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Alpha Squad


Name: unknown;  aliases: Athena, Etruria, Athetria
More to Come!
Atheyta has amazingly dense skin, capable of taking direct hits from missiles and even light artillery.  Coupled with her amazing armor and unearthly shield, she is very difficult to hurt or get to bleed.  Her sword in made of a metal all in a class of itself.  No one has been able to shatter, damage or dull its blade in known history.  Coupled with her strength, she can do incredible damage to anything she slices at with her sword.  She has also proven time and again that she has a form of unearthly resistance to toxins, radioactivity, heat and cold, and aging. 
As a member of the Allied Fighters, Atheyta has been given an earpiece that provides two way communications with the rest of her teammates through Major Invader's Alpha-1 worldwide satellite computer network. 
Her fighting skills, combat prowess and tactical (offensive) methodology are incredibly unique to a person of her stature and armored form.

Captain Battleship

Dr. John Quincy Hamilton (also known as Mr. H, Dr. Hamilton, Mr. Hamilton)


There have been two Captain Battleships: one from WWII, Clyde Hamilton (1941-1945), and the current modern one, Dr. John Hamilton, who is also the grandson of the original Captain Battleship.

Back before World War II, the United States Military Research & Development Branch attempted to build an armored suit for its troops to use.  Decades of research and technological advances went into designing the final three prototypes by the summer of 1940. One of the lead designs, provided by Professor Stuart Hamilton, was for the Navy to use not only as an armored suit for combat, but also as a deep sea suit. The Pentagon looked over the designs for the final three competitors and said they'd have a decision no later than 1 January 1942.

Pearl Harbor was bombed on the 7th of December 1941.

With America's catapulted entry into World War II, the decision for a highly expensive and 'dangerous' choice of armored suits led the Pentagon to squash the whole program in lieu of building up existing resources and materials to fight the war at that time.

Professor Hamilton fought time and again to get the military to see the uses and applications his suit he deemed as a 'walking battleship' would provide in combat, but it continued to fall on deaf ears with the military.  That's when Professor Hamilton brought in his nephew, Clyde Hamilton.

The Professor intended for his nephew to help him test the suit out to work out several other small issues with his suit so that when the time was right, the professor would be able to show everyone what a great engineer he was.  They toiled day and night, under adverse weather and and sleep deprivation for over a month, perfecting the suit as best they could.  They even lined the steam-powered suit's interior with thick layers of asbestos to be able to provide amazing heat protection from fires and flamethrowers.  On January 30th, 1942, the Professor and his nephew performed the suit's final tests...terminally for one of them.

After exceeding all their design specs for the final testing, the Professor and nephew Clyde were ecstatic over the positive results.  Unfortunately, in their moment of celebration, the professor had a fatal heart attack. The day after his uncle's funeral, Clyde received his draft notice to join the war effort.  He ran to his local congressman's home and told him that he had a better idea.  Clyde would join the military as required, but he'd do it with his uncle's armor.  The congressman was a tough old bird that usually didn't take 'no' for an answer. He saw the determination and drive in Clyde's eyes that day and knew he couldn't let a situation like this slip by.  After several calls, one to President Franklin D. Roosevelt, Clyde was assigned to a 'special operations team' already in the field known as the "Allied Fighters".

After a few weeks of basic training and upgrading his armor for field use, Clyde became a highly valuable member of the Allied Fighters.  His bravery and steadfast manner made him a hero in every battle he fought in.  Clyde recruited a team to create copies of his armor in the event that his existing one was every severely damaged, he could replace it immediately.  As such, throughout his battles in the duration of WWII, Clyde had to don copies of his armor over 50 times due to it being so severely damaged in combat.  Time and again Clyde would come back from a battle with half of his suit torn to shreds, with him spitting out chunks of asbestos insulation yet cheerfully ready to don a new suit for the next fight. 

The tales of Captain Clyde Hamilton (later dubbed as "Captain Battleship") made him legend. He was awarded nearly every medal a service man could wear in the navy, as well as in the Army and Marines.  To this day, no one has been able to tally the final count of how many enemy soldiers he took out, or for that matter, how many allied and civilian lives he saved throughout the war.  When victory in Europe (V-E Day) finally occurred, Clyde asked his high school sweetheart to marry him.  Weeks later, they were married.  The day the atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima was also the same day Clyde's new wife, Beatrice, discovered she was pregnant.  Clyde continued to fight on through the rest of the war right up to the day before Japan's signing of surrender aboard the USS Missouri in Tokyo Harbor.  On that day, Beatrice demanded Clyde to give up being Captain Battleship and become a true father to their expecting son.  ON V-J Day, Clyde turned in his resignation to the military, left his battle-suits with the Allied Fighters and never looked back.  He and Beatrice went on together as loving parents to five children.  Clyde never again wore the Captain Battleship armor.

Clyde Hamilton died in 1956 from Mesothelioma.

Due to Clyde's routine exposure of all the shredded asbestos fibers from his damaged battle-suits, those same fibers got into his lungs and eventually killed him. His funeral was on par with the passing of a US president.  The nation mourned.  The leader of the now-defunct Allied Fighters, "Major" Invader, swore to always take care of Clyde's family from that day forward.  Major Invader was already Clyde's children's' godfather, but after Clyde's death, Major Invader made it a mission to ensure Clyde's children would never see the horrors of war or poverty and worked hard to help keep them safe, educated and as normal as a middle class family could be.

Time went by and Clyde's children had their own children and life went on.  One of Clyde's grandsons, John, went on to graduate Summa Cum Laud from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) with three masters degrees, eventually earning a doctorate in engineering.  He designed buildings, engineering systems. networks and was an expert in metallurgy.  He also became a college boxing champion and went on to a meteoric career in the engineering world...that is, until his godfather finally contacted him.

Major Invader/John Brown had carefully watched each of his god-kids grow over the years, but was highly impressed with John Hamilton.  The Major was reminded of his old friend Clyde through his godson, John Hamilton. John's  wit, drive, spirit and determination were just like his old Captain Battleship's secret identity and buddy, Clyde.




Captain Battleship's armor is an excellent material strength light/tight woven Kevlar underside with engineer-modified Steel 302 (lighter than plastic), reinforced with a monstrously strong energy aura based on Dr. Hamilton's own personal derivative protection field formula, generated by the suit's several power supplies and adapted to a person's genetic encoding, movement and strength dissemination adjusters.  This armor, though not invulnerable, can take the equivocal of a full 16" Battleship-fired ballistic round in the chest and not feel the effects.

The armor also contains a remarkably powerful high-intensity lamp that can be changed to white, yellow, blue or red light that also works underwater. It also contains a good short ranged, low charge 'laser ring' around the circumference of the chest light lens (can be used to cut glass, wood, etc pending on the diameter settings).  The suit's environmental controls allow for the wearer to remain cool, or heated as needed.  It can actually place a layer of frost on the armor at -50 degrees F, or can heat up the outer skin to over 200 degrees F. It also contains a 2-day water and food paste supply, as well as internal 'waste' processing equipment.

The helmet is made of the same material and uses the same energy aura as the rest of the suit.  The helmet also contains an airwave/Sat Comms/Broadband/Narrow-band communications set with access to military, federal and international frequencies including the team's supercomputer Alpha-1 Link. The helmets goggles protect against remarkably powerful flares, flashes or intense lighting as well as providing night vision when turned on.  A rebreather contains a 2-day supply of oxygen, and a built-in voice amplifier acts as a good loudspeaker when needed.

The suit's boots are also built and protected from the same material and aura, however, the boots contain a 7500 kPa/m magnetic 'Leaping' system.  When used, the boots can create enough energy to propel a fully armored Captain Battleship over 700 yards, all the while absorbing the impact of the landing with shock supports in the same boots.  The boots can be used to make 'multiple' leaps.  After about 50 miles of leaping, the boots will need to cool-down or systems failures will shutdown the boots automatically.

The Gaunlets are also magnetically-devised capable of unleashing up to a monstrous 75000 kPa/m of force.  Gauntlets are made with same protective materials and field as the body suit, but the field around the gauntlets is double-strengthened to ensure the gauntlets can deliver the impact.


Doctor Alleviation

Andrew James Alistair


Andrew's story starts with his father; a well-respected surgeon in Ontario, Canada between the 70s and 90s. One day, when Andrew was about 15, his dad was discovered by others in the hospital staff to have a limited mutant capability to heal others.  His medical license was revoked and was fired from his job, all the while his family was persecuted for Andrew's father's "apparent" cheating at being a true doctor.  The mother left Andrew and his father, never to return.  The father, destitute and depressed, attempted suicide.  When Andrew found him near death, Andrew discovered 'his' healing powers, and saved his dad from certain death. His dad was eventually admitted to a mental hospital.  Within a year of his hospitalization, Andrew's father died from a will to live.  He did, however, leave Andrew an inheritance of over $15 million dollars, setting up Andrew for life.

In 1995, while Andrew was attending a medical school under a false name, Major Invader of the Allied Fighters showed up and offered Andrew a chance to be trained as a healing superhero.  When Andrew asked why he should care, Major Invader told Andrew the story of his father's heroism and kindness during the Vietnam war, especially in two particular instances that saved Major Invader's life; one where Andrew's father revived Major Invader using standard medical skills and the second time when Andrew's father used his healing powers to bring Major Invader back from the dead.  Major Invader wanted to be able to 'pay it forward' in his debt by giving Andrew a chance at being more than just a normal doctor, but a hero like his father was.  Andrew thought long and hard about it and agreed so long as he was able to finish his medical schooling and get his doctor's degree.  Major Invader agreed and life continued...until the Earth was invaded.

In 2000, while performing his residency college requirements in Canada, Andrew experienced the global invasion of the warlike Soltan Empire.  Major Invader contacted Andrew and picked him up in the parking lot of his hospital residency and flew off with a hastily made up group of 'new' Allied Fighters that Major Invader had intended to train, but had not had the opportunity up to that point. Nonetheless to say, the team was not prepared for the battle to come.

In the first week of the invasion, Andrew, who was given the codename "Doctor Alleviation", healed nearly 400 injured soldiers and heroes.  At one point, the Soltans dropped a particle bomb on a band of the new Allied Fighters; five of which were critically injured and dying, along with over two dozen seriously injured soldiers. Ramping up his power to new levels he'd never accessed before, Doc Alleviation brought three of the team's heroes back to from the brink of death, while also healing all the other soldiers. As a result of overtaxing his powers, however, Doc Alleviation collapsed into a coma. His powers depleted and gone.

The rest of Earth's heroes and military forces fought back the invasion, but at a high cost. For the 'new' Allied Fighters, only two of them survived the invasion: Doc Alleviation, who was in a coma for the next year and Major Invader who was so severely wounded, it took years of healing and rehabilitation for him just to be able to walk again.

A year later after the invasion, Andrew awoke from his coma.  As a result of his battlefield experiences, Andrew had Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) from the invasion, coupled with nightmares and sleepless nights.  For the next few years, he went through therapy and eventually gained control of his life.  He did however decide to never again take up the mantle of a superhero...ever.  He went back to college and finished his medical degree, becoming a volunteer doctor at several hospitals in the area.  He never again attempted to use his powers again...until recently.

Recently, Andrew was contacted by Major Invader again.  Although no one knows how he did it, the Major talked Andrew to come back to the Allied Fighters and help restart a new team. Andrew agreed, but again, it was not said what it took to get him to rejoin. 

Will the doctor be able to handle combat again after his PTSD?  Will Doc Alleviation continue to have the confidence he needs to help heal others after the trauma he experienced in the Soltan Invasion?

Time will tell...but time may not heal all his wounds...



Doc Alleviation has the incredible mutant ability to heal nearly all physical injuries from broken bones, arterial damage, flesh wounds and flesh trauma, lung/respiratory and cardiopulmonary related injuries. He has only brought back five people from the brink of death, but the strain on his body to do the healing left him weak and half-powered as a result.  If he attempts to revive more than five near-death bodies at a time, his body would shutdown and go into a coma-like state for up to a year. His only limitations have been eye injuries and highly concentrated toxic poisons, as well as lost body parts (he cannot regrow a finger or hand on a patient, but can heal what is there) and brain trauma.

Doc Alleviation has an Airwave/Sat Comms/Broadband/Narrowband/military channel communications set that also links to the group's Alpha-1 system. Doc Alleviation has a face shield that protects him against excellent levels of high-intensity lighting, flares or flashes. He also has a rebreather adapter that can provide up to 2 hours of oxygen and can also be used as a gas mask. His face shield also projects on the inside of the surface internet and Alpha-1 link imagery and data for medical schematics, procedures, diagrams and images.His shoulder units and belt contain storage for medical equipment, additional oxygen, medication, medical tools, and a large variety of remedies, salves, ointments and bandages. Also, he can use two red lights, one on each shoulder pad, to let others know where he is during a battle or for triage purposes, much like an ambulances emergency lights.

French Left

Sophia Genevieve Demer




French Left can use her excellent mental powers to blast enemies with an array of offensive, long-range psionic powers.  While few living beings can resist her effects, creatures without minds, machines and robots are not affected at all by her powers. Most notably, she's been able to perform mental blasts, induce sleep, confuse her targets and perform a good long-range (1/4 mile) psionic snipe attack.  She has also used her powers to psychically immobilize a target as well as perform remarkably powerful contact-only 'mind spikes'. 
As an Allied Fighter, she has an earpiece that allows her to communicate with the rest of her teammates and access the team's Alpha-1 link system.



Okyen Sasano, which was later changed to Okyen Mori, with her US fake identity name as Isha Itagaki.  In the Mori clan, she is known by her title as 'Samurai Okyen', but her worldly hero name is "Itagaki".

Okyen is a Japanese citizen of the Mori clan who has been deported from Japan in disgrace for her efforts in trying to become Japan's first woman samurai in hundreds of years.  As such, she also intends to restore the honor that her great grandfather, Samurai Riishu, lost while fighting for the emperor during WWII.
Her great grandfather, Riishi Mori, fought the Allied Fighters on many occasions during WWII, defeating them on several of those occasions, but never purposefully delivering a killing blow to any of them, except one - a Japanese-American fighting for the allies with the Allied Fighters super-group; an Asian fighter named "Katana Kuni". After the fight that resulted in him killing Katana Kuni, Samurai Riishu  walked off the battlefield in disgrace and never fought for the Japanese empire ever again.
Samurai Riishi went back to his town located on the northern tip of Honshu island, disgraced and left to his own devices.  Over the next few decades there, he enacted to save lives during hurricanes and when several instances of crime gangs tried to get a base of operations out of his town. Other than that, he kept quiet and to himself, but he still did his samurai practices and exercises every day.
Later in life, Samurai Riishi married and had two sons. One son, Masushi, was embarrassed over his father's legacy and left home as a teenager, changing his clan name to "Sasano" and becoming a profitable businessman. The other brother, Reiken, kept the clan name and chose to learn the ways of the samurai. Reiken was trained by his father, even through it was illegal to be trained or called a samurai in Japan in those days. Reiken eventually became a powerful yet secreted samurai warrior.  On the day Reiken's father died, he was told that it was his duty to bring honor back to the family and to carry on the training of Samurais for the good of Japan and not the machinations of less honorable and corruptible men. Reiken swore on his father's deathbed he'd make his father proud and clear the clan's name.
Over the decades, Reiken created a secretive Samurai training camp on a remote island not far off the coast from their ancestral home. There, he'd take in a new student each year and train them to be secretive samurai; secretive in the sense that one day their skills would be needed to defend Japan, and then and only then would they expose themselves to the world of their existence. By the year 2000, Reiken had over 50 fully trained samurai warriors at his beck and call.  each of these 50 samauris would carry on normal lives as Japanese fishermen, farmers, mechanics, etc, all the while practicing secretly in secluded locations once their initial training with Reiken was complete.

Reiken's brother, Masushi, had a large family of eight children, four of them boys.  Masushi slowly grew his radio component business into a major Japanese company.  His eldest son, Toma, eventually took over the family business, which had grown to the value of millions of dollars by 2000. Toma also got married and had three daughters, the youngest was Okyen, born in 1995.  In the year 2000, however, everything changed for the the true clan.

In 2000, the alien Soltan Empire invaded Earth.  every major city and continent was awash of invading aliens.  Heroes and military units fought them, but were ill-equipped at the time of the invasion to fight them off.  That's when Okyen's great uncle, Samurai Reiken, unleashed his 50 highly trained samurai warriors onto the invading Soltans on the Honshu Island.  It was a slaughter...for the samurai. Thousands of Soltans were killed by the Samurai in the first few weeks of the invasion, however, as time went on and the samurai's ranks dwindled, Samurai Reiken's forces were thinned greatly in the invasion.  All in all, it was said Reiken's samurai killed over 7000 Soltans. This resulted in the Soltans actually retreating from Japan until they were able to get reinforcements, which never came.   Eventually, the Soltans were driven off Earth by the rest of the combined efforts of the world's heroes and military forces.  In the aftermath, all but three of Reiken's samurai were left alive, amongst them the war-torn and battered Samurai Reiken himself.

As a result of the samurai saving Japan, the Japanese prime minister announced the authorized and legal limited reinstatement of Samurai training in Japan and the restored honor of the Mori clan.  Only 12 men a year would be allowed to be trained as Samurai and that they themselves, once trained, would make up a unique specialized military unit known as the "Samurai Squadron".  Samurai Reiken wasn't 100% keen on the idea of a 'samurai squadron', but if it allowed him to openly train and restore the Mori family name, it was a step in the right direction, even though it was against what his father told him about allowing 'less honorable and corruptible men' lead the samurai. Reiken's decision, fraught with good intentions, was destined to lead to the downfall of the samurai once again.

As little Okyen grew up, she was amazed at her newly discovered family lineage.  Although her family kept their clan name of Sasano, Okyen dreamed of becoming a Mori-clan trained Samurai.  She would waltz around her room pretending to fight like a samurai, only for her father to yell at her and discipline her for her actions.  As far as her father was concerned, none of his children would ever have anything to do with the Mori clan or its samurai legacy, especially for a girl, for which there had not been a female samurai warrior in hundreds of years prior.  Even as she approached her teenage years, when Okyen tried to logically discuss this topic, her father, Toma, would get angrier at her, almost to a curious level.  She found herself asking why her father was so set against this and why there was such a division in the clan. Always the curiosity-seeker, the teenage Okyen started a search for truth that would end in changing her life forever.

As a teenager, Okyen was highly athletic and smart.  She'd spend her time not only studying for school, but about the world and of course the deepening mystery of the Mori and Sasano clans.  Finally, in a school field trip to an ancient religious site that happened to be mere miles from the Mori clan estate, Okyen took it upon herself to 'ditch' her field trip's tour and go the the famous Mori clan estate.  When she arrived by taxi, she was greeted at the front gate as if expected to arrive.  She was brought before the master himself, Samurai Reiken, now very old and frail, yet still very domineering in deportment.  Surprised, she discovered that Samurai Reiken was indeed her great uncle and that he'd been watching the Sasano clan's children's development for many years, especially Okyen's.   They sat and had lunch for a few hours.  by the end of the conversation, her great uncle stated that if she so chose, she could be trained as a samurai, but it would have to be in secret. Since the "Samurai Squadron" were now calling the shots of what training the samurai should get, one such edict was that no women were allowed to be trained, period. 

Reiken actually wanted to train Okyen, but not so much as a male samurai, but in a traditional way for women; a woman samurai that was trained in a variety of traditional specialized martial arts with one unique twist to include 'Atarashii Naginata' which was a modern form of combat using the Naginata weapon (a long staff with a blade on one end). By day's end, Okyen said she'd think about it and was given a ride back to the school's field trip location.  

There, at the train station were her classmates, ready to board the train back to home - as was her father and several policemen.

Her father was furious.  They argued even after the other students left on the train.  The policemen were dismissed and Okyen and her father drove to the Mori clan's estate.  There, they were greeted in a way befitting an honored family member's status and met with Reiken. For Tomo, this was the first time other than Okyen that anyone from the Sasano family had formally met and talked with the Reiishi side of the Mori clan in many decades. Reiken was formal and kind, Tomo was not.  He was furious and angry at Reiken for 'filling his daughter's head with delusions of being a samurai warrior'. Reiken said he could not apologize for something he did not directly do, but offered his condolences on the 'loss of her father's respect'; a formal jab if ever there was one.

Agitated, Tomo screamed and tossed Mori centennial-old dishes around, demanding that he should be talked to in greater respect, only for Reiken to smile and produce several more verbal jabs.  At that time, Tomo was red with rage and grabbed a sword from a sacred shrine, threatening Reiken.  Okyen was beside herself with emotion screaming at her father not to further embarrass or dishonor himself.  Tomo lunged at the old Reiken, only for Reiken to easily sidestep the lunge.  This exchange went on for two minutes with Reiken never once drawing his sword.  Finally, Tomo charged Reiken with the sword.  Reiken easily disarmed Tomo and reversed the sword to a floored Tomo with the blade to his throat. Reiken then gave Tomo an option; for his life and the dishonor he's presented in the Mori house, he'd accept a formal apology by formally allowing Tomo's daughter, Okyen, to stay with him permanently and take the Mori clan name, otherwise, he'd kill Tomo right there for Tomo's attempted murder of a 'federal' employee and a traditional, reinstated samurai (which was then considered to be a legal offense in Japanese law after the samurai were reinstated).

Reluctantly, Tomo chose to leave Okyen with Reiken forever.

His honor barely intact, Tomo left, but before he left, Tomo was ordered by Reiken that he nor the rest of his Sasano clan would ever be allowed to return to the Mori clan estates ever again under penalty of death.  Tomo agreed and said he never wanted to have anything to do with the Mori ever again as well. Okyen over the next few days had her name legally changed to Mori and was relocated to the Mori estate. Within a month, she began her training as a female samurai - in secret, of course.

For the next four years, Okyen learned the ways of the samurai from her great uncle.  When she wasn't training physically with her new skills, she was studying and passing her regular Japanese education requirements.  As such, she graduated at age 17 from the formal Japanese school system. By age 18, she performed her final ceremony in completing her training as the first female samurai in Japan in many hundreds of years.  Unfortunately, news of this found its way to Okyen's father, Tomo. Desiring revenge, Tomo told the Japanese federal government about what Reiken was doing and that his 'daughter' was now said to be a full samurai, which was still against federal law.  In a meeting with government officials, Reiken was pressed for the details, which he gladly admitted to.  Within a week, the "Samurai Squadron" was placed under full control of the government, with all training and active students moved to Tokyo.  Existing Samurai Squadron samurai were told to train new recruits now that Reiken was no longer allowed to train or be a part of them.  Several of the devout samurai committed suicide by Harikari; most others were heartbroken, but instead followed the edict of the government.  Reiken was placed under house arrest. his training island was considered forfeit and later given to the Samurai Squadron as their new training grounds.  Okyen was jailed for her impertinence and classification as a female samurai. Things were looking bad for the Mori clan.

One night, Okyen was freed from her jail cell by several other samurai that Reiken had trained and that stayed with the Samurai Squadron as sleeper agents for Reiken.  Those samurai got Okyen on a flight to the United States where she was to be met by a distant relative of the Mori that had settled in the United States before WWII and had long since become American citizens.  Met in San Francisco, Okyen was taken by her distant cousin, Susan Morita, to Boston, Massachusetts.  There, she met with the near-centennial aged Major Invader. Reiken had contacted Major Invader and asked him to care for her and allow her the opportunity to redeemed the Mori clan's actions from their time during WWII so long as he kept her from being caught and jailed and sent back to Japan. Major Invader obviously agreed and took her in.  He gave her a new identity as Ishi Itagaki, gave her a mask and gave her the simple hero code-name of "Itagaki". 

It didn't take long before the Japanese government tried to arrest Reiken only to find him murdered at his Samurai shrine on the Mori estate.  An Interpol-based manhunt went out on Okyen Sasano/Okyen Mori, who was said to be proven to be the murderer for Reiken.  Okyen has been devastated over the entire situation since.



To this day, she continues to unravel the mystery of her great uncle's murder to not only clear her name, but to also bring the murderer to samurai justice.

An intriguing side note is that in her recent investigation on her great uncle's death, she has since discovered her father, Tomo Sasano, and his business has dealings with the Golden Dragons pacific drug and trafficking trade.  Although no formal proof has been able to be produced, Okyen is most assuredly understanding that her father was indeed involved in illegal operations and practices and that his connections to the government are at a very high level. 

In addition, it is now said that the Samurai Squadron's samurais continue to be trained, but under the leadership and standards of a new, unknown man; a man that has since turned the samurai into the very thing Samurai Riishu was afraid of - government-controlled warriors.  Those same warriors are today charged with finding and capturing Samurai Okyen, wherever she is...



Itagaki doesn't have super-powers, but is an incredibly skilled samurai woman who has since mastered the art of the Naginata, a pole weapon with a long blade on the end of it, as well as the modern form of fighting related  to the weapon known as Atasashii Naginata.  She is well versed in several forms of martial arts to include Koryu bujutsu" systems (old school martial arts) which include older and more combative forms of naginatajutsu.  She is also trained in Suio Ryu, Araki Ryu, Tendo Ryu, Jikishinkage ryu, Higo Koryu, Tenshin Shoden Katori Shinto Ryu,Toda-ha Buko Ryu and Yoshin ryu.

Itagaki is also capable of speaking and writing Japanese to a mastered level, English to an average level and Korean to a basic level.


Major Invader

John Adams Brown

Aliases: Director 5, Captain Invader, Agent 15

Relations: Kinetic Avenger (brother), "Chad"  (great nephew),  Sophia Genevieve Demers (French Right, granddaughter), Jacque Jeane Demers (French Left, grandson), Clarrisa Brown (Miss/Mrs. Vindicator I, wife, deceased), Adam Brown (Director 2 (of Baltic Force/The Exterminators), son, deceased), Francesca Demers (estranged daughter, deceased), Sophia dePierre/Demers (Madame Libertad, mistress during Cold War, deceased), Dr. Clyde W. Hamilton (Captain Battleship II, Godson)


Major Invader is a WWII hero that is still somehow fighting the good fight today.

In World War II, then 'Captain' Invader led the Allied Fighters, a band of heroic combatants, into victory after victory, but as with all wars, the cost was high in heroes. Nearly half of those that made up the Allied Fighters died in combat.

During WWII, he gained an arch-nemesis known as Baron Berlin, who had a similar yet villainous group called Axis Force. The Baron considered 'Captain Invader' his equal in tactics and strategy.

In 1943, as part of a precursor to the Allied Invasion of Italy, the Allied Fighters were to conduct a pre-invasion interdiction mission on the Italian shore.  There, his brother, codenamed: Kinetic Avenger, was killed by a landmine.  His body was never recovered.

Prior to the war's end, Captain Invader, was said to have been contacted by a mysterious time traveler known as a "Chronoknight".  The Chronoknight insisted that Captain Invader sneak into one of Hitler's strongholds and rather than killing Hitler, inform him that Baron Berlin's 'crooks' were stealing arts and treasures from Hitler  as well as plotting a coupe against Hitler to take over Nazi Germany.  The Captain was told NOT to kill Hitler during their meeting or time would 'not turn out well' for the rest of time.  The Chronoknight also mentioned that sometime in the future, the Captain, as "Major Invader", would once again be faced with Baron Berlin and several of his Axis Force troops; as such, the Chronoknight charged the Captain that it was his paramount duty to do everything he could to stop Baron Berlin once again, otherwise the Baron would affect time to such a degree that many worlds and universes would die directly as a result.  These cryptic comments were later typed up and kept in an Ultra Secret vault, labeled as the "Chronoknight Files", and with them, a series of orders, measures and protocols that would be required to be activated should such an occurrence happen; they were known as the "Alpha Foxtrot" protocols.

After the encounter with the Chronoknight, Captain Invader snuck into one Hitler's Wolf's Den and although it took every fiber of his being not to kill Hitler, the Captain told Hitler about Baron Berlin, the thefts and the planned coupe. With that, Hitler allowed Captain Invader to leave without harm, but the next day, he recalled Baron Berlin and Axis Force back to his headquarters in Berlin.  There, Hitler had all of Axis Force either killed or placed in experimental cryongenics chambers (that initially were for Hitler and his generals to use should the war go bad for them) as punishment for their crimes and deeds.  The remaining cryogenically frozen Axis Force members (of which Baron Berlin was one of them) was only to be thawed out only if Berlin was to be inevitably overrun by the Soviets or the Allies, wherein, Hitler would allow Axis Force a chance at redemption by stopping the advancing Soviets/Allied Forces.  Axis Force was never released from their cryogenics freezers at Berlin's fall.

At war's end, Captain Invader was promoted to 'Major', and went to work for a newly formed branch of the CIA.  The remaining Allied Fighters either disbanded or left within a day's time of V-J Day .

Soon thereafter, Major Invader became disgruntled with being 'handled' by the US Government, and instead left the CIA and married the former Miss Vindicator, Claire 'O'Reilly' Brown. She gave birth to two sons; one was stillborn; the other was named Adam. 

As the years progressed, the Major was brought in part time to aid in ultra secret government missions.  One such mission was to go deep undercover in a radical ex-military anti-super-powered group of ex-Soviet troops that wanted nothing more than to kill or dissect every 'super' on the planet; they were called "Baltic Force". Years of deep undercover work allowed him to work his way up their promotional ladder within Baltic Force to the top position: Director (his official title was "Director 5").

In the 60s, in a daringly deceptive operation, the Major was able to corral over 85% of Baltic Force's operatives and leaders, practically shutting down the organization.  Major Invader received the Presidential Medal of Freedom for his efforts, and the ire of the remaining Baltic Force members that got away.

In 1995, Major Invader was asked once again by the CIA to aid in taking down a new faction of Baltic Force called "The Exterminators". During the incursion and ensuing battle, the Major discovered his own son, Adam Brown, was the notorious Director of the Exterminators.  In a scenario that required a split second decision to be made, the Major had to kill his own son to stop the murder of dozens of incapacitated 'supers' with a deadly nerve gas. After he buried his son, the Major's wife left him. Later than year, she died of old age, but most say from a broken heart. 

On May 23rd, 2000, a Soltan alien Invasion occurred.  Major Invader hastily threw together a new band of young, untrained Allied Fighters, only to have nearly all of his team decimated before his eyes. He himself was hospitalized for over a year. As a result, the Major went back to work for the CIA...but the trauma of seeing his team obliterated weighed heavily on his conscious for the rest of his life. He disbanded the Allied Fighters, locked the group's base down, and vowed to never put a team of Allied Fighters together again...ever. 

Earlier this year, as Major Invader was contemplating retirement, he was contacted by the US Secretary of Defense and informed that the Alpha Foxtrot protocols were activated - Baron Berlin and several of his former Axis Force troops were identified as alive and already creating problems.  He must now rebuild the Allied Fighters and train them to stop Baron matter what.

At nearly 100 years of age, the Major still has a slew of tricks up his sleeve, including advanced weaponry, a muscle enhancement body suit, and his favorite multi-function weapon, "Devastator". To top that off, the Major is seriously wealthy...some say in to tens of billions of dollars.

Will the Major be able to once again put together a cohesive fighting team to take on some of the greatest threat to the nearly 100 years of age?

Will he be able to out-think and strategically stop Baron Berlin from whatever machinations are afoot?

Can this cantankerous old man who dwells in the past be able to save the Earth's fragile future?






Major Invader in his current state is nearly 100 years old, however, thanks to bio-modifications, bionics, implants and a bio-integrated exoskeleton, coupled with his genetic exposure to the X65 gas, has the capabilities of an excellent Olympic athlete in his prime.   His amazing fighting prowess coupled with his incredible agility and perception make this centennial man in far better shape than most of the world's population.

The following devices and weapons are just a short list of what he brings into the field or on his person at any time.

  • "Devastator" (multi-function weapon)
    • Machine Gun
    • Shotgun
    • Flame-Thrower
    • Acidic Burst Shot
    • Rocket Launcher
    • Stun Blast
    • Grenade Launcher
    • Energy Blaster
  • Backpack/Jacket
    • Caltrops
    • Land Mines
    • Gun Drone
    • Web Grenades
    • Smoke Grenades
    • Targeting Drones
    • Jet/Rocket Pack
  • Headgear
  • Night Vision with Drone/Sensor Link
  • Omni-Directional Vocalizer (ODV)
  • Satellite/Network/Local Communications
  • Supercomputer/Internet Link/Alpha-1 Link
  • Psionic Protection Filters
  • Audio Amplifiers/Sound Dampener
  • Rebreather (Nose, Mouth and Long protection when mask is up)
  • Body Suit/Armor
  • Exoskeleton with 5 day power supply (2 minute emergency battery pack)
  • Tight-weave Kevlar Body Suit (Torso, Legs, Boots, Arms, Hat liner) protects for most  gunshot and shotgun rounds


Jesse Majors ("J.M.")

More to Come!



More to Come!