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When G.U.A.R.D. was created, the idea in mind was to form a powerful, multifaceted group of highly skilled people to maintain a level of order and a 'common sense' approach to combating the menaces of the world.  As such, G.U.A.R.D. operated 'outside' of the United Nation's (UN) jurisdiction, but still had a responsibility, in part, to the UN.  With all the menaces that G.U.A.R.D. has faced, their elite organization of thousands of operatives were hindered by the inability to properly respond to super-powered threats, nor were they able to facilitate an effective rapid-response team that was able to operate in any condition it was thrown at.  Since G.U.A.R.D. didn't want to become a 'militarized' organization, they instead found several exceptional candidates that could aid in super-powered responses (designated as Condition "Alpha" responses).  These candidates formed to create G.U.A.R.D.'s new super-powered response team, The Aeroguardians.

The Aeroguardians were mostly from a unique Civil Air Patrol Super-powered squadron that contained high tech and meta-human powers and skills that performed Emergency Services and  Search and Rescue (SAR) tasks.  Their ability to conduct rapid responses and work together as a functional team made them an ideal band of people to pool into the Aeroguardians.  Over time, more members from outside this group joined, and has since become an incredible group of heroes that work under the AEROGUARD Division.

Their leader, Aeronaut, demanded that their group still perform in lifesaving, Emergency Services and SAR capacities for G.U.A.R.D., but in the event their unique skills were need to combat super-powered problems, The Aeroguardians would respond as required.

Since their first mission as the  Aeroguardians, the team has saved thousands of lives, including dozens of superheroes near death's door resulting from battling a super-villain or group of super-villains.  The team has also engaged in several major battles, and like the Calvary of old, their appearance on the scene has always turned the tide of the battle as the victor.

In most villainous circles, The Aeroguardians are considered a dangerous faction that, due to its tide-turning capacity, must be stopped at all costs.  As such, the Aeroguardians, have accumulated many enemies.

The team was earned several international commendations, including the coveted Nobel Peace Prize for their efforts in helping others and stopping violent actions against the citizens of the world.

Aeroguardian Team


Isaac Armstrong


Issac Armstrong, grand-nephew to astronaut Neil Armstrong,was originally a Civil Air Patrol (CAP) Search & Rescue (SAR) pilot, who, through dozens of incredible twists and turns, has now become the leader of AEROGUARD's Aeroguardians super-group.

An ex-US Air Force Fighter Pilot, Issac flew F-35 Lightnings for several years before the day his plane was shot down by a super-villain group attempting to take over the world.  After he ejected in the forests of northern New England, he was eventually rescued by CAP SAR air & ground teams.  Due to his injuries, he was forced to leave the Air Force.  He instead volunteered with CAP and performed several incredible and daring SAR missions saving dozens of lost hikers and downed pilots.

In 2010, Issac was subject to super-villains again as they held him and his team for hostage during a SAR mission.  The resulting hostage situation, unfortunately, led to the demise of several downed pilots.  Angered over the incident, Issac worked with a propulsion technology lab that had devised powerful jet and rocket packs, allowing wearers to travel hundreds of miles at low and high speeds, as well as able to handle several hundred extra pounds of weight. Working with an exoskeleton company, he devised a "SAR Suit" that allowed him to use the jet/rocket pack and able to fly down into and retrieve lost/injured personnel for SAR missions.  CAP's National HQ considered this entire approach an incredible leap in SAR, but would not right off on it due to the individual risks placed on the rescuer.  As such, Issac formed his own SAR group called "SAR, Inc.".  He ordered and utilized dozens of the jet/rocket packs, training a new generation of rescuers, saving hundreds of lost, injured and downed civilians and military personnel.

In one particular mission, an executive in the secretive worldwide protection agency called G.U.A.R.D. was missing after his battle with a supervillain group. SAR Inc not only found him in record time, but also battled the villain group during the extraction.  Impressed by their abilities, the GUARD executive recommended SAR Inc work for GUARD.  Issac discussed it with GUARD, and only for reasoning of having better resources and quicker access to tracking information for those needing rescue did they agree to the deal, with one condition - they'd have autonomy for performing SAR missions as needed.

Now, leader of GUARD's AEROGUARD subdivision called the "Aeroguardians", Issac has taken the codename "Aeronaut" and formed a powerful team of combatant whose primary job is SAR, and its secondary job is combating the evils that GUARD needs help with.

Now, with dozens of "Air Stations" for the Aeroguardians to refuel and coordinate from all over the world, Issac's group has received awards, accolades and even a Nobel Peace prize for their efforts in Search and Rescue and combating the evils of the world!


All information on the individual described as "Blackbird" are considered


by G.U.A.R.D. Informational Security Systems

This is the only previous existing image of the mysterious "Blackbird". The picture was said to be taken from an office window in Moscow, Russia, 22 October 2010. 

BREAKING NEWS:  Recent secretive images and documents have been leaked by a defecting GUARD contractor, Ward Summers concerning the secretive being only known by the press codenamed of "Blackbird".  Ward Summers recently leaked thousands of pages and images of classified materials relating to secretive GUARD operations workdwide. Summers is currently in hiding, but is believed to be under asylum in Russia.

Not only have the leaked documents stated that the "Blackbird" exists, but that it is also part of the highly publicized Nobel Prize-winning Search & Rescue organization known as the "Aeroguardians".

These new  "Blackbird" images were tagged with the following text:  T-CTR: ILL/FF.  No one knows what these letters represent, but they are believed to have some association to this stealthy character.

It is highly believed "Blackbird" is used for high speed  (exceeding MACH 3) reconnaissance and interdiction missions requiring stealth in intelligence gathering and/or rescuing people. 

The Pentagon, nor GUARD, have even conceded that this 'Blackbird" even exists, and have routinely informed reporters there is no such thing as a 'human SR-71'.


No confirmed information has been released on if these images are real or a hoax.

Washington has declined to comment on the matter, stating "if a human SR-71 actually existed, the President would most definitely tell the world about it".  Reports are unconfirmed if the commenter was being sarcastic.

Images courtesy of GUARD security leaker, Ward Summers. 


Civil Defense

Ryan Schweitzer


Ryan Schweitzer was a teenager who believed his parents cared more about their jobs in the State Civil Defense facility than about him.  Whenever his parents would have to do 'overtime' as they called it, Ryan would have to stay with an 'old codger' of a neighbor that Ryan hated.

Irritated about consistently being herded into the school's bomb shelters every time there was another super-villain attack, Ryan and a friend decided to ditch school just as an attack was starting.

Ryan's father was quickly called at the Civil Defense facility about Ryan's departure from campus. Ryan's parents, who were secretly superheroes themselves, both known as "Civil Defense", flew out to find him. They found him alive, surrounded by 20 villain henchmen, with Ryan's friend dead at Ryan's feet.

His parents fought the henchmen, defeating them quickly.  After the fight, Ryan's parents took their helmets off and powered down their power-suits to show Ryan who they were.  Their actions would be a critical mistake.  A super-villain was waiting in the shadows, headshotting both of his parents with a high-powered rifle, killing his parents instantly, right before Ryan's eyes. The villain took off, never revealing who he was.

Ryan was wracked with guilt and remorse over his parents death. At the police station, famous superheroes came up to Ryan, telling him of all the selfless and brave acts his parents did to protect the civilians of the city over the years, saving hundreds of lives, sometimes spending days on end to help others.

At the police station, the "old codger' that had looked after Ryan when his parents were working 'overtime', showed up.  The man was Terrance Decatur, otherwise known as the 20th century hero, "Civil Defense".  He was the one who'd trained Ryan's parents to take on the mantle of being a hero, at his parent's bequest.

Decatur said he'd promised Ryan's parents he'd look after Ryan when they were away on their heroic missions.  Decatur, in his own eyes, believed he'd now failed not only Ryan's parents, but Ryan himself by training Ryan's parents.  Ryan, with tears streaming from his eyes, shaking in despair over all the revelations he'd now heard, said he wanted to continue his parents legacy, as a hero, helping others like they did. Decatur, not wanting to plant another Schweitzer in the ground, declined. At that point, Ryan, uncharacteristically, stood tall, gave Decatur a steely look and said "Civil Defense is now my responsibility, now and forever.  I accept this new duty...and the risk.  Teach me what you taught my parents, and I swear on theirs and my friend's graves, I will do everything to carry on what my parents and you have done; I will be Civil Defense, until the day I die."

Decatur, reluctantly, later showed Ryan his parents basement's secret room with their power-suits, equipment and communications equipment.

Since then , he has taken on his parent's (and Decatur's)  previous role as the hero, "Civil Defense" and made it his own.  Every day, Decatur trains Ryan in the use of the suit and how to be the best hero he could ever be...despite Ryan's youthful arrogance, rage and lack of patience.

Driven by guilt, educated by pain, and nearly alone in the world, Ryan has now dedicated himself and taken the mantle of his parents' legacy - the legacy of "Civil Defense"!


Rosemary Renault


Rosemary Renault started her career by graduating from the West Point US Military Academy with a dual degree in Organizational Behavior Studies and Systems Science and Theory and eventually became the Mission Coordinator for the amazing Aeroguardians super-group -  a band of aviation-based Search and Rescue (SAR) and superhuman combatants for the secretive worldwide protectorate, GUARD.

Graduating from West Point with honors, Rosemary was assigned to the Army Intelligence, quickly rising through the ranks to Captain in three years. Soon thereafter, the Pentagon demanded her expertise be used with Army Special Operations.  Getting field experience, she successfully led dozens of secretive missions taking out terrorists, kidnappers and hostage takers. Promoted to Major, she was reassigned to a top secret tactical analysis group; a group that was composed of some of the most brilliant, yet controversial men and women of the world.  Uncomfortable with the assignment, she resigned from the Army, only to be abducted by a mysterious group of men claiming to be associated with a group only known as "Scorpius".  During her abduction, they placed her on a stealth-like plane, heading to what seemed like Central America.  During the flight, she broke free from her bonds and battled with the so-called Scorpius troops. The plane became damaged, and careened into the ocean.  She was the only survivor.  Knowing she only had days to live, she crafted wreckage of the plane to form a raft and a propulsion system, where she made her way to Key West's shore in Florida.  There, she found a bright red wig in a trash can and started a new life as a non-person.

Newspaper accounts stated she died in an auto accident in Washington DC, which of course was not true.  Knowing a greater plot was afoot, she chose to seek out the only man she ever trusted.  That man was Isaac Armstrong, founder of SAR Incorporated.  When she contacted him, he set up a cover identify for her and set her up as SAR Inc's mission coordinator. Not only did she take to the job well, she was never more happy helping to save people. Although she was reported dead, she never told anyone else of who she really was, except Isaac.

Shortly thereafter, SAR Inc, through negotiations with GUARD's AEROGUARD division, integrated Isaac's group into their division and renamed the group, "Aeroguardians". Rosemary was initially reluctant to cross over, but after discussions with GUARD's director, who knew EXACTLY who she was, mentioned he'd intended to keep her secret so long as she allowed them to debrief her about the "Scorpius" kidnapping attempt and the secretive group she'd resigned from.  After entrusting the director to the info, GUARD solidified her cover identity as an orphan named Mary Shannon Coe, a previous civilian member of Rhode Island's Civil Air Patrol (CAP) Search and Rescue (SAR) team, later the mission coordinator for SAR Inc., and now the team Mission Coordinator for the Aeroguardians super-group.

Her powers all come from her SAR Suit, complete with jet/rocket pack, utility belt, good physical, heat and cold protection, a Heads-Up Display (HUD) helmet system, extended and multilayer video and audio communications equipment and arrays, as well as a Force Field generator system.  Her military training in Martial Arts has taught her offensive and defensive assault skills, coupled with her rifle, small arms and shotgun training.   She normally doesn't join the group on missions, however, one of of every three missions, she'll go along simply to test her skills.

Will "Rosemary" ever be rediscovered by Scorpius, and if so, what will occur to her and the Aeroguardians in response?  Will her relationship with Issac continue to blossom or will her 'mission orientated' demeanor be a wall in their relationship?



Professor Aaron Sanders


What happens when one of GUARD's PORTALGUARD engineers decided to make a portable teleportation device for use in Search and Rescue (SAR)?  He becomes the latest member of the life-saving Aeroguardians and the new hero named Expeditor!

A graduate of the University of California (UC) Berkley with a doctorate degree in Interdimensional engineering and Spatial Physics, Professor Aaron Sanders created and devised several large interdimensional portals that would eventually be utilized by the secretive worldwide protectorate called GUARD.  During that same time, he also created a more portable teleportation device that could open as wide at 20' in diameter, teleporting all within the field to a designated, GPS-derived location on Earth, safely.  One problem: its also been known to breach dimensions on a rare occasion.  Considered 'unstable' for use with PORTALGUARD, the Aeroguardians' leader, Aeronaut, found the perfect application for use of it in SAR and quick interdiction missions.


Professor Sanders is also an adrenaline junkie (a person who craves adventure and excitement). As such he 'borrowed' one of the Aeroguardians' SAR Suits and re-engineered it to house his teleportation device, as well as "improve" on certain power aspects of the SAR Suits.  Initially, Aeronaut was a bit skeptical about Expeditor being on the team, but in one three missions, he proved himself a hero...three times over, nearly sacrificing himself each time to help out a teammate or in response to saving others during a mission.

Although a bit of an over-thinker in character, Expeditor has proven he has the heart of a hero and the engineering skills to make impossible saves a reality.

In addition to the standard SAR Suit capabilities and accessories, he has modified the power-pack of the suit to put out up to 400% power for one minute durations of time each 1/2 hour, with a replenishing, recharging experimental power supply pack.  He also retains a jet/rocket pack that can, for a short period of time, fly at 4 times its rated speed.

Red Crescent

Omar Ali


An Iraqi mutant doctor of medicine and member of Red Crescent  (a Muslim version of the Red Cross), Omar Ali has become a worldwide hero - and villain - for using his incredible lifesaving powers.

As a teenager, Omar discovered his mutant ability to heal and mend broken bones and arteries with mere concentration and the application of his power.  His tribe/village ran him out calling him a 'devil' for having those powers.  he eventually made his way to Baghdad where he started working as an nurse at one of the city's hospitals during the Iraqi war with the West.  Quietly and secretly healing and saving hundreds of lives over the next few years, a progressive Muslim surgeon named Dr. Al-Zahari, added two and two and figured out about Omar and his powers.  Rather than rat him out, he instead sent him to medical school where he "could be of greater service to the people of Iraq and the world". 

After six years of hard work, studying and interning in America, he received his Doctors license.  He returned to Iraq to find the doctor who sent him to school had been kidnapped by religious extremist terrorists. He set out to find Dr. Al-Zahari, and several days later, discovered where the doctor was being held.  When he tried to inform local police about the terrorists' lair, he was knocked unconscious and brought to the lair.  Several of the police at the police station were actually secretive members of the extremists.  With both doctors bound and beaten, the extremists had mentioned about a major pro-government rally that they intended to set off chemical weapons in, killing thousands of men, women and children across Baghdad.

When all seemed lost, the Aeroguardians showed up to rescue the doctors.  A young boy, using the internet, sent a flash message out on the social media networks to help save a 'beaten and kidnapped doctor he'd recognized who'd once saved him and his mother's lives".  GUARD's communications teams intercepted the social media message and activated the Aerogaurdians. In mere minutes, the Aeroguardians defeated all in the compound, rescuing the two doctors.  Mentioning about the chemical attack about to happen in Baghdad, the heroes and the two doctors were teleported to the rally (by Expeditor) where they attempted to stop the chemical bombing.  Unfortunately, when the heroes were seen, the terrorists set off the chemical bomb.  Omar, using every fiber of his being, created a healing aura about himself and walked amongst the crowd, healing them as best he could.  WIth every step he took, he became weaker and weaker to the point he was crawling.  Aeronaut and another team member, Red Cross, took him under each arms walking him throughout the crowd, helping to heal all that were affected.  In the interim, the rest of the team members dissipated the gas and defeated the terrorists.  All in all, only several died that day, yet thousands were saved. 

Exhausted, unable to stand, the crowd cheered his actions.  The Aeroguardians lauded his incredible willpower and his leaking powers.  Amidst all of this, Dr. Al-Zahid, proud of his ward, carried him to the rally's dais, where he informed everyone on the heroic actions Aeroguardians and Omar had done. At this point,a sniper shot Dr. Al-Zahari through the chest, with another shot hitting Omar in the shoulder, and the heroine Red Cross with a bullet through her arm.  Unable to discharge his powers, he watched, lying on the dais, as his most outspoken mentor died in front of him, powerless to save him.

Expeditor teleported them to safety on one of the Aeroguardian Air Stations over Turkey.  As the heroes and Omar were healed at their emergency medical bay there, Iraqi TV announced Omar as a 'devil' that was the cause of the chemical bombing and was in cahoots with the westerners that were trying to disrupt their rally for political purposes.

Omar was labeled as a terrorist by his own Iraqi countrymen.  Order were that he was to be shot on site if seen anywhere in Iraq...ever again.

After a proper Muslim burial of his mentor, Omar pledged to join the Aeroguardians, where he felt he may be able to "do good" with his powers elsewhere in the world. Aeronaut and the rest of the team agreed, and since then Omar has taken the codename of Red Crescent!

Equipped with a standard SAR Suit and related utilities, Omar has the mutant power of healing to any and all within an eight foot radius of his body.  So long as he is able to concentrate, he can heal most injuries, currently, just short of death.  The longer he's able to focus on a wound or injury, the better it is healed.  He does have limitations though; he is only able to heal up to several people a minute.  He was able to heal hundreds a minute in the Baghdad incident, but since that event, he feels his powers 'broke' a bit and he has not been able to return to that level of healing since.

Now, a man expatriated from his Iraqi homeland, Omar starts his new life in a world as foreign to him as his understanding of why people want to continue to hurt each other.

Red Cross

Dr. Silvia Snyder


A previous US Navy Independent Duty Corpsman-gone-doctor, Dr. Snyder eventually became doctor in metaphysics and a bionanotechnologist.  She has, for the previous three years, applied he knowledge of nanothechnology with new scientific biological  healing techniques. Using programmed nanites, Dr. Snyder discovered she could directly inject said nanites into a patient's bodies to remarkably repair tissue damage and disease.

Her focused nanite healing theory intrigued several villainous organizations, all of which were determined to steal her technology and sell it to the highest bidder.

In a unique situation, while giving a lecture on her discoveries, all of the several villain groups descended upon her lecture at the same time to kidnap her for the technology.  Several people died as a result of her forced abduction and ensuing firefight with security and the inter-villain fight for her.  Luckily for her, Aeronaut, leader of the Aeroguardians, was attending the lecture incognito.  He called upon his team who showed up and fought the villains. One particular villain, Crimemaster and a couple of his super-powered lackeys, made off with Dr. Snyder.  The Aeroguardians gave pursuit and in an incredible aerial combat display, rescued Dr. Snyder.

Appalled at the abduction, Dr. Snyder knew the attacks would not end, yet she was determined to continue her work.  She arranged a deal with GUARD and the Aeroguardians that she would continue her research and field testing, but wanted to do it alongside the Aeroguardians, in plain view, as one of the team's medics.

Initially, GUARD didn't agree to the deal, but after several discussions, the Aeroguardians received a new hero in their ranks; Red Cross!

Red Cross has the standard SAR Suit capabilities and accessories, to include medical pouches of syringes with programmable nanites.  Using a neural interlink, she is able to program the nanites through their uplink, and then inject the nanites using a syringe.  To most, she seems like she's giving the patient 'a shot', but in all truth she is releasing nanites that will heal the patient, and once healed, will die off inside the patient, causing no residual health effects.

Although Dr. Snyder had combat training in the US Navy Corpsman units, she is reluctant to engage in combat unless necessary.  She considers her secret identity vital to her work and the betterment of medical sciences for all mankind.



Name Unknown


Soundwave is a hero that was brought in by GUARD to join the Aeroguardians.  He has yet to reveal who he truly is.  When the team needs to go into action, they usually have to 'call' him in, since he doesn't stay or hang out in the HQ.  When its his turn to do Monitor Duty, he'll do so in his costume.

Soundwave's powers are sonic based.  He wears a modified SAR Suit with heavier, full body armor.  His sonic generators in his gauntlets produce remarkable sonic ranged attacks and are capable of creating sonic force shields around individuals and groups.

The Aeroguardians leader, Aeronaut, watches Soundwave like a hawk.  He isn't comfortable with Soundwave being as mysterious as he's been.


Although mysterious and soft spoken, he has truly thrown himself into the selfless act of being a hero, sacrificing himself of at least two occasions for his teammates.




Robert "Boston Bob" Baker


Air Force Test Pilot Captain Robert "Boston Bob" Baker was testing the manned Jupiter mission's environmental suit when everything that could go wrong...went wrong.

A US Air Force boxing champion and notorious test pilot, Captain Baker was conducting a final trial & acceptance demonstration of the Sealed Trans-Atmospheric Telemetric Armored (STRATA) Suit to several NASA engineers and executives.  During the demonstration, about a mile away, one of the Galactic Expatriate aliens, a megalomaniac named Magistrate Andromeda, sought to commandeer rocket fuel from the Cape Canaveral spaceport.  Communications were jammed, thus no signal was sent out to ask for help.  Hundreds of armed guards attempted to stop Andromeda but nothing penetrated his energy field.

Without a moment's hesitation, Captain Baker activated the suits boot jets and intercepted Magistrate Andromeda just short of the fuel tanks.  Flanked by over 20 other energy-weapon carrying aliens, Andromeda ordered his troops to attack Captain Baker.  Since the STRATA Suit was designed to operate in Jupiter's heavy gravity (264 % that on Earth), the armor's exoskeleton and structure were upped to an amazing level to compensate.  Equipped with only his fists, Captain Baker fought through the 20alien troops and went one-on-one with Magistrate Andromeda.  The suit's power reserves were only charged enough for the demo, ergo, the suit's power levels dropped rapidly in the fight.

Captain Baker was on the ropes.

As the captain was being pommeled repeatedly, he grabbed a large piece of the platform there were in in front of the fuel tanks and punctured the fuel tanks, creating an explosion that leveled a 1/2 mile of fuel storage, an open runway and a natural bird preserve.  Magistrate Andromeda was ejected from the explosion at least 5 miles from all reports of his splashdown.  When the authorities went to fish him out of the ocean, through, they did not find the Magistrate.  Baker, however, was buried under 10 feet of superheated debris which, using the last ergs of energy of his suit, he cleared away to escape the raging fires.

After the incident, Captain Baker was awarded the Silver Star, however, due to his multimillion dollar destruction of the facility, he was forced off the project and was detached from the Test Pilot program.  With only a 'desk job' awaiting him, he quickly resigned, deciding instead to try to get in with GUARD as a potential pilot.

When interviewed for the job, the Director of GUARD himself showed up at the interview, and instead offered a different job for him.  "How'd you like to wear the STRATA armor again?", the director asked.  Stunned, Baker replied "yes", only to find out that GUARD had a 'copy' of the armor's designs and they had been building a copy of the suit secretly for their ASTROGUARD Division, however, with the advent of a new ASTROGUARD team of "Astroguardians", they didn't need the suit anymore. The director did, however, think that Baker might be interested in donning a modified and more powerful version of the armor and join a group more up his alley.  The group: The Aeroguardians.

Baker took all of one second to say, "I'll take the job!".

Today, Baker is now a member of the Aeroguardians with the new, modified STRATA Suit.  Capable of amazing protection and strength feats, the armor also has energy gauntlets that can be used for incredible melee combat.  The jet/Rocket Pack on the back of his suit allows for travel up to and including the Exosphere, with a range variably depending on atmosphere, out to 1000 miles.

Taking the new codename, "Stratotanker", Baker has truly found his calling and is the happiest member on the team! Who else gets to don one of the most powerful sets of armor on the planet AND fight every day? VERRRRY FEW, according to Baker...


Valerie "Venus" Nuesenbaum / Unknown Entity


A British Air Sea and Rescue pilot, Valerie "Venus" Nuesenbaum, was in the middle of a search for what was reported as an "airplane that was on fire diving into the water".  The report also mentioned the fire had a purplish haze to it as well.  Initially reported off the coast of the Island of Man, just off of the old Jurby RAF base that had lately been used for the launching point for several spaceships including the space station parts for the Excalibur Almaz station.

In the dense fog and unpredictable weather, Valerie circled the area several times, noting a small, glowing object near the shore of the base.  She landed at the base, and with the help of several of the space team employees, they descended the cliffs down to the shore.  Valerie was the first to arrive.

Once there, she saw the image glowing a purplish hue just under the water, looking like the shape of a large egg.  Using the employees as a human chain, she waded out into the shallow water and retrieved the egg-shaped item.  When she got back to shore, she place it on the sand and hovered over it to determine what it was.  I a flash of light a purplish fire, the egg split open.  A bird like image that seemed to have had a trajectory straight up into the sky, instead shot up and into Valerie's body, coating her in the purple fire.  As the employees ran back up the cliffs, a column of fire shot up into the sky in the shape of a bird, however it quickly dissipated a few hundred feet above them.

Moments later, the employees scurried back down the bans to find Valerie unconscious but naked, with her hair turned platinum white. They brought her to the local hospital, where she was in a coma for the next three days.

When Valerie awoke, she felt different, as if someone else other than her inhabited her body.  She didn't panic, seeing as she felt a calm she'd never felt before.  After several tests, the doctors mentioned they had problems doing a neurological scan of her head, saying the CATSCAN image was completely whited-out where here brain was.  When they said they wanted to perform more tests on her,she simply said, "I feel like flying now. Ta.", as her gown burst into purple flames and fiery purplish wings emerged from her back, as well as her eyes coursing with purple light.  She flew off and was later found in Iceland a day later.

Unsure of what condition Valerie was in, she was brought to the United States' Walter Reed Medical Center, where they found the same results in their brain scans.  Again, after a few days, she said she wanted to "ride the wind" burst out with the fiery wing and again flew naked into the sky.

It wasn't until a Mystic Agent of GUARD's MYSTIGUARD division was able to do the research to identify of a certain legend of a fiery bird that would fly into the water or shores and leave an egg for a new "Hald Bird" to hatch and begin life anew for a millennial. Making educated guesses, the agents believed that Valerie 'interrupted' the hatching process and may have absorbed the mystical energy associated with this 'cosmic-type' bird.

As such, GUARD tracked her down and found her in Newfoundland, flying about the skies, naked with her purple fiery wings alighting her.GUARD talked her down and held a discussion with her.  She agreed she was a new person; a fusion of the other person and 'it'. Regardless, this new entity was benign, and had no desire to harm others.  As a matter of fact, she felt a deep desire to help other humans, so long as she is allowed to be free to fly when she so wishes.

GUARD agreed to the deal, and asked her to join the Aeroguardians, explaining their purpose in helping and saving others, as well as flying a lot.  She agreed and asked to be called "Venusfire" from that point on.

Although it doesn't not know how to operate any form of technology,  it is a quick study and has learned several new languages in its first month. She is also reluctant to wear clothes, but knows that it without her clothes on, she senses 'primal urges' from the men, and has agreed to comply-to a point.

Venusfire has a wide range of abilities and powers to include flight via purplish fiery wings that can disappear into its back when not used; it can shoot what seems to be excellent dimensionally-charged magical bolts of energy, as well as produce a mystical energy field about itself for excellent protection.  When its eyes begin to glow, she seems to have a 'sense' of things all around her within about a mile's range.  It can sense hostility, death, pain, distress and love. It has, at times, shot large bursts of remarkable energy over a short distance, but doesn't seem to do this too often, as the action seems to drain it.

When confronted, Venusfire has stated that Valerie is it and it is now Venusfire; they are one.  It seems as though some of Valerie's patterns are still accessible though; Venusfire speaks in a British accent and has, at times, mentioned her parents without knowing why she said their names.

It has no idea what it was before the merge with Valerie, however, it knows it is as old as time, yet as young as a baby.

What is this 'entity' that seems to have possessed Valerie?  Is it controllable? Did Valerie 'accidentally' prevent this 'entity' from hatching properly? Has it been sent to Earth for our benefit...or our doom? 


Carson "Casey" Jones


Former US Air Force "Thunderbirds" veteran pilot, Captain Carson "Casey" Jones was considered one of the greatest air-to-air combat pilots in the world, and not surprisingly as "Wingman" of the Aeroguardians, Casey still has 'The Right Stuff'.

As a US Air Force pilot and member of the performance team, the "Thunderbirds", for a total of 10 years, Casey was considered the 'best of the best'.  His incredible ability at flying in tight formations, terrain-hugging patterns, and high-G turns and climbs made him the pilot he is today.

His secret:  he is a mutant. 

His power is a simple one; Geo-spatial internal navigation coupled with a metabolism and body that adjusts to changes in pressure and temperature with lightning speed.  As a result, if he was thrown into a freezer set at -100 degrees F, his body would adapt by generating heat to offset the cold, keeping his core temp at 98.6 degrees.  His ability to rapidly perceive his surroundings and environment allows for him to mentally adjust to being upside down in the dark at high speeds and knowing exactly where he is in relation to objects, ground and space without the body's need for visual or aural/eardrum balance and confirmation.

In 2012, he was outed as a mutant after a new Air Force physical detected his powers.  The US Air Force's "No Mutant" policy caused him to publicly resign.  Nonetheless, he found a new calling with a group called "SAR, Inc.", where the became not only a test pilot for the business' SARSuits, but a Search and Rescue (SAR) extractor. With over 50 'saves' to his credit, he is noted for performing some of the most daring rescues under the most unique conditions.  The company's founder, Isaac Armstrong, went on record as stating that Casey was 'the best wingman SAR ever had".

Recently, SAR Inc changed gears and went to work with the secretive worldwide peacekeepers, GUARD.  Now, a member of AEROGUARD's Aeroguardian subdivision, and the Deputy Commander for the group, Casey has taken on the new role as "Wingman".

Using a modified SARSuit, Casey has included gauntlet-mounted energy blasters, pulse blasters, plasma missiles, a high-tech in-helmet targeting system and a souped-up jet/rocket pack that can get him to speeds of Mach 2.5 at an average range of 1000 miles before refueling is required.   Although his suit provides good protection from the extreme cold of the upper atmosphere, due to his mutant powers, he can easily adjust his body for flight up to and including space - however, he does still need to breath, and with his two hour oxygen supply, his space flight limitation are just that - no more than two hours maximum.

With the power to adjust to any flying condition and environment, the tenacity of a fighter pilot and the humanity of a rescuer, Wingman is considered to be a vital member of the Aeroguardians.


MDUverse Data

The Aeroguardians group was created by Don 'Major Deej" Finger on 5 February 2013 based on a previous group he created called "Civil Air Patrol"*, created on 16 June 2007. The characters that make-up the team were all created by Don Finger as well, however, their creation dates varied, most of which were created between 16 June 2007 and 30 Nov 2012,

The Aeroguardians current leader, Aeronaut, originally named Civil Air Patrolman, was created on 16 June 2007 and later renamed Aeronaut on 5 February 2013.

*The initial super-group called 'Civil Air Patrol' was created as an homage to the actual real world Civil Air Patrol Auxiliary of the United States Air Force, however, the super-group name was changed to prevent potential conflicting issues over the name of the group.

CohVerse: The Aeroguaridans did NOT exist in the MMORPG, City of Heroes, however, the characters and premise of the Aeroguardians group came from Paragon City Civil Air Patrol (CAP) super-group (SG) from Freedom server, created on 16 June 2007 by Don "Major Deej" Finger.  Characters and the group were maintained until the CoH servers were shutdown on 20 Nov 2012.  The Paragon City CAP SG was originally named "Civil Air Patrol", however, due to concerns of infringement on the real world's Civil Air Patrol (USAF Auxiliary), the SG was renamed Paragon City CAP and then months prior to the CoH servers shutting down on 30 Nov 2012,  the SG name was changed to Civil Aerospace Patrol.