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The Major Deej Universe (MDU) is a product of the imagination of the site's publisher, creator and designer, Don "Major Deej" Finger.  Although the MDU was founded on 10 December 2004, most of the characters and groups currently part of the MDU were originally created from Major Deej's imagination as far back as 1974.

Over the decades, the characters presented here in these webpages have been tweaked, adjusted, updated, retro'd, unretro'd, changed for the times, written, rewritten, drawn, redrawn, used in RPG games, MMORPG games and, as things continue to evolve, placed or about to be placed in our own comics (Major Deej Universe Comics was the original comic producer, today, it is simply Major Deej Comics), all for you, the reader, to experience and enjoy the complexities and incredible stories that these characters best exemplify: heroism, selfless actions, relationships, growing up, growing older and, overall, life.

We truly hope you enjoy the MDU's characters and stories.  They are a work of love; a work of heart; a work of soul. Not one single characters or team in the MDU was made with any intent to 'cash in' or 'copy' someone else's ideas or imagination.  They are all made from my over-active yet dynamic imagination, and with the dedication and help from friends, family and the muse that is Stan Lee and Marvel Comics. I hope that these characters and stories will entertain you as much as they all mean to me. 

THANK YOU for checking out the MDU and hopefully, we allowed your imagination and enjoyment of stories and characters to take a fun and exhilarating stroll through a universe of our enjoyment and design. Dream big, my friend!

-Don "Major Deej" Finger


This site is dedicated to the imagination that we all have within us. The decision to use one's imagination and do something positive with it is completely dependent upon YOU.


"Imagination will often carry us to worlds that never were. But without it we go nowhere."  -Carl Sagan




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Special Thanks

Special thanks go out to several key friends, family and acquaintances for their incredible help and inspiration in helping me create this universe; I could NEVER do any of this without their interest, support and unending motivation.  I am truly blessed to have these people in my life.

  • Fran Finger (wife)
  • Andrew Finger (son)
  • Eric Finger (son)
  • Don G. Finger (father)
  • Carol Spector (A.C.) (Aunt)
  • Kirt Stanke (friend)
  • Tom Valkos (friend)
  • Sean Nunley (friend)
  • City of Heroes MMORPG Developers and Staff
  • Marvel Comics & Marvel Studios
  • Stan "The Man" Lee (my biggest inspiration)


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All character names, stories, story elements and team names listed in MDU and/or Major Deej Universe Comics, as it pertains to the MDU, are fictional characters created and copyrighted by Donald J. Finger (Major Deej). All rights reserved.

Images of characters and locations courtesy of City of Heroes MMORPG and Icon character creator program.

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