site was heavily guarded by the Soltans who'd killed nearly half of the Earth forces trying to get at the siphoning equipment.  In a last ditch effort, the Arkaenus couple and Doctor Ward attempted a risky arcane teleportation spell to get closer to the equipment.  The spell worked, but left the Arkaenus couple drained and off their feet. Doctor Ward was the only left to stop the siphoning and reverse the energy flow before the arcane energies became out of balance, potentially causing massive energy rifts across Earth's surface and core.
Doctor Ward, already 55 years old at this point, was not the best physical specimen to perform the act, but he did.  He fought three Soltan warriors in his mad dash to the siphoning equipment, taking serious damage as a result.  Crawling to the control platform, just as a Soltan warrior stabbed Doctor Ward in the back with his energy lance, the Doctor reverse the siphoning machine and ripped out the controller for it.  The machine exploded in a massive arcane energy wave, killing all Soltans at the facility.  Several dozen military men and women, as well as the Arkeanus couple, survived the effects of the blast.  For Doctor Ward, something more incredible happened.
Although he 'died' while reversing the arcane energy flow, the arcane energies instead imbued an amazing level of its power into Doctor Ward's deceased body and reanimated it with amazingly powerful new arcane abilities.
After Doctor Ward got his bearings, he reviewed the Soltan equipment's sensors and discovered that not only did they stop the siphoning off of the arcane energies of Earth, but Earth was now flooded with far more arcane energy than it previously had.  Analysis indicated the magical Ley Lines around the Earth were brimming with extraordinarily new high levels of arcane energy, however, the energies were not affecting Earth in any negative manner.  It seemed that thanks to Doctor Ward (and all those that supported him) not only stopped the arcane inversion, but recharged Earth's arcane energies to levels that hadn't existed in thousands of years.
Not long after the prevention of the arcane inversion, the Soltans retreated from Earth.  Earth was once again free of its alien invaders.

Doctor Ward, however, quickly discovered the extent of his new mystical powers and the benefits he do for the world with his new powers.  Practically overnight, Doctor Ward began traveling Earth to use his knowledge and new arcane powers to correct any deviations to the Ley Lines and any threats that intended to use these new 'amped up' Ley Lines for evil.

In one such instance a couple years ago, a particular nasty arcane villain had continued to thwart Doctor Ward in stopping him from corrupting the Earth's arcane energies.  As such, Doctor Ward called on several independent superheroes to help him stop the arcane villain.  After the successful defeat of the villain, Doctor Ward brought forth the idea that should a situation arise like this again, they should all come together and help each other once again.  That's when Doctor Ward created the latest super-powered hero team, the American Patrol.

Recently, a new facet of Doctor Ward's (now called "Unitas") came to be -  a Troubleshooting power. This power automatically transports Unitas to a troubled arcane site or location allowing Unitas to correct or fix the problem (usually resulting in a fight with villains and/or powerful arcane beasts).  As such, Unitas was defeated a few times while trying to perform his arcane troubleshooting.  Since most of the American Patrol teammates were too spread out across the Midwest, Unitas instead asked if each teammate would volunteer to have an 'arcane tattoo' placed on their body, allowing for the troubleshooter spell to not only call Unitas to the site, but the volunteered teammates.

Each of the American Patrollers volunteered happily for the tattoo.

Recently, Doctor Ward was removed from his teaching duties and grants at the University of Kansas due to his extensive absences related to his troubleshooting duties and his extensive help of his fellow American Patrollers in their duties.  The Mayor of Houston, upon hearing this, saw a perfect opportunity to gain the city further benefits and notoriety and offered Unitas and the American Patrol to set up their new base of operations in Houston, Texas.  After a sizable anonymous donation,  the team voted unanimously to set up a base in Houston, where their base of operations now resides.

Today, Unitas continues to be the team leader of the American Patrol and use his arcane powers to not only protect Earth's magical state, but to also help the citizens of the Midwest United States - a region that most superhero groups seemed to have foregone in their efforts to help.



  • Arcane Energy Control
    • Siphon Energy
      • Using his control of arcane energy, Unitas can drain a particular ability of a targeted living being and decrease their ability by a whole level for a duration of up to 1 hour (i.e., if a target has good strength, Unitas can siphon that targeted person's energy to make him only typically strong).  He normally can only do this to one person at a time, but with great concentration, he might be able to affect two separate distanced individuals or if a group of 2 or 3 are close to one another.
    • Enhance Energy
      • Unitas can target a living person being and increase one of that being's abilities by a whole level (i.e., if a typically strong man was targeted by Unitas, that person could then lift with an increased, good strength). The power can only enhance so long as Unitas maintains the power on the spell on the target.
    • Troubleshooting Power
      • If an amazingly powerful disturbance occurs with the Earth's arcane energies, Unitas will be automatically teleported to anywhere on Earth (at least as far as we know, only Earth) to fix the disturbance and re-balance Earth's arcane energies and/or Ley Lines.
      • Unitas has placed an 'arcane tattoo' on each of his existing American Patrol teammates (all done voluntarily) so that they too can be transported to the exact same location for the exact same Troubleshooting mission.
    • Fulcrum Shift
      • Using the first two powers mentioned above, only simultaneously,siphoning an ability from one target, but this time, transferring that energy into another target to enhance the latter's abilities.  This can only be done with Unitas actively performing the power.
    • Limited Healing
      • Unitas can perform typical arcane healing to himself and others within 6 feet of his location. 
  • Personal/Group Teleportation
    • Unitas can take a group of up to 2 additional people and teleport them to a location of his choosing up to 2000 miles away.  In doing so, he will pass out once they've arrived at the destination, requiring for him to rest for nearly 4 hours before he awakens or attempts to perform the same power.
  • Arcane Energy Blast
    • Power/Blast/Burst/Explosive Blast
      • In channeling his spirit power, he can manifest a charged energy blast, burst, or explosion, depending on how high the charge is, and how much he's willing to release.
      • Effects can range from Good to remarkable magical damage, and in range from 10 to 30 yards (amazing damage at 100 yards if he takes half a minute to charge, focus, aim and fire).


  • Magical Wards
    • Each ward can provide a magic "free zone" up to a 50 foot radius from where each fully charged ward is placed. Any beings with amazing levels of magic or arcane abilities (or devices for that matter), cannot enter the zone (acts like a magical force field), protecting all who reside inside the ward's 50 foot radius for up to 1 hour for each charge.  Each ward is reusable and can be recharged as required; it takes 2 minutes for Unitas to recharge each ward with an incantation.
  • Boots of Levitation
    • While wearing the centuries-old magically enhanced Boots of Levitation, Unitas can fly and levitate up to a maximum speed of 35mph.  He can carry only up to 250 lbs with him, however for every 100 lbs of additional weight, he looses speed to a diminished speed of 15 mph at the max weight load.
  • American Patrol Smartphone
    • Contains the highest powered smartphone capabilities, with an independent self-charging power source and a range of 25 miles, or via satellite or cellular towers.
  • Body Suit/Armor
    • Tight-weave composite chain mail
      • Provides good protection from physical, toxic, acidic, temperate and energy damage.
      • Provides remarkable protection from radiation and magic

MDUverse Info

The American Patrol was initially created by Don "Major Deej" Finger in 1973 (month unknown),with the team consisting of Warder (leader), Aguila, Arizona, Carolina, Colorado, Montana, and Nevada.  Revised team created on 21 Jan 2007 and founded by Warder who was renamed to be American Warder. Current American Patrol was updated 12 March 2014, with the American Warder character overhauled and renamed Unitas.

CoHverse: The American Patrol group and characters were once played on the MMORPG, City of Heroes, as a super group on 21 Jan 2007 on Pinnacle Server and were maintained until the CoH servers were shutdown on 30 Nov 2012.