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Aegis Alliance


About the Aegis Alliance

The Aegis Alliance is a European criminal alliance first founded in 1972. It consists of money launderers, embezzlers, white-collar criminals and investment schemers.  This group has an international reputation for protecting its ‘shady’ clients.  Nearly all attempts to bring this group to justice have failed.  They operate with the premise of preying on faltering European businesses, promising them large returns so long as they perform what the Alliance tells them what to do. 

Since the Alliance is so vastly complicated and hidden amongst thousands of ‘dummy’ corporations, it would take years for investigators to simply find a singular criminal business, person or group of persons. By the time the authorities have discovered a source business, the Aegis Alliance has already dropped that business (by burning it down, bankrupting them, or making entire groups of its business investors ‘disappear’), leaving a dead end trail. 

The Alliance’s clientele consist of the biggest crime bosses in all of Europe.  Recently, the Alliance has extended its reach into Canada, Central America and the United States.  To this date, no one single person from the Aegis Alliance has ever been caught or prosecuted.

Mister Aegis

Anton Aurelias


Born in Solano, Italy, Anton, the youngest of eight children, is currently the man behind the Aegis Alliance operations.  His father, Aegis Aurelias, was the creator and first 'boss' of the Aegis Alliance.

Anton grew up in the world of the Mafia.  Being the youngest, he was 'protected' more by his mother (Aegis' 2nd wife, after he killed his first one for an affair) than most.  At the age of 14, Anton snuck away from his mother to learn more of what his father was doing, and as such, witnessed his father murdering someone.  Instead of scared, Anton was excited to know his father had that type of power.  As such, he let his father, Aegis, know what Anton had seen, and asked to learn the 'family' business.  Aegis took him in and taught him everything about the business.

After running his father's operations the last 5 years, Anton expanded his father's operations to include Canada, Central America and the United States.  On a Friday the 13th in 2013, Aegis died of old age.  Anton took over his father's business and has since been aggressively expanding in light of the collapsing world economy.  To this date, he has never been prosecuted or has a single arrest on his record.  There are 'rumors' in the criminal underworld about Anton's involvement in the Aegis Alliance, however no one has come close to linking these two directly, including the FBI, MI6 or Interpol.

Anton is the father of four children by way of his wife, Sarah, however, he also has several 'mistresses' who keep him entertained, depending on where his business travels take him. he owns a villa in Solano, Italy and several 'away homes' in London, New York, Los Angeles, Mexico City, Montreal and Athens.

He has made very few enemies, since he is a willing compromiser. His charming demeanor, riveting smile and low-stress communications have made him an ideal boss for the Aegis Alliance.

He employs over 400 collectors, thugs, bookkeepers and financial wizards in the Alliance throughout the world.  He is also a very deadly person to cross.  The few enemies he's had, well...they haven't found their bodies yet...

He normally carries two remarkable energy pistols, with his belt containing a personal force field that can deflect incredible damage for up to 2 minutes.  he also carries a scrambler that scrambles all electronics and signals within 10 feet of his location, if turned on.

MDUverse Data

MDUverse: Aegis Alliance formed on 4 March 1972 by Aegis Aurelias at the French Riviera.  Created in MDU on 2 August 2013.